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DOWNLOAD: Soft Touch - Real Love (AIMES Remix) (MP3)

Soft Touch

Soft Touch is the Brooklyn electronic duo of Chrome Canyon and Saarid. The duo have a new EP/single for "Real Love" (featuring Javi) which includes the original track plus four remixes of the track including one by Brooklyn chillwaver AIMES (who also contributes a dub mix and an instrumental remix). A stream of the entire EP premieres in this post. They are clearly in love with early-'90s club pop -- Soul II Soul, S'Express, Snap! -- and you might not be able to tell it from the real thing. (We're pretty sure we hear a sample of "The Power" in there, too.) Listen to the EP below and grab a free download of the AIMES remix above.

Soft Touch also just put out a mix for June 2014, which can be also be streamed, along with its tracklist, below...


Soft Touch - "Real Love" (ft. Javi)

Soft Touch June 2014 Mix

Spirit Catcher - Rendez Vous
Riff Clichard - Through with Love
Art of Tones - The World As I Live It
Soft Touch - Real Love (Earl Grey Remix)
Leroy Hanghofer - Pin (Jacques Lu Cont mix)
Soundstream - Tease Me
Alkalino - Own Thing
Craig Smith / The Revenge - The Soul (Part II)
Caserta - You
Soul 223 - Fear of Stopping
MermaidS - Run With the Night
Andy Ash - Freak
Soft Touch - ???



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