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DOWNLOAD: Jens Lekman - Oliver and Maddy (MP3)

Jens Lekman @ T5, 10/9/2012 (more by Greg Cristman)
Jens Lekman

Back in October, my pianist Jonas got stuck in New York after the city got hit by hurricane Sandy. The roads were flooded, flights were cancelled, even the Chinatown buses stood still. This was two days before our west coast tour was supposed to start. I decided to ask for your help. I asked if anyone would be able to drive him to Boston where I knew we could get him on a plane. In return I offered a little money and a song.

I was shocked when I checked my email a few minutes later and it was packed with people wanting to help. Shortly I had two girls on the case, Olivia and Maddy. I promised them a song for their job and so here it is. On the last day of the year .

It's of course a song for all of you who offered to help. And as I sing in the song, I didn't know I had such an army to mobilize. I wonder what else we can do? To start with, maybe I could get you to donate a few bucks to those directly affected by the hurricane itself.

Happy new year to all of you, I hope I get to see you soon..

Jens Lekman brings his special touch to his Hurricane Sandy themed song (he played NYC just before) which he posted on his website just before New Year's. You can download it above or stream it below (via CoS). Jens is gearing up for an Australian tour and those dates are listed below too.


Jens Lekman - 2013 Tour Dates
Feb 18 - Perth - The Festival Gardens, Perth International Arts Festival
Feb 16 - Brisbane - The Zoo
Feb 15 - Melbourne - The Garden Party, Southbank
Feb 14 - Sydney Oxford Art Factory



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ewww. Way to capitalize on the hardship of others brah.

Posted by Anonymous | January 9, 2013 4:26 PM

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