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by Andrew Sacher

Palehound's new full band lineup (photo by Manny Harpin)

Ellen Kempner's indie rock project Palehound released her impressive Bent Nail EP back in October via Exploding In Sound, and now she's set to release a new 7" for the label, Kitchen, on February 25, her first recorded with the four-piece band she plays live with. One of the things we mentioned when we first wrote about Palehound was their Speedy Ortiz connections (the singers of both bands are friends, Speedy used to be on EIS) and on "Holiest," the first single from Kitchen, the comparisons of the two bands are even more noticeable. With a very adept band behind her, Ellen can work in those mathy subtleties that Speedy mastered so well, and there's a few moments where her voice is a dead ringer for Sadie Dupuis'. Ultimately though, both are just terrific songwriters and if you like one you're bound to like the other. Check out the new song below.

As usual, Palehound has a number of local shows coming up, including one this Sunday (1/26) at Shea Stadium with Dead Wives (ft. Mike of Speedy Ortiz), Flagland and Advaeta. After that, they'll play Pianos on February 20 and 27 and then make their way south hitting other cities on their way to and from SXSW.

UPDATE: The full lineups for the Pianos shows also include Infinity Girl and What Moon Things on 2/20; and Grass Is Green, Celestial Shore, Bluffing and Howler on 2/27.

All dates are listed, along with the new song, below...


Palehound - "Holiest"

Palehound -- 2014 Tour Dates
01/24 - New Paltz, NY @ Writer's Block w/ What Moon Things & Palberta
01/25 - Cambridge, MA @ Elks Lodge w/ Grass Is Green, Krill, Ovlov & Trespasser
01/26 - Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Dead Wives, Flagland, and Advaeta
02/14 - SUNY Purchase @ The Stood w/ Swearin' and Frankie Cosmos
02/20 - New York, NY @ Pianos
02/27 - New York, NY @ Pianos
02/28 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Great Indoors w/ Marge and Amanda X
03/01 - Baltimore, MD @ Windup Space w/ Two Inch Astronaut, Hive Bent, and Blood Horses
03/03 - Richmond, VA @ TBD w/ Cat Be Damned and Roseanne?
03/06 - Tallahassee, FL @ All Saints Cafe w/ Woozy and Danielle Steele
03/08 - San Antonio, TX @ Texas Is Funny Records Showcase
03/12 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
03/13 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
03/14 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
03/15 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
03/21 - Asheville, NC @ Odditorium w/ Wyla
03/22 - Washington, DC @ TBD w/ Two Inch Astronaut and Klauss
04/26 - Bronxville, NY @ Sarah Lawrence College w/ Mac DeMarco



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When Andrew Sacher is an old man on his deathbed, he'll surely look back and feel proud about all the time he spent pushing Speedy Ortiz on a music blog.

Posted by Anonymous | January 22, 2014 11:45 AM

Anyone who was able to get past the fact that there is a young lady in the band and was able to resist the temptation to make rude comments got a chance to hear a pretty good song. I hope the band has more than 1 good song, of course.

Posted by Anonymous | January 22, 2014 1:49 PM

@1:49, they do. Their entire Bent Nail EP from last year is great.

Posted by Anonymous | January 22, 2014 1:53 PM

Ellen Kempner seems like she would be a cool person to take a long bus trip with.

Posted by Anonymous | January 22, 2014 2:16 PM

ellen rules, palehound rules

Posted by Anonymous | January 22, 2014 5:20 PM

just the kind of music i seek to hear !

Posted by Scoggins | February 26, 2014 5:35 AM

The beaches r fun in ny when is fall...(¿)* 1:44 ...and i wish i never have met u at all u_u *** *go2song 4me irish-breakups. no doubt.

Posted by Donnie | November 3, 2014 9:49 AM

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