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Saintseneca's next album, titled Dark Arc, is due out in April. This week, like they've been doing on tour all year, they'll preview some of it in Austin at SXSW where one of their shows is the Saturday BrooklynVegan free day party. Meanwhile, we cornered frontman Zac Little and asked him 5 QUESTIONS:


1) What is your favorite venue to play in the country and why?

Zac: I miss playing the Monster House. RIP

My favorite diy spot in Columbus. I lived there for a spell, So perhaps I'm biased, and definitely nostalgic.

more below...


2) Tell us about the worst show you've ever played.

Played in a living room to someone's parents and grandma. That was the whole audience. Just too weird.

3) What are some albums that you guys have been spinning in the van lately?

The Beatles The White Album repeatedly. I'll never tire of it, but I think everyone else is ready to be done with that.

4) What would your metal band name be?

Kill All Animals. I wanted that to be a band name once, but settled as a song name.

5) Be honest: how often do you change your clothes on tour?

I wear a life uniform. For this six week tour I have 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts. So you can do the math. But that's for my whole life, so it doesn't bother me.


Saintseneca - "Happy Alone" Official Video



Dark Arc
April 1, 2014
ANTI- Records

1. Blood Bath
2. Daendors
3. Happy Alone
4. Fed Up With Hunger
5. Falling Off Intro
6. Falling Off
7. Only The Young Die Good
8. Takmit
9. So Longer
10. Uppercutter
11. Visions Intro
12. Visions
13. Dark Arc
14. We Are All Beads On The Same String




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5 Questions with SHUT THE FUCK UP

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5 questions are to punish BV commenters.

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Stop. Please. Just fucking stop

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I love the 5 questions. Keep them coming!!!

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I'm taking a break until South By Southwest is finished. Too much city goulash out there. Who's zoomin' who, etc.

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This is war, BV. For every 5 questions post you're getting 50 sp1nz comments.

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