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by Andrew Frisicano

Julia Holter @ Le Poisson Rouge in March (more by by Amanda Hatfield)
Julia Holter

Unsound Festival New York, the Poland-based series of avant-leaning, ambient and experimental music, kicks off five nights in NYC with two events tonight (4/18): instrumental Warsaw band Baaba scores animations at BAM, while Julia Holter, Julia Kent and Jenny Hval playing a sold-out show at Issue Project Room.

Check out the festival's full schedule, which includes several free shows such as LXMP and Peaking Lights at Lincoln Center's David Rubenstein Atrium on Thursday 19th (both have amazing songs on the comp below). Issue Project Room hosts free day sets Saturday and Sunday (though only tickets for Saturday appear to still be available).

Dark ambient musician and repeat Unsound artist Lustmord recently spoke with Resident Advisor about the experience of seeing someone play a laptop live...

If somebody said "an ambient musician" was playing live in town this evening, I wouldn't exactly rush out, you know? I'd rather stay home and read a book. [laughs]

[he then goes on to describe how seeing Kraftwerk live changed his mind]

I hadn't seen them live for a long time, and they played in LA--four middle aged guys on laptops, how boring is that? But, fucking hell, it was one of the best gigs I've ever seen. That's when I really thought, yeah, you can stand there with your laptop and do your thing as long as you got the fucking sound.

Lustmord collaborates with ambient musician Biosphere at an Upper West Side church on Saturday.

Inner Tube were set to play Le Poisson Rouge on Friday, but have been replaced by Mark McGuire (solo). And:

a visual program has been added to Bass Mutations on April 21, showing the ways in which visual artists have helped shape the way we imagine bass music. Curated by "Big Up Magazine" Editor-In-Chief Katya Guseva in collaboration with Dave Q from Dub War NYC, it will take place in a movie theatre adjacent to the dancefloor at the venue for the night, IndieScreen. Live audio from Bass Mutations performers such as 2562, Teeth, Sepalcure, Distal, Throwing Snow and Nguzunguzu will provide the soundtrack.
Stream an excellent playlist of Unsound artists below...




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cant stoked seeing mcguire again...also stoked for lustmord and biosphere

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don't forget your Hewlett Packard printer!

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Now featuring Intel chips!

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I really hope they do the Windows login sound again. That shit was tight last time.

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I like it.

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Good Work, i like is site! Yea, ever have to see Daniel Johnston perform again, thank you for posting!

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fun festival

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