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Hawk and Son

Flint, MI's Hawk & Son are putting out a new song 7-song album, ATK, on November 18 via Save Your Generation, the label that's put out other cool stuff from Flint like the split with The Swellers' Floor cover and that band's side project braidedveins. The new single, "Take It Easy On Me," sounds like the indie rock boom of the early '00s with some of the grittier late '90s alternative thrown in too. You can check it out below.

The band are planning on scheduling a tour soon, but right now their only announced date is the Flint stop of the Into It. Over It. / Foxing tour.


1. DEF
2. Tokyo Bars
3. Chasing The Rabbit
4. Dark Afternoon
5. Take It Easy On Me
6. Sink Or Swim
7. ATK



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Support any band from Flint, MI. Talk about survivors!

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