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by Bill Pearis

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

The first job I had when I moved to NYC was in an office building at Bleeker and Broadway and, at the time, the nearby cheap lunch options were a really greasy hotdog joint right on the corner, fast food chains up the street...and the Two Boots branch on Bleeker which is where I ate almost every day. It was the first time this West Virginia transplant had seen vegan pizza, or pies named for pop culture references ("The Larry Tate," "The Newman"). And while we've now got fancypants pizza like Roberta's and Motorino, Two Boots and their Cajun-influenced pie is still kickin'...and still really good.

Anyhoo...the East Village chain is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary this year and are throwing a free concert on August 23 at East River Park with Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars and supporting sets from Mamarazzi, Odetta Hartman, Himalayas and The Whiskeyhickon Boys. The party goes from 5 - 9PM and will also feature free pizza.

The Two Boots show is part of Summerstage's late-August line-up at East River Park that features comedy, dance, performance art and music. Programming includes The Upright Citizens Brigade "All-Stars of Improv" on August 19, the Lyricist Lounge 20 Year Anniversary with Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier on August 22 and more.

Full East River Park Summerstage schedule is below...


East River Park - SummerStage 2012 Schedule
Sat, Aug. 18 7:00 PM Class, 8:00 PM Perform - Eleone Dance Theatre, Niles Ford Urban Dance Collective, All Levels Open Dance Master Class by Calvin Wiley
Sun, Aug. 19 7:00 PM - The Upright Citizens Brigade presents The All-Stars of Improv
Tues, Aug. 21 7:00 PM - José Alberto "El Canario", 8 y Más, DJ Polito Vega
Wed, Aug. 22 7:00 PM - Lyricist Lounge 20 Year Anniversary w/ Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier
Thur, Aug. 23 7:00 PM - Two Boots 25th Anniversary Concert w/ Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Mamarazzi, Odetta Hartman, Himalayas and The Whiskeyhickon Boys
Sat, Aug. 25 - Mon, Aug. 27 8:00 PM- "Jason and the Argonauts: Tales from the Argonautica" a play by Apollonius Rhodius Performed by The Faux-Real Theatre Company
Tues, Aug. 28 - Thurs, Aug. 30 8:00 PM - "I'm Going to Make a Small Incision Behind Your Ear to Check and See if You're Actually Human REDUX" a play performed by Witness Relocation



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Shitastic pizza. Who the hell uses corn meal?! FAIL.

Posted by Anonymous | July 26, 2012 3:52 PM

go back to West Virginia shitheel

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I love vegan pizza. I eat it all the time. I eat it while listening to Sierra Leone. I"m not even joking.

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