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Still Corners

As mentioned, Still Corners' new album, Strange Pleasures, is out next month (5/4) on Sub Pop. Reduced to a duo of core members Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray, the band embrace synthesizers which gives their sound an Air-y feel. The band are playing Toronto's NXNE Festival in June and will stop in NYC on their way there, playing Glasslands on June 12. Tickets to that show go on sale Friday (4/5) at noon.

Still Corners are one of many new additions to 2013 of NXNE which happens at various Toronto venues from June 10 - 16. All Still Corners dates are listed, along with the updated NXNE lineup, below...


Still Corners - 2013 Tour Dates
May 02 Multiple Liverpool City Centre Venues Liverpool, UK
May 03 Sound City Liverpool, UK
May 03 Live at Leeds Festival Leeds, UK
May 05 St. Phillips Church Manchester, UK
May 05 Islington Mill Salford, UK
May 06 Prince Albert Brighton, UK
May 08 The Portland Arms Cambridge, UK
May 09 XOYO London, UK May 10 Hare & Hound Birmingham, UK
May 11 The Louisiana Bristol, UK
May 28 Soda Bar San Diego, CA
Jun 12 Glasslands NYC
Jun 14 TBA Festival Toronto, ON
Jul 26 Midland Railway Centre Ripley, UK

NXNE - 2013 Line-up
Angela Perley and the Howlin' Moons
Antennas Up
The Archers
Archery Guild
The Archives
Ariane Mahryke Lemire
Average Society
Big Boi
Blanche DuBois
Blinker The Star
Bliss Plateau
The Boxing Lesson
Brad Butcher
Briar Rabbit
Broken Bricks
Buke & Gase
The Cautioneers
Coeur de Pirate
The D.A.
Dallas Frasca
Dana Sipos
Dance Movie
Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
Dave Norris & Local Ivan
David Martel
Dead Jack Pine
Decent Lovers
Destruction Unit
Dusty Sunshine
The Effens
El DeBarge Jr
Epic Rain
Federal Lights
Federation of the Disco Pimp
Find The Others
Fire Next Time
French Girls
FU えふゆー 得浮遊
Fucked Up
Genetic Control
Golden Bloom Montclair, USA
Graydon James & the Young Novelists
Gt. DANE Guelph/Winnipeg/
Happy Lives
Heidi Happy
Hot Panda
Human Bodies
Hungry Lake
Imperial State Electric Sweden
Inlet Sound
The Jessica Stuart Few
Jim Layeux
Joey Bada$$
Kayla Luky
Lakes of Canada
Lean Left
Les Mentettes
Liars to the Sun
Lindy Vopnfjord West
Little Stella
Los Oxidados
Lunic Albany, USA
Mad June
A Mad World, My Masters
Majical Cloudz
Maneli Jamal
Manic Sheep
Matthew de Zoete
Merchandise Tampa, USA
Michael Cassidy
Mickey Avalon
Mickey Factz
Midwest Skies
Mikal Cronin
Milk Music
Modern Rivals
Moon King
the Morals
The Moth & The Flame
The Nameless Girl
The National
Negative Pegasus
Nightmare Air
Nü Sensae
Ohio Knife
Pale Eyes
Panther & The Supafly
Paper Thick Walls
Pat LePoidevin
Patrick Joseph
Pick A Piper
The Pinz
Psyche Tongues
Quiet Company
Reesa Renee
The Ruffled Feathers
Sex With Strangers
Shooting Guns
Shred Kelly Fernie, Canada
Sidney York
Smif N' Wessun
Social Distortion USA
The Soft Moon
Sophie Koh
The Sour Notes
The Stagger Rats
Steve Brockley Band Canada
Still Corners
Sumo Cyco
Svavar Knutur
Sydney Delong
Synje Norland
T. Nile
Tal Cohen-Shalev Israel
Tattletale Saints
Tin Star Orphans
Tyler Butler
The Ugly Club
the unquiet dead
Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys
White Lung
A Yellow Field
Young Readers



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love love! can't wait for the album to drop!!

Posted by Andrewski | September 24, 2014 8:21 AM

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