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Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra (Michael McQuilken, Chad Raines, and Jherek Bischoff) are prepping their new album, which they recorded with producer/engineer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Modest Mouse, Xiu Xiu). In addition, she's releasing an art book with art for the new album. On April 30, Amanda put the project up for funding on Kickstarter and already gained almost four times her goal. As of this post she is at over $400,000. $150,000 ago she wrote this to Bob Lefsetz:

hey bob

don't know if you've noticed, but yesterday i launched the 30-day kickstarter for my new album, "amanda palmer & the grand theft orchestra".

at the moment i'm writing this, we've reached over $250,000 after only one day of being live. go look:

that's about $50k MORE than the scheduled recording budget i wouldn't have been given if i'd stayed on roadrunner...AND WE'RE ONLY ON THE FIRST DAY.

i hope we reach $600k or more by the time we're done. or a million. who knows? sky's the limit.

The video for the Kickstarter project is below.

Amanda will be going on a tour in support of the album this summer. In each city that she hits, she'll put on an art show with art from the album and an acoustic set, followed by a full band rock show. That tour includes Brooklyn, where she'll put on her live show at June 27 at Music Hall of Williamsburg and her art show on June 28 at Momenta Art. Tickets for the MHOW show go on sale Friday, 5/11 at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday, 5/9 at noon.

All dates and the video below...


Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer -- 2012 Tour Dates
06/12/12 Berlin Platoon - The Factory Germany
06/14/12 Berlin Roter Salon Germany
06/18/12 London Village Underground United Kingdom
06/20/12 London Village Underground United Kingdom
06/27/12 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg United States
06/28/12 Brooklyn, NY Momenta Gallery United States
07/12/12 San Francisco Public Works United States
07/13/12 San Francisco Public Works United States
07/18/12 Los Angeles The Roxy United States
07/19/12 Los Angeles, CA Pop Tart Gallery United States
08/01/12 Boston, MA The Middle East (Downstairs) United States
08/02/12 Boston, MA The Middle East (Downstairs) United States



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Without Neil Gaiman, she would've raised a 20th of that amount....

Posted by The Mighty KC | May 2, 2012 11:00 PM

I wonder how many tens of thousands of marketing dollars were spent on the Dresden Dolls by Roadrunner to help her build her up to a point where she can go on Kickstarter and raise a quarter of a million in a day.

Posted by Anonymous | May 2, 2012 11:25 PM

She as Neil gaiman are perfect for each other. Both are quasi talented weirdos who make art and music for goth kids who like nightmare before christmas way too much.

Posted by Anonymous | May 2, 2012 11:25 PM

i love it!

Posted by Depilação a Laser | May 2, 2012 11:39 PM

I like Amanda and her music too!

Posted by Besi | May 3, 2012 12:41 AM

Great White should start a kickstarter/firestarter

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 1:14 AM

Depilação a Laser, are you trying to imply something with regards to Mrs. Palmer's personal grooming practices?

Posted by Linsani D | May 3, 2012 2:26 AM

Lucky her she's got Neil Gaiman, bthw she did a great job

Posted by Tom | May 3, 2012 5:03 AM


Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 6:53 AM

I can think of a million better places to send that money...
like to some people in real need...

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 7:02 AM


Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 8:13 AM

Hey everyone, it's the 3rd of the month and my rent is due, so would you all please donate at my Kickstarter page? It'd really help, since all I've been eating for 4 days now is organic kale that my neighbors Holden and Hummus grew our my rooftop garden, plus of course the remainder of my Mast Brothers chocolate stash. Thanks for all of your generosity, and see you at the Hot Chip show!

Posted by Fatty McHipster | May 3, 2012 9:26 AM

Who is Bob Lefsetz? Context, please.

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 10:15 AM

Her vagina is a hairy mess of rotting roast beef with the scent of fish entrails and shit.

Groom yo self beyotch

Posted by BIG WURM | May 3, 2012 10:25 AM

^ the sausage speaks! what, no bloody shit? you're getting soft.

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 10:33 AM

I'm sorry but this just seems ridiculous.. Isn't that what a record label is for? And what happens to the tens of thousands of dollars that go over budget? Does that go back to the fans or Amanda's new skull-shaped swimming pool? I understand wanting to support an artist, but this just seems massively self-indulgant and entitled on her part.

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 11:07 AM

i would LOVE for an artist i actually cared about to do something like this. 5gs to have (insert any good artist) play in my living room sounds like a decent time

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 11:31 AM

s. c. i. e. n. t. o. l. o. g. y

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 11:42 AM

10:33 I think you have me confused with someone else cupcake

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 11:56 AM

amanda palmer uses people.

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 12:09 PM

Label issues/ bad blood aside, this is a disingenuous comparison. And like someone else said, it's easier to raise that much when you are already famous. I'm assuming that Roadrunner had at least some role in making her a well known artist.

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 1:18 PM

Gaiman and Palmer are Scientologists and Scientolgi¬sts are a menace. They are trained to lie to outsiders who they call "Wogs." They are taught to lie to the press and often conceal their status as Beck and Tom Cruise originally did and Neil Gaiman continues to do because his audience would not appreciate his involvemen¬t. In the case of Gaiman, he has left a clear money trail to follow, feeding millions into the cult.

The Gaiman family feed millions into Scientology every year through G&G Vitamins and Palmer is from a Sea Org family.

The only reason they can make money on Kickstarter is Scientologists are told to donate, that is also where the goofy art and graphics are coming from.

Gaiman and Palmer blow!

Posted by Grendal | May 3, 2012 2:55 PM

John Congleton is also a Scientologist.

Posted by Oh Yeah | May 3, 2012 2:58 PM

Is it possible to to pay to not have to hear anymore from Amanda Palmer. I would contribute.

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 3:18 PM

ANYTHING for fucking money!!!

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 3:43 PM

11:56 - nah I know who you are skippy

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 4:02 PM

Hopefully she will have enough left over for an eyebrow transplant.

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 4:09 PM

3:43-yes money. everything involves money and it's never gonna change. it's never enough money.

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 4:13 PM

she's trying too hard and is boring

Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2012 5:19 PM

Amanda Palmer is a SCIENTOLOGIST and that is why she got money. Palmer is untalented and incapable of writing a descent song or hitting a note, she seems to be bipolar or mentally
impaired. After a series of bizarre marketing moves that range from sexting and making racist remarksinvolving the KKK she now decides to mock the disabled. Amanda Palmer isn’t
interesting, just a desperate joke. Amanda Palmer should be in a mental ward, not on a stage. Palmer is the product of a Sea Org family who married into the higher ranking Scientology Gaiman family. She gives millions to the cult of Scientology.

Posted by imaon | July 15, 2012 6:50 PM

um.... people.

this is john congleton here. the producer of this album.

let me see if i can make this very clear...

i am and never have been or will be a scientologist. fuck anyone who is trying to spread this inane, unfounded and 100 percent unprovable bullshit about me.

lastly. amanda is certainly and without a doubt NOT a scientologist as well. her husband neil WAS raised in the church and lived a certain amount of his adult life as one but has since left and it is very well documented.

are we suppose to be under the impression that scientology members are clandestine in their membership? since when? since never actually. why now with this?

contact my management

contact anyone who knows me... they will tell you i am certainly NOT a scientologist.

fuck this fucked up cult! and people please be careful to spread unfounded facts like this, there are people trying to live their lives.

Posted by john congleton | September 21, 2012 11:42 PM

I wonder if there will be any tour in 2013..?

Posted by Emprestimo online | January 26, 2013 6:37 AM

amanada plamer for the win

Posted by jordon | July 31, 2013 8:46 PM

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