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Daughn Gibson at Union Hall, May 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson's signature croon is the anchor to his new LP, Me Moan, which is out July 9 and marks his Sub Pop debut. Stream that LP in full below.

As mentioned, Daughn Gibson is on tour this summer with Hiss Golden Messenger, dates of which include Pitchfork Fest (who just announced set times) and Glasslands on August 17 (tickets).

Album stream below...




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Saw Daughn at Union Hall last year, it was incredible.

Posted by John | June 24, 2013 4:31 PM

It's like Jaar´╗┐ and Matt Bernigner made a baby. A crooning chopped up Johnny Cash obsessed baby

Posted by Jaliyah | September 26, 2013 2:13 PM

There's something oddly compelling about this song and video. Is it a new genre - "Rock-a-Methy"? Can't quite figure it out. It's like country rock pop with a chemical tang.´╗┐

Posted by Danica | May 30, 2014 4:53 AM

Don't know what you guys are talking about, these tracks are okay at best - "amazing...shit" is a good way to put it. But that echo is freaking horrendous! I feel like I'm listening to someone singing in a sewer.

Posted by Huijaro | October 5, 2014 5:30 PM

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