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Keith & Tex

Jamaican duo Keith & Tex only recorded a few singles in the late '60s before going their separate ways (specifically, the U.S. and Canada, respectively). Their 1967 cover of The Spanishtonians's "Stop That Train" has endured as a rocksteady classic, and Keith Rowe and Texas Dixon have reunited a few times over the years since.

Keith & Tex are getting back together for a few shows. They'll be in NYC next weekend for a show at Littlefield on December 14 where they'll be backed by Crazy Baldhead. This show, presented by the Dig Deeper folks, also features Deadly Dragon Sound System as the night's DJs. Tickets are on sale now and a flyer for the show is below.

Next year, Keith & Tex be playing their first-ever UK show at the London International Ska Festival which goes down April 17 - 20. Derrick Morgan, Ken Parker, Dennis Bovell and more. (Junior Murvin, who died this week, was also scheduled to play). Tickets are on sale now.

All Keith & Tex dates are listed, along with streams of "Stop That Train" and a few other Keith & Tex singles plus the London Ska Fest line-up, below.


Keith & Tex- Stop That Train

Keith & Tex - Tonight

Keith & Tex - This Is My Song

Keith & Tex - Hypnotizing Eyes

Keith & Tex

Keith & Tex - 2013/2014 Tour Dates
December 14, 2013 - Littlefield - NYC
February 19 - The Echo - Los Angeles
April 17 - 20 - London International Ska Festival

London International Ska Festival - 2014 Line Up
Derrick Morgan
Ken Parker (one of JA's most soulful vocalists)
Keith & Tex - classic Jamaican duo famed for Stop That Train. Exclusive UK show!
Pama International
Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels (from The Specials)
Phoenix City All-stars - promoting their upcoming album Skatisfaction
The Delegators - London champs, fronted by the superb Janet Kumah return with a brand new album.
The Meow Meows - Brighton's soul & ska finest
Mr.T Bone (Italy)
The Liptones (Sweden)
The Bionic Rats (Ireland)
Tighten Up crew
Phil Bush's Sounds & Pressure sound system
Axis sound system
Chris Tofu (21st century Ska) **New
Little Diane (Ace Cafe)



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