Posted in metal | music on December 2, 2013

by Doug Moore

Overkill at Stage 48 (more by Kassandra Carmona)

This past weekend was extended by the food / booze / football bacchanalia that is Thanksgiving, which is pretty metal as far as holidays go. Still, a bunch of noteworthy stuff happened before you made a home on the couch. Here's what you might've missed:

Some not-quite-metal but sufficiently heavy show announcements saw the light of day: Converge/Cave In side project Mutoid Man's record release party (and full album stream); Goblin and Zombi's not-unexpected NYC tour stop; and Pissed Jeans in February. We also reminisced a bit about Overkill, Kreator, and Warbringer's two-night stand at Stage 48 the weekend before.

Not a bad short week over at Invisible Oranges, either. We talked to Integrity about their Systems Overload revamp (and streamed the whole thing). We also found out that people like novelty yacht rock covers of Iron Maiden songs way more than we thought. We streamed new music by suicidal sludgesters Servants of the Mist, majestic black metallers Ered Wethrin, and local no-guitar weirdos Geryon.

We also debuted two live Judas Priest videos from US Fest '83: "You've Got Another Thing Coming" on IO with a great writeup by longtime contributor Richard Street-Jammer, and another of "Breaking the Law" here on BV with a much lamer writeup by me. On our East Village Radio show, we chatted with IO contributor Beth Winegarner about her upcoming book, The Columbine Effect. (Don't forget to tune into the show every Tuesday at 10pm.) And, as ever, we ran down every noteworthy metal release of the week.

What did we miss?



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Posted by ME | December 2, 2013 2:19 PM

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