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photos by Greg Cristman

Iggy & The Stooges @ The Mohawk Austin, TX 3/13/13

2013 has come and gone but we still have a couple year-end posts to go. Greg Cristman shot a whole lot for us last year -- everything from metal to synthpop and all points in between -- and he picked his 25 favorites from '13 which are in this post.

You can also check out year-end photo faves from BV contributors Amanda Hatfield, David Andrako and Dominick Mastrangelo. More of Greg's pics picks are below...



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Nice Greg!

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2014 4:33 PM

Oh oh OH ... Zola. So heart you.

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2014 4:35 PM

Five of these photos are REALLY good. The rest are just decent live photos. I'd love your explanation as to why that Phoenix shot is good? Pallbearer? Black Sabbath? Just because you were at a cool show, doesn't mean the photo is good. Editing.

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2014 5:15 PM

These photos kick ass! Saw that Black Sabbath photo on their Facebook page, great job man !

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2014 5:49 PM

These photos are sick dude! Couldn't get any better then these!

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2014 5:59 PM

Cool photo bro!

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2014 7:25 PM


Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2014 9:04 PM

@ 5:15

Exactly, it's an ego trip for the photographer. Other than the fact that the pics are in color, in focus, and correctly exposed what's the point? The Iggy pic has been done 1001 times, Phoenix shot blows, Fleetwood Mac is retarded looking, etc, etc.

Point and shoot wankery.

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2014 9:11 PM

the previous post was an ego trip for 9:11

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2014 12:49 AM

Hmn... I don't seem to have posted this one yet for some reason. When I first saw this video, I didn't think anything of it, and I just moved on. Months later, I suddenly remembered it and wanted to listen to the song again for some strange reason, but I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the artist or song, or even of the site where I had found it. After about a year of looking, I finally found it, and as it happened, she became one of my new favorite artists. The end.

Posted by Kaktus | October 31, 2014 5:14 PM

Oh man, thanks for this

Posted by mickster boone | November 20, 2014 2:36 AM

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