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by Klaus Kinski

todd barry

Way back in January of 2013, I told you dumplings that Todd Barry would be embarking on a string of dates called The Crowd Work Tour. If you search the terms "Klaus Kinski" and "Todd Barry" on BrooklynVegan, it'll take you about 4 seconds to realize that Todd has been and continues to be one of my favorite comedians who ever lived. Between his rock solid material and his flawless off-the-cuff crowd work, a Todd Barry live set delivers a 100% success rate of hilarity.

When I saw he was doing a tour comprised entirely of crowd work and no predetermined material, I thought it was the most brilliant endeavor ever conceived for the crowd work master. Besides the tour, he did tons and tons of warm-up shows in NYC, all of which I missed for one reason or another. As a matter of fact, I didn't see a single Crowd Work tour date! Some fan I am, right? Anyhow, Todd has some very big friends in very high places. One of these friends, a friend whose relationship with Todd goes back a bazillion years, is the venerable Louis CK. One day, Todd mentioned to Louis that he'd love to have his tour filmed (well, videoed) and eventually released as a special and Louis was all "May I finance this endeavor and release it via my website?" and Todd was all "Oh hell yes, Louis. That would be so sweet."

Flash-forward to today, Friday March 21, 2014. Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour is now officially available via for a measly FIVE DOLLARS. The video is available in crummy SD or wonderful HD. As I type this I am downloading the video from the website and simply cannot wait to watch the master at work.

The Comics Comic has a great interview with Todd about the genesis of the project and I highly recommend you read it.

Todd is about to embark on The Final Crowd Work Tour, including a finale at The Bell House in Brooklyn on May 13 and tickets are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

Video of Todd Barry absolutely DESTROYING Louis during a car ride is below too.


Apr 03 | Kings Barcade - Raleigh, NC
Apr 04 | Theatre 99 - Charleston, SC
Apr 05 | Village Theatre - Atlanta, GA
Apr 06 | High Watt - Nashville, TN
Apr 16 | Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis, MN
Apr 17 | High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI
Apr 18 | Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL
Apr 25 | Sons of Hermann Hall - Dallas, TX
Apr 26 | Warehouse Live - Houston, TX
Apr 27 | North Door - Austin, TX
May 08 | Sixth and I Downstairs - 7PM - Washington, DC
May 08 | Sixth and I Downstairs - 9PM - Washington, DC
May 09 | Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA
May 11 | The Sinclair - Cambridge, MA
May 13 | The Bell House - Brooklyn NY



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Every person has their own likes and dislikes and mine is not something like this. But I appreciate the posting.

Posted by Lindsay Rosenwald | March 22, 2014 12:05 PM

This is a very lame film.

Spend $5 on it anyway, because Louis CK's releasing it was a sporting gesture.

Posted by Dell C. | March 23, 2014 4:47 AM

Worth the money if you care about comedy

Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2014 11:52 AM

Wow, an Infiniti... Louis must be living large on those Pootie Tang residuals.

Posted by mistertug | May 20, 2014 5:00 AM

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