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Flyer 10/19

Lets face it, we're barely into CMJ 2012 and already in overload. So, we've decided to add a healthy alternative to the glut of Friday night showcases...Welcome The un-CMJ party at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on Friday (10/19)!

Sure we have some of the same things at our party that makes CMJ great- complimentary PBR, Sailor Jerry and Mercy Drink while supplies last, as well as some buzzy bands, but The un-CMJ has something else to offer as well... a chance for YOU get in on the action! Infinity Spaceship, which features current & former members of Primitive Weapons, Nakatomi Plaza, Ludlow Lions, On The Might of Princes, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear and The Judas Knife, will headline the evening with one of their signature punk/hardcore/indie karaoke sets!

Sign-up to get in on the action - the Infinity Spaceship karaoke shows are always an amazing time. Check out some video of Infinity Spaceship in action below. What song are you going to sing?

Before the ripping and personal rock n' roll experience, you can get to Vitus to catch sets from Canadian psychedelic synth-y pop band Absolutely Free and Kirin J Callinan.

Absolutely Free is the new project from 80% of the band known as DD/MM/YYYY, and the band is preparing to release their debut 12" via One Big Silence, the label run by Mike of Fucked Up. Stream half of that release, the song "UFO", which recently got 'best new track' at Pitchfork, below.

As recently discussed, Aussie guitarist Kirin J. Callinan is in town for CMJ and we can't wait to check out his gothic soundscapes in one of a very few select appearances the show.

This event goes down TOMORROW NIGHT (10/19) and will cost you absolutely nothing (it's absolutely free) to get in! So head to Saint Vitus for the 7:30PM opening ad grab a free drink at the bar. Prepare by streaming some material from both bands and checking out Infinity Spaceship below.

ALSO, REMINDER: Saint Vitus will host the BV-BBG showcase the next night (10/20). Tickets are still available. And before both Saint Vitus shows, spend the day with us at Public Assembly.

Infinity Spaceship - welcome to the jungle



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I just don't feel like John Adams accomplished that much. That's the only reason why I said that.

Posted by Anonymous | October 18, 2012 10:01 PM

You've got a point 10:01

Posted by Anonymous | October 19, 2012 6:28 AM

That poster is as close as 99% of the St. Vitus attendees will get to a woman

Posted by Anonymous | October 19, 2012 8:14 AM

That poster is what clothing Glasslands attendees wish they were in, in public.

Posted by Anonymous | October 19, 2012 10:53 AM

^smh @ buckeye shrimper

Posted by Anonymous | October 19, 2012 11:02 AM

My computer is too old to handle whats going on in the background on this site but I just wanted to say you guys throw the best cmj parties always. I will be spending the day with BV. The Intelligence! Braids! everyone! awesome. Love you truly madly deeply.

Posted by Anonymous | October 19, 2012 11:45 AM

Thanks, Mandy! Glad to hear it.

Posted by brooklynvegan | October 19, 2012 11:07 PM

Theres about maybe 10 interesting metal bands who have been around for a while out 10,000 or so that pop up every 50 mints lately.

Posted by Download Yahoo Messenger | December 10, 2012 8:10 PM

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