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Mac Demarco @ Savannah Stopover 2013 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Mac Demarco

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice right before the first two captured tracks releases.

Mike Sniper: I honestly don't think I'd do anything different, I know that's a boring answer. Maybe to have 4x the amount of money when starting it. Stuff like that, things that are out of my control.

What do you envision for the next five years of Captured Tracks?

I don't like to play the future game. Just keep doing what we're doing and let the chips fall where they may. - [Captured Tracks]

Captured Tracks started in 2008 as a way for Mike Sniper to release his Blank Dogs records. The label grew the next year with releases from Dum Dum Girls, Woods, Grass Widow, The Beets, Wild Nothing, and more. In just a few short years, Captured Tracks has gone past its lo-fi origins to become one of the more respected indie labels around, and this year has released (or will) a few bona-fide pop records, including Widowspeak's second album, Wild Nothing's Empty Estate mini-LP, and MINKS' terrific second album, Tides End, which is out in August.

In celebration of five years in existence, Captured Tracks is throwing a two-day party, called CT5, at The Well in Bushwick on August 31 and September 1 that features most of the bands on its active roster, including DIIV, Mac Demarco, Wild Nothing, Blouse, Widowspeak, MINKS, Soft Moon, Soft Metals and more.

Single day tickets (8/31 here; 9/1 here) are $30; two-day passes are $55 and include a discount on used goods Captured Tracks' retail outlet which will open at 195 Calyer St. in Greenpoint this August; and there's an ultra-two-day pass ($100) that includes a gift bag with exlclusive merch and a store discount.

Wild Nothing also play Terminal 5 (7/24) with Father John Misty (tickets) and a sold-out show at Maxwell's (7/26).

Full CT5 line-up and flyer are below.



CT5 Line Up
Day 1 - 8/31
Mac Demarco
Soft Moon
Chris Cohen
Heavenly Beat

Day 2 - 9/1
Wild Nothing
Beach Fossils
Soft Metals



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Blank Dogs is the best band on this label. How come they're not playing?

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 1:56 PM

$60 for this is pretty outrageous.

15 for each night is more way this sells even 1/2 the tickets

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 2:01 PM

If it weren't for their reissues, this label would be completely worthless...

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 2:02 PM

cool concept and good bands. just way too much money.

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 2:03 PM

That is pretty steep, considering only maybe the first two names on each day are really worth going for. I'd say $25 a day would be reasonable, but since DIIV is playing and DIIV is apparently the second coming of saving indie rock, they're taking advantage of that.

DIIV's scheduled appearance alone answers a few questions. Last week's Pitchfork interview with Z. Cole Smith had a lot about how someone from his inner circle was doing their best to whore them out live to make money, and I just assumed it was Captured Tracks he was talking about.

Then again, look at those ticket prices!

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 2:15 PM


Diiv sucks, so who fucking cares?

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 2:18 PM

What do they suck?

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 2:34 PM


Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 2:52 PM

the gorilla v bear fest: has 5 really shitty bands for 24 bucks

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 2:52 PM

@215...dude from that band is just a publicity masterwhore. everything in that article is stuff he put out himself thru some pageboy PR guy he hires. there's not an iota of GOOD in any of that music

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 3:03 PM

3:03pm, I'm writing a piece on him and his way with the press (but won't actually be interviewing him.) Would you anonymously be willing to share any inside details on who he actually is and how he operates? Let me know and we can figure out a way to discuss it.

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 3:24 PM

3:24 -- So you're writing a piece about someone without actually interviewing them, and instead electing to fish for ANONYMOUS interviews on THIS message board? Sounds like great journalism to me. Jesus christ.

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 3:45 PM

You're trolling the anonymous comments for dirt on Captured Tracks? Fuck you, scumbag.

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 3:52 PM

3:45 and 3:52, I'm looking to gain perspectives from both parties as there's always two sides to every story. I don't need to interview Z. Cole Smith because he's already publicly gone on record to detail his thoughts, and provided enough reference material.

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 4:05 PM

Pitchfork wrote that trash piece last week

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 4:27 PM

i can't believe how expensive this is.

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 6:38 PM

DIIV= future one album wonder

Posted by Anonymous | July 2, 2013 10:19 PM

The sad thing're gonna pay that $60 and drink that beer too.

Posted by Anonymous | July 3, 2013 1:40 AM


Posted by Anonymous | July 5, 2013 6:03 PM

I was surprised when i read that this guy was only 23! Guess there is still hope for my generation after all! 

Posted by Leslie | May 27, 2014 4:08 AM

they're taking advantage of that.

Posted by Massagem Tantrica | July 19, 2014 9:10 PM

You're trolling the anonymous comments for dirt on Captured Tracks?

Posted by sbanate | August 14, 2014 8:19 AM

This is why I love browsing through YouTube's suggested albums. This is also why I'm failing half my classes.

Posted by Levya | October 6, 2014 12:57 PM

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