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The Klinik became a favourite band of mine back when I started to delve into the deeper well of 80s and 90s industrial and EBM. They sounded like nothing else at the time, and I was fascinated both by the music and the band, hiding their faces behind layers of bandages. The early albums used primitive equipment, and have a pretty unpolished sound, which gradually got more refined until their final album "Time" (a favourite of mine). After that album the band split up, and Marc continued under the name Klinik - without the "the" - branching out into other genres such as psychedelic trance. Dirk focused on his own projects such as Dive, Sonar and Absolute Body Control.

Finally gathering the troups again, together with new member Peter Mastbooms - who has worked with Dirk and The Klinik on stage before - the new Out of Line album "Eat Your Heart out" is a welcome return and a continuation of their sound while at the same time developing and modernizing it. [Release Magazine]

Belgian industrial/EBM vets Suicide Commando will be returning to North America for a few shows this year including a "retro/vintage set" in NYC at Gramercy Theatre on May 22. Making that show doubly exciting, likeminded Belgian band The Klinik will be co-headlining, and simultaneously making their US debut at the show. The Klinik was formed in the early '80s by Marc Verhaeghen (the group's only constant member) yet never made it over to the states (though related band Absolute Body Control made their US debut in 2008). Unfortunately, due to illness, Marc has actually had to sit out from touring with the band lately, and won't be at the Gramercy date, but hopefully this sole US show will still be a memorable one. NJ's Cenotype open, and tickets for the show are on sale now.

Stream some classic material from The Klinik and Suicide Commando, along with the Gramercy show flyer and the list of Suicide Commando's other North American dates, below...


The Klinik - "Right Way"

The Klinik - "Insane Terror"

Suicide Commando - "Critical Stage"

Suicide Commando - "Murder"


Suicide Commando -- 2014 Tour Dates
26.04.2014 (San Francisco - USA) Elbo Room
27.04.2014 (Los Angeles - USA) Avalon
29.04.2014 (Ann Arbor - USA) Necto Nightclub
01.05.2014 (Tampa - USA) The Orpheum
22.05.2014 (New York - USA) Gramercy Theatre w/ The Klinik, Cenotype



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Moving Hands!

Posted by Hal9000 | February 21, 2014 12:41 PM

The Klinik is one of the most important early Industrial bands to exist. When it comes to The Klinik, fans of legendary bands such as Front 242, A Split-Second, Skinny Puppy, DAF, Suicide, and new-comer rising stars like Youth Code are inevitably one of two things:
1) Already fans of The Klinik.
2) Going to become fans of The Klinik.

The Klinik hail from Belgium, home of EBM and New Beat. Few, if any, countries have had the sort of influence and levels of contribution to Industrial and Electronic music that Belgium has, and few artists have had the discography and gravitas as Marc Verhaeghen and Dirk Ivens within that scene.

It may seem like I am just blowing the proverbial smoke up the proverbial ass, but there is nothing I wouldn't stake against that claim. The Klinik is easily one of the most important and influential bands within the scene, creating the foundation for many, or all, of the bands who delve into the more aggressive and darker aspects of Electronic music.


Suicide Commando, also from Belgium, has been at the cutting edge of EBM-Industrial since its formation almost 30 years ago, evolving steadily with each work. Floor-filler after floor-filler, every album Johan van Roy has released is full of instant hits that every Rivethead has on their mp3 playlists.

It takes a talented artist to write lyrics that couple themselves to the fast, hard and snarling sounds so well that you quickly find yourself singing along, loudly, with everyone around you. Suicide Commando does this in spades.

Don't be surprised if at some point of the night you find yourself grinning ear to ear, loudly proclaiming "Desire, you turn me on".


Cenotype is fronted by Lenny O-type, literally a local legend. Cenotype has been a long time area favorite and respected by Rivetheads all over the world for its No Bullshit approach to music.

The Lyrics and the Beat, force fed to you with a healthy dose of a powerful on-stage presence, Cenotype delivers.


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I know I am in the minority (especially on this website), but I am digging the revived interest EBM/Coldwave).

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Posted by Anonymous | February 21, 2014 4:32 PM

Portion Control needs to finally do some U.S. shows.

Posted by Anonymous | February 21, 2014 6:27 PM

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Posted by auto repair and diagnostic | February 23, 2014 9:34 PM

I would love to see Klinik play live here in the Staates. Big fan of connected bands Dive and the very loose connections Hybryds. It was my dream to see Hybryds visit the States in their prime. Close to impossible now.

Posted by lin | March 1, 2014 10:39 PM

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