Posted in music on January 11, 2013

by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Natural Assembly
Natural Assembly

Natural Assembly's gothic, synth-heavy beats will sit alongside appearances from headliner AlberichEndless Humiliation and Âmes Sanglantes as part of a show at Saint Vitus tonight (1/11). The appearance is one of only two for the duo (who played Philadelphia's Kung Fu Necktie last night), half of which will also perform as part of power electronics band Cremation Lily. Tickets are still available.

Head below for a stream of Alberich, Natural Assembly and Cremation Lily material...


Alberich - Gold [Hospital Productions, 2010]

Cremation Lily - Velvet Pillow



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That press photo is definitely a metaphor for the Saint Vitus Glory Hole.

Posted by Anonymous | January 11, 2013 4:30 PM

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Natural Assembly's gothic, synth-heavy beats will sit alongside appearances from headliner Alberich, Endless Humiliation and Âmes Sanglantes as part of a show at Saint Vitus tonight (1/11).

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