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Experimental musician Jason Lescalleet released the impressive Big Black-referencing album Songs About Nothing back in 2012, and he's following it with a new album, Much to My Demise, this year via Kye Records. A description reads:

Recorded and constructed solely with analog sources, 'Much To My Demise' showcases the result of a three month process in which pre-recorded reels of tape were transported outdoors, buried in soil and encouraged to corrode. The reels were then excavated, and their resultant signals transferred and edited to form an apparitional triptych of faded gesture and mood.
You can listen to a 7+ minute excerpt of one of its tracks, "The Tragedy of Man," below.

Jason also has some dates coming up this month, including a NYC show happening on April 18 at Issue Project Room. For that show, Jason will be presenting a series of films he's curated, featuring videos by Aaron Dilloway, C Spencer Yeh, Adel Souto and others. No advance tickets, they'll be available at Anthology's box office, which opens 30 minutes prior to the show. The list of all tour dates and more info on the IPR show below.

In related news, Issue Project Room is also where Circuit des Yeux (who toured with Jason last year) plays in June.

All Jason Lescalleet dates are listed, with the song stream and IPR info, below...


Jason Lescalleet - "The Tragedy of Man" (excerpt)

Jason Lescalleet: "Trophy Tape" at Issue Project Room - 4/18/14

C. Spencer Yeh
Baby Birds, 2009, 1.5 min, video

Adel Souto
Allow Any Radio, 2012, 3 min, video. Music by Robert Turman.

Ellen Frances
Very Beautiful Woman 2012, 3.5 min, video
A self portrait of the female spirit, inspired by Native American and occult beliefs revolving around the impact of the moon on women.

When I Leave This Place, 2014, 3 min, video
In collaboration with author Tao Lin, Frances depicts a psychological breakdown set to audio of Lin's voice, hospital environments, and patterns generated by an MRI machine.

Jason Lescalleet
Trophy Tape, 2014, 37 min, video
Curated and directed by Lescalleet; featuring videos by Aaron Dilloway, Ellen Frances, Annie Feldmeier Adams, Justin Meyers, Antony Milton, C. Spencer Yeh, Olivia Block, Adel Souto, Neil Young Cloaca, Todd Deal, Jubal Brown, Heidi Alasuvanto, and Robert Beatty.

Total running time: ca. 55 min.

Jason Lescalleet -- 2014 Tour Dates
April 18 BROOKLYN @ Issue Project Room
April 19 BOSTON @ SMFA w/ John Wiese
April 20 PROVIDENCE @ Machines With Magnets w/ Titans of Jazz
April 21 EASTHAMPTON @ Flywheel w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man



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he doesn't look like a nice man

Posted by italian grandmother | April 4, 2014 8:22 PM

He got talent and I think he's cool. Would want to listen to his songs.

Posted by BentleyForbes | April 5, 2014 11:45 AM

You know who else has talent and looks cool? MY MOM!!!

Posted by Anonymous | April 5, 2014 1:59 PM

I made a video with nothing except a pic of a man's hairy asscrack next to a shower curtain. It also features a terrible soundtrack. BV posted it above. I win.

Posted by Hey | April 5, 2014 4:11 PM

This guy is going places. Real I Heart Radio talent.

Posted by Anonymous | April 5, 2014 9:44 PM

this dude looks like Harry Shearer if he joined Al Qaeda

Posted by Anonymous | April 6, 2014 4:37 PM

his next project will be burying pre recorded tapes in his chest hair

Posted by Anonymous | April 7, 2014 10:08 AM

Mother fucking comment gold on this one. Hell yeah!!!

Posted by Feed the Children Reviews Part 2 | April 7, 2014 1:10 PM

great talent!!

Posted by Wooldridge | May 8, 2014 6:09 AM

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