Posted in music on May 21, 2012

by Andrew Sacher

Sigur Ros

This past Thursday (5/17), Sigur Ros streamed their new album, Valtari, at 7 PM in every timezone worldwide during what they were calling "Valtari Hour." If you missed that stream (or even if you didn't miss it, but want to listen to it more), it's now streaming on NPR.

Valtari is the band's first record since 2008's Meo suo i eryum vio spilum endalaust, and first since coming off their recent hiatus. Forgoing the upbeat material they began toying with on Meo suo, and especially on Jonsi's solo album, Valtari is the band's most ambient record since ( ), and easily one of their strongest. The album drops on May 29 via EMI/XL.

Catch Sigur Ros on tour this summer, which stops in NYC for the sold out Celebrate Brooklyn show at Prospect Park on 7/31.

The band also have a new video for album opener, "Eg Anda." Check that out, along with the video for "Ekki Mukk," below...


Sigur Ros - "Eg Anda"

Sigur Ros - "Ekki Mukk"



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I think the new spiritualized album is better than this

Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2012 9:57 AM

This band is a nice substitute for Melatonin.

Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2012 10:03 AM

Fact: Anything that is slightly musically challenging goes over the heads of 99% of BV readers.

Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2012 10:06 AM

"Is he looking at me, at you..ummm... him?!"

Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2012 10:28 AM


Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2012 11:23 AM

Sounds like (). This is way better than the Jonsi solo material.

Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2012 12:01 PM

That blue striped shirt is kinda gay, no?

Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2012 1:20 PM

I like their new album.

Posted by jordon | July 30, 2013 4:28 PM

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