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Wes Anderson's new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, opens today in limited release -- in NYC it's at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 and the Lincoln Square 13. With eight films under his belt, Anderson's whimsical style is as distinctive as anyone in the industry. One of his signatures is his use of music, and that goes from the harpsichord-laden scores to the soundtracks filled with impeccably curated pop songs.

While The Grand Budapest Hotel is his first not to use modern pop (frequent collaborator Alexandre Desplat did the score which can be streamed at Rdio), his other films are jam-packed with it. Indiewire reports that ABCKO will release a box set with the soundtracks to all eight of his film. This could include songs featured in movies that didn't make the cut for their official soundtracks. Details, beyond that's its happening, haven't surfaced yet, but we're going to assume the packaging will be exquisite.

Further reading: Rolling Stone cornered longtime Anderson film music supervisor Randal Poster to talk about his favorite music moments in his filmography. What's your favorite Wes Anderson movie music moment?

Watch the trailer for Grand Budapest Hotel below..




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god this website sucks now. talk about shitty tv shows, gap ads and now shit movies. i have lost all hope for this site. RIP. wes anderson sux and so does arcades fires.

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10:08- That was almost English.

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Enough with this guy's precious twee bullshit.

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title sequence is straight from godard's weekend....

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