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by Wyatt Marshall

NYC's experimental metal crew Epistasis is about to unload their second EP, Light Through Dead Glass, on April 1. Mark that date -- the album is a killer mix of fringe black metal and big riff weirdness. We premiered the album's second track, "Finisterre," over on Invisible Oranges earlier today. Here's a bit of what we had to say about it:

The song's as much about big rock riffs as it is weirdness and fringe black metal, if that makes any sense at all. And skirting the edges of comprehension seems to be Epistasis' thing. Trumpet and picked guitar dirges are interspersed and overlaid with bonkers solos and violent, frigid blasting that's kicked into high gear by vocalist/trumpeter Amy Mills, who provides some of the sickest shrieks of 2014 thus far (and who played trumpet on the recent Castevet and Psalm Zero albums). Epistasis features members of NYC locals Couch Slut and Pyrrhon (the drummer, not IO editor and professional yeller Doug), too -- they take a page from what Pyrrhon's all about with a wonkiness factor will both lull you and thrash you. There's never a dull moment, but a particular highlight has got to be the crescendo that kicks off around 4:00, with the trumpet-as-Siren being a defining factor.
It's not everyday that you see a trumpet in extreme metal, and damn does it work -- give "Finisterre" a whirl below. If you like what you hear, Epistasis will be bringing the goods live this Friday (2/28) at Trans Pecos with one-man metal wizard Oneirogen and Feast of the Epiphany. It's this month's installment of the "Chaos Bodies" seriesĀ and it's their only live date at the moment

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only live date at the moment

Posted by Android | March 1, 2014 7:13 AM

ha i could read the definition of epistasis B|

Posted by Sifuentes | March 18, 2014 6:51 AM

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