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Spook Houses / Fat History Month split 7" artwork
Spook Houses

Two bands with a knack for mixing Microphones-y folk with loud rock, Ridgewood, NJ's Spook Houses (who share members with LVL UP, and who played Shea Stadium last night (8/18)) and Boston's Fat History Month, are releasing a split 7" next week (8/27) via Double Double Whammy. There's two songs by both bands on the 7", and a stream of the entire thing makes its premiere in this post. Check it out below.

Fat History Month, who also released an album and a split with My Dad this year, have some shows coming up, including one in the Bronx on August 31 at Teh Olive Garden (241st St & Bronx Blvd) with Florida=Death, Old Table, ACLU Benefit, and Eskimeaux; and they'll also be playing an Exploding In Sound CMJ show on October 19 at Silent Barn. All of their dates are listed below.

Spook Houses don't have any upcoming shows at the moment, but related band LVL UP is playing Brooklyn this Friday (8/23) at Union Pool with a great lineup of Ovlov, Two Inch Astronaut, and Flagland. Admission for that show is $8 at the door. Flyer below.

You can also catch Two Inch Astronaut in NYC a day later at Cake Shop (8/24) with Gross Relations, Butter the Children, and Bent Shapes.

All FHM dates are listed, along with the 7" stream and Union Pool flyer, below...


Spook Houses / Fat History Month Split 7"


Fat History Month -- 2013 Tour Dates
Aug. 19th Cambridge, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen Sad History Month Spilt 7" release show w/ My Dad, The Para-Medics, & Gnarwhal
Aug. 24th Chicago, IL @ D's Big Ol Maze Building, Western and Belmont w/DUST FROM 1000 YEARS +
Aug. 27th Bloomington, IN @ The Sound Workshop w/DUST FROM 1000 YEARS, Ponyboy
Aug. 28th tba, Ohio?
Aug. 29th Philly, PA @ The Great Indoors w/ FLORIDA=DEATH, Ghost Light, Gunk
Aug. 30th New Brunswick, NJ @ The Candy Barrel w/ Florida=Death, Captive & Melissa Lucciola
Aug. 31st NYC, Teh Olive Garden w/ FLORIDA=DEATH, Old Table, ACLU Benefit, Eskimeaux
Sep. 1st CT, "The Newer Hawaii" aka The Basket Ball Court aka The Roller Rink aka Florida Lifestyle Solutions Inc. w/ FLORIDA=DEATH, OVLOV +
Oct. 19 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn (CMJ)




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Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2013 2:16 PM

Spook Houses are awesome and genuinely nice dudes. They deserve this!

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2013 4:06 PM

I love both bands, this is excellent news

Posted by Cobalt | August 19, 2013 7:50 PM

Interesting; looks like another monitor is backstage - I guess to gauge the timing on the drop panels?

Posted by Luis | January 30, 2014 12:36 PM

I'd give a liver for the lyric,English isn't my native language :(

Posted by Jacob | February 13, 2014 8:15 AM

Incredibly sad/beautiful song from one of the best bands I've ever seen. I'll miss them.

Posted by JONES | February 17, 2014 2:04 PM

They should have a sign at the enterence saying "Please take off mask so the monsters can see if they're doing a good job." ;)

Posted by Anderson | May 12, 2014 3:37 AM

That one was good. falling over each other to get away. haha real funny.

Posted by Lana | May 28, 2014 12:43 PM

Omg. When did 7 year olds start saying fuck? What's up with the dad not spanking her? I would have gone off if that was my kid.
What's with the mom with babies in her hands saying shit in front of 4 kids? Jeez. I don't want to be a mother.

Posted by Kat | October 14, 2014 5:03 AM

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