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San Fermin

San Fermin released their self-titled debut LP back in 2013. They're continuing to tour in support of the album, and are in Austin, TX for SXSW this week, where one of their shows is the Thursday BrooklynVegan free day party. Meanwhile, we cornered band leader Ellis Ludwig-Leone and asked him 5 QUESTIONS:


3) What are some albums that you guys have been spinning in the van lately?

I've been listening to the new St. Vincent and Beck records, and a lot of the guys have been excited about the newest Phosphorescent record but I haven't gotten a chance to listen yet.

4) What would your metal band name be?

Neckbeard Thunderfuck.

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1) What is your favorite venue to play in the country and why?

SF: We are still new enough that we haven't played any venue more than once, but I would have to say my favorite venue so far might have been Turner Hall in Milwaukee... Great sound, big stage, and a really awesome green room buffet.

2) Tell us about the worst show you've ever played.

Probably the worst was our first time in Portland, we played Bunk Bar and our sound guy wasn't there, the crowd was kind of noisy, and then we got all our stuff stolen that night from the trailer. But our second time in Portland was an awesome show at Doug Fir so they definitely redeemed themselves!

5) What are you up to for the rest of the year post-SXSW?

More touring! We are doing a month in Europe in April and May and then festivals all summer. Then we will start it all over again, and hopefully put out another record at the top of next year.


San Fermin - "Daedalus"




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