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Happier days w/ Solange & Dev: Bowery Ballroom. 2012 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Solange and Dev

One of the more obvious Reese's Cup pop moments of the last year or so was Solange's "Losing You," a song co-written and produced by Blood Orange's Dev Hynes. Dev did the same for her mini-LP True, played in her band on her tours and seemed to be having a great time doing so. But the issue of credit began seeping in earlier this year. As detailed in a recent Fader feature on Hynes, Solange had been upset at being refered to merely as "vocal muse" in many reviews; Dev maintains that "Losing You" was written before they started working together. From the Fader article:

At a show in a Chinatown boutique in September, an overpacked crowd turns up to see a rare Blood Orange performance with a full band. Hynes, in a long coat and leather kufi, takes off his jacket to perform "Bad Girls," one of the songs he wrote that Solange re-recorded for True. Then, before launching into "Everything Is Embarrassing," Hynes gives a brief monologue, oddly compelled to footnote a song he created: "I've got a lot of shots ready to be fired, and I guess this is the shot. This is a song I wrote for another singer. She said a couple weeks ago that she doesn't like when I say I wrote it--this happens a lot to me, but I'm not an arrogant guy. That said, I've written some songs for people and they haven't given me due credit and it pisses me off."
More shots were fired yesterday via Twitter from both parties, and while both Solange and Dev's tweets have since been deleted, Stereogum has the transcripts, in paragraph form. Via Dev:
If you wanna take shots at me text me call me talk to me in person but don't ever drop a subliminal, talk behind my back, or send a flunky. I'm doing myself. Ain't nothing to do with anyone else, I'm about myself, like any self respecting human should be. We live & die alone. I have beef with no one. I won't even mention your name ever again. Any of you. I've said my bit. I've reached out. I've praised you. But now it's done. It's over. We're done. Bye.
Dev's didn't mention anyone by name, but Solange @'d him with these:
When you do tumblr post, speak about things in interviews, tweet, issues then belong to the public. I have been minding my biz. I have only ever praised you and spoken about you positively, even when our perspectives were totally different. I still support your artistry & am extremely happy for your success. I just wished you were honest about the making of my album. That's all I'm going to say on this. You know more than anyone niggas love drama. Also u know very well I have reached out. Bless. Ps: Your phone been going straight to VM for long time.
Let's hope they can work things out (maybe not on social media) because they do make good music together.

In very related news, Dev shared thoughts yesterday via Twitter on Jay-Z's partnership with Barney's. These tweets are still up, here in strung-together form:

The biggest 'Fuck You' in history could have been Jay-Z saying NO to Barneys. I'm a big fan [of Jay], of course, who isn't? But just looking at it from the perspective of someone that has had racial abuse in my life. It's cool that all proceeds are going to charity, that's great! But now Barneys, an already rich company that could be charitable anyway... get a cosign and an easy route to redeeming their name. None of the parties involved need more money. They NEED less.
Dev's very good second album, Cupid Deluxe, is out now.



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How many more times is this guy gonna rebrand himself before he finds one that sticks?

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 11:04 AM

She used the n's cool though, she ended it with an a.

Jay Z is a joke. He's probably going to lunch with Bloomberg in a half hour, and then he'll write about the glory days when he slang crack. Donate your time and money to the betterment of the neighborhood you grew up in and stop making crocodile jackets.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 11:13 AM

Fu(k Barney's and Jay Z -- truth is, as a black person, when you have a certain amount of money... you arent treated as a typical black person would be treated. He is so far removed from the struggles of the typical black American, he doesn't know who he is or even remember where he comes from. I hope he loses it All. And gets profiled constantly. Fu(k JZ

Posted by Hannah | November 26, 2013 11:35 AM

Least surprising news of the day. Solange wanted indie cred but never dropped the Knowles diva act. She's angry because deep down she knows that all of her success is based on the fact that her sister is adored.

Dev is just one of many that suffered because of their decision to work with this brat.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 11:47 AM

Jay Z is a wannabe rich white man and an Uncle Tom who could care less about Barney's profiling his race.

Posted by D | November 26, 2013 1:25 PM

Talk about low hanging fruit. Solange is lucky being even a blip and as much she attempts to exploit nepotism to her advantage no one cares about her at all. Dev is a fair weather leech who is even less relevant than Solange and now talks shit since he couldn't gain any career leverage off of her and her family.
As a black man, I find this all very unsettling and disgusting.

Posted by D | November 26, 2013 1:30 PM

Without Dev, she has ZERO songs and "Losing You" was a mediocre hit.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 1:41 PM

Yeah Dev is a real songwriting machine. So many hits the Billboard Hot 100 doesn't even bother listing them

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 1:44 PM

The new blood orange album was fucking horrible. It was absolute garbage, and pitchfork gave it a 8.5. It was a 2/10 compared to his ep. Dev Hynes needs to stick to producing other people's music not his own.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 2:19 PM

2:19 here again- Light speed champion stuff was horrible. He is a background kind of guy. He needs to produce, not be touring.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 2:20 PM

Also anyone into fashion knows that Barneys has the best selection of merchandise. I will still shop there.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 2:22 PM

The worst. Jay-ZZ time to move back to your high rise in Jersey and look over at the city you think you own, but don't.

The collection is as I said the worst, and the prices well.... the rest of the public has let you know, bad move. I want to make sure all that money goes to our inner city youth, what it gets them and even who the kids are. You better send them to summer camp for the whole F'ing summer. Barneys sure messed up getting tangled up with your un-fashionable A*s. I'm not even hating on Barneys, you can't fault a whole company because of one event, but you selling this horrible stuff at horrible prices i can.

Peace not be onto you my .....!

Posted by DevonD | November 26, 2013 3:02 PM

^ Please vent your frustration into creating music like this again.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2013 3:20 PM

So long sad times Go long bad times We are rid of you at last Howdy gay times Cloudy gray times You are now a thing of the past Happy days are here again The skies above are clear again So let's sing a song of cheer again Happy days are here again Altogether shout it now There's no one Who can doubt it now So let's tell the world about it now Happy days are here again Your cares and troubles are gone There'll be no more from now on From now on ...

Posted by Lucia | March 3, 2014 4:32 AM

damn it why doesn't everyone know Blood Orange? This song is just beautiful ;o; it's so perfect because he kind of sounds like a modern Prince and this just literally sounds like the late 80's early 90's. We need more of this music.

Posted by Ash | October 27, 2014 5:33 PM

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