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Aaron & Greta
Porches Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos, the NYC-based twee pop/anti-folk-inspired project of Greta Kline, has become a regular on the local live scene, but this month she'll be taking her show on the road for a two-week long US tour. A handful of those shows are with Porches., whose frontman Aaron Maine drums in Frankie Cosmos and whose live lineup counts Greta as a member, but most of these are billed as Aaron solo. All dates are listed below, though many of them are house shows (and some venues are still TBA), so Facebook events are included where applicable for more info.

What should come as no surprise, Frankie Cosmos also has many NYC-area dates before, after, and during the tour. First, she plays Fordahm University TONIGHT (4/4) with Porches at the college's Rodrigue's Coffee House (441 E. Fordham Road). Then she plays a previously discussed show at SUNY Purchase on April 12 with orchestral indie pop collective Mutual Benefit, which is the first night of her tour.

Upon returning home, Frankie Cosmos will headline a Brooklyn show at Glasslands on April 28 with Toons and Eskimeaux. Tickets for that one are on sale now. Then she plays a show on May 9 at Brooklyn Rod and Gun (59 Kent Ave), and finally opens the NYC stop of Woods' tour which happens on May 16 at Bowery Ballroom with psych-folk band Quilt. Tickets for that show are still available.

Additionally, Greta and Aaron also made a video for "Birthday Song" off Frankie Cosmos' excellent debut full-band album, Zentropy, which came out via Double Double Whammy last month. The video's as homemade and DIY as Frankie Cosmos' music, shaky hand-held camera included, and it suits the song well. That video makes its premiere in this post, and you can check it out below.

Porches. Being Alone.

In related news, filmmaker/photographer Heather Craig filmed a tour documentary on Porches called Being Alone, which will be released soon. You can see it in NYC ahead of its release though, as its premiere screening will take place on April 13 at Baby's All Right. It's an early Sunday Brunch screening (3 PM start), and tickets are available now. Film trailer, poster and more info below.

Porches also play a previously discussed live show at Baby's All Right (4/10) only three days earlier, opening for The Love Language. KDH is on that bill too, and tickets are still available. And they have yet another Brooklyn show coming up on June 13 at Silent Barn with Pile, Bad History Month and more.

All Porches and Frankie Cosmos are listed, with the new Frankie Cosmos video, Porches movie trailer, and more, below...


Frankie Cosmos - "Birthday Song" Official Video

birthday song from Ingrid Superstar on Vimeo.

Frankie Cosmos - Zentropy

Frankie Cosmos -- 2014 Tour Dates
4/4: Bronx, NY Rodrigues Coffee House at Fordham w/ Porches
4/12: SUNY Purchase NY w/ Mutual Benefit
4/13: Boston MA: (FB event)
4/14: Providence RI: w/ Pile, Porches (solo) (FB event)
4/15: Bennington college VT: at Swan House with True Blue, Wishbone, and more
4/16: Binghamton NY: w/ Porches solo (event)
4/17: Clarion PA: w/ Porches solo (FB event)
4/18: Oberlin OH: secret house show
4/19: Chicago IL: at UChicago with Richard Album, The Lemons
4/20: Bloomington IN: (FB event)
4/21: Columbus OH: at Kafe Kerouac with Tin Armor, Maryn from saintseneca/all dogs, and more
4/22: Athens OH: w/ Porches solo (FB event)
4/23: Pittsburgh PA (FB event)
4/24: Arlington VA: w/ Porches solo, Two Inch Astronaut (FB event)
4/25: Baltimore MD: w/ Porches solo, Flashlight O (FB event)
4/26: Philadelphia PA: at Golden Tea House w/ Little Big League, Porches solo, Alex G
4/28: Glasslands (Brooklyn) w/ Toons, Eskimeaux
5/9: Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club
05/10: Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Theatre w/ Porches
5/16: New York, NY at Bowery Ballroom w/ Woods, Quilt


Porches. Being Alone. The Movie. Trailer


Porches. Being Alone.

Direction and Cinematography by: Heather Craig
Edited by: Erin Whitson

Aaron Maine
Kevin Farrant
James Ryan
Seiya Jewell
Matt Gaffney

Porches -- 2014 Tour Dates
04/04 - Bronx, NY @ Rodrigue's Coffeehouse (Fordham University) w/ Frankie Cosmos
04/10 - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right w/ The Love Language & The Kill Devil Hills
04/14 - Providence, RI w/ Pile, Frankie Cosmos [Aaron Maine solo show] (FB event)
04/16 - Binghamton, NY w/ Frankie Cosmos [Aaron Maine solo show] (event)
04/17 - Clarion, PA w/ Frankie Cosmos [Aaron Maine solo show] (FB event)
04/22 - Athens, OH w/ Frankie Cosmos [Aaron Maine solo show] (FB event)
04/24 - Arlington, VA @ CD Cellar w/ Frankie Cosmos, Two Inch Astronaut, Foozle & Spoonboy [Aaron Maine solo show] (FB event)
04/25 - Baltimore MD w/ Frankie Cosmos, Flaslight O [Aaron solo] (FB event)
04/26 - Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ Frankie Cosmos, Little Big League, Alex G [Aaron Maine solo show]
05/10 - Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Theatre w/ Frankie Cosmos & more
06/13 - Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Dust From 1000 Yrs, (New England) Patriots, Pile & Bad History Month



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bummer rock dude

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Saw her at Shea Stadium about a month ago. Set was like 20 minutes and completely underwhelming/boring. She seems like a nice girl really, but she needs to play a live show as if she gives a shit. Though I suppose that ruins the whole point.

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I saw her dad in that film with Meg Ryan. What was that called again?

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I saw her perform last month. She was very professional and mature for a musician her age. The film looks absolutely brilliant as well. These two have a bright future.

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worst video of the decade

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they're so sad, their instagram account got flagged

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best video ever

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