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November 25, 2015

OPN at Villain - 11/20/15 (photo via @bendorenfeld)
Oneohtrix Point Never

In summer 2014, Daniel Lopatin found himself unexpectedly living the rock and roll lifestyle by proxy on a tour opening for Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden.

Far from being the hedonistic experience you might expect, Lopatin would wake at 5:30am every morning for soundcheck at whatever identical amphitheatre he arrived at that day, and spend much of the rest of his time on tour staring out the window looking at "repetitive, brutal and ubiquitous" landscapes. As a self-enforced rule, Lopatin would only listen to hard rock stations Lithium and Ozzy's Boneyard in the car to embrace a specific mindset that seems the antithesis of the strange and striking electronic music he's made his name with over the past 10 years.

Watching Lopatin perform his new album Garden Of Delete live in London recently, it became clear how much of this experience has seeped into his Oneohtrix Point Never persona. Not only is he accompanied by longtime visual collaborator Nate Boyce on guitar, he's framed by two vertical screens that look like smaller versions of those you'd see at corporate arena venues - albeit hacked by an alien intelligence to display a combination of otherworldly CGI images and subliminal messages. [FACT]

Oneohtrix Point Never celebrated Garden of Delete at Williamsburg club Villain this past Friday (11/20), and he's since added more dates to his schedule. It includes another NYC show, this time at the larger Warsaw on March 17. Tickets for that show are on sale.

All dates are listed, with a stream of the album's latest single "Ezra," below...

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November 23, 2015

by Andrew Sacher

Anderson .Paak & TOKiMONSTA
Anderson Paak Tokimonsta

California R&B/soul singer Anderson .Paak (who's all over the new Dr. Dre album and who we profiled here) recently dropped two new songs. One is the '70s-soul/funk-inspired "Am I Wrong," a collaboration with Schoolboy Q, and the other is the danceable "Put It Down," his second collaboration with EDM producer TOKiMONSTA. Stream both below.

Anderson is also heading out on a tour with TOKiMONSTA later this month, and hitting NYC twice in December. They play Bowery Ballroom on 12/2 and Rough Trade on 12/3, both of which also have Two Fresh on the bill. Rough Trade is sold out, but tickets for Bowery are available.

All dates are listed below...

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November 20, 2015


NYC electronic musician Arca follows last year's debut album Xen today with Mutant, out on Mute (and featured on Rough Trade's top albums of the year). To celebrate the relase, he out put a brand new video for the song "Front Load," which is directed by frequent collaborator Jesse Kanda and not even a little bit safe for work (it's mostly closeups of genitals), so approach with caution. (Update: YouTube removed the video "as a violation of [their] policy on nudity or sexual content" but it's up now on Vimeo.)

Arca will be DJing at Williamsburg club Output on December 3 with Total Freedom and Shayne. Tickets are on sale now. It's his only upcoming date at the moment.

Earlier today, Arca collaborator FKA twigs was announced as part of the Tibet House benefit concert.

Check out the video and a Spotify stream of Mutant below...

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photo: James Blake at Terminal 5 in 2013 (more by Jono Bernstein)
James Blake

There's still absolutely no word on when that new James Blake album is coming, but meanwhile he's coming to North America in December for a few DJ dates. He hits Toronto, Michigan, and NYC.

The NYC show happens December 19 at Output with Airhead, Dan Foat and Mr Assistant. Tickets are on sale now. He also DJs London tonight (11/20). All dates are listed below.

While we wait on new music from James, he did just DJ a bunch of other people's music on BBC Radio 1. Listen to his show here, which included Joy Division, Juicy J, AFX, Young Thug, Travi$ Scott, Bullion, Earth Wind & Fire, and more.

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November 19, 2015

photos by Mimi Hong

HudMo / The-Dream
Hudson Mohawke

After playing Fun Fun Fun Fest, Pitchfork Paris and more, Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke brought his tour to NYC's Webster Hall last night (11/18). He played a couple TNGHT songs, his remix of Gucci Mane's "Party Animal," and of course plenty of his own stuff. He played Philly a night earlier, and here's a review of that, via Oogeewoogee:

The Scottish producer/DJ emerged on stage surrounded by fog as a near seizure-inducing light show took place. The lazer-like red streams of light and loud pops of noise were attention grabbing to say the least. Mohawke, flanked by a keyboardist and midi drummer (both excellent), went straight into a nonstop energetic set, devoid of any vocals. The set covered solo material and cuts from his TNGHT project with Canadian producer Lunice, made the audience members who stuck around very happy they did so as they twisted and turned rhythmically to Mohawke and his two man band's sonic creations.
Like in Philly, R&B singer The-Dream opened and some local DJs kicked off the night (in NYC it was Nick Hook, Kitty Cash and Hiyawatha / Matt FX). We didn't get there until The-Dream went on, but more pictures of him and HudMo below...

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November 18, 2015

by Bill Pearis

mind enterprises

Italian artist Mind Enterprises, who released the single "Chapita" recently, has revealed his debut album, titled Idealistic, which will be released February 5 via Because Music. You can check out the very funky title track to the album which main mind Andrea Tirone describes thusly:

'Idealistic' introduces the main theme of the record which is about the interior struggle between reality and ideals. Also musically it sums up the main elements that compose the sounds of the album, which I personally consider as a sort of futuristic disco funk.
Stream "Idealistic," and check out the album tracklist and artwork, below...

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November 16, 2015

photos by Mimi Hong


Five panels of visuals behind the band served to align the imperious structures of the music with various cosmic wonders. Massive rock formations towered in the background before shattering apart in dusty blasts -- the grandeur of the old undone by the violence of the new. Several frames suggested the eye of Jupiter; red-hot bubbles of lava seethed and boiled.

...To incite frenzy, ODESZA took the chirping vocal samples that darted through its tracks, pitched them up and switched the cymbals into a double-time pattern simultaneously, approximating the mixture of trap and electronic music that has become ubiquitous in the '10s thanks to producers like Hudson Mohawke. It was fitting, then, that the night ended with a nod to Mohawke's horn-heavy "Chimes." The distance between the sound of mainstream and the fringes collapsed in the name of compelling movement. [Billboard]

Seattle dance duo ODESZA have quickly come a long way. It was just over a year ago that they were still playing small venues, and now they just wrapped up a sold-out three-night run at the massive Terminal 5. That's a quote from BIllboard's review above. We caught Friday's show (11/13), which was opened by Australia's RÜFÜS DU SOL. Pictures are in this post.

Tonight (11/16) at Terminal 5: Grimes.

More ODESZA pictures below...

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November 13, 2015


"The EDM phenomenon-- not the genre, but rather the mass events born of it-- is the sad expression of a generation for whom music is no longer culture or art, but just another consumer good. EDM is nothing more than spectacle: boom, boom, and pyrotechnics. It is the funfair version of electronic dance music." [Nadja Brenneisen]
In an effort to prove this theory and show people just how phony the world of EDM DJs can be, Nadja Brenneisen set out to become one. She called it an art project and it it was a successful one. She did have a slight unfair advantage: her friend Tobias was a DJ booker, was in on the joke, and give her her first gig. Regardless, they were easily able to show how little "art" actually goes into being an EDM "artist".

Here's another passage from the article:

The first gig was a full success for our project, which Tobias and I had been calling our "art project" for a while. We picked the tracks by going through the most successful sets from the last Tomorrowland festival and picking the best and easiest hits. The audience loved our tracks, purely because they knew them already. Because they were predictable. It also helped that that the local DJ scene tore it apart. There was bitching galore, and suddenly the scene was interested in us. We were two newcomers who had appeared from nowhere, playing EDM, and, to the utter horror of the established DJs, were adored by our audience. Those in the know rightly wondered why we were suddenly being booked and questioned our "realness." In July 2014 we played three shows together, including the festival Touch the Air. Each time, the audience got our copied Tomorrowland set and it reliably made them happy.
From there she got bigger and bigger and even started working with a ghost producer to create her own tracks (though none were released). She was demanding big fees and even playing festivals, but then she graduated school, was offered a full time journalism job and left the "project" all behind along with an article about it all at VICE's Thump site. Check out here full story over there.

Meanwhile, phony EDM DJs is kind of a theme on BrooklynVegan today. If you haven't read our interview with the great John Lydon of Public Image Ltd aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, definitely check it out. Here's one related, great thing John said:

Well, it's so easy to deceive the masses, isn't it? All one's gotta do is wave a shiny bauble, and I suppose like ravens, they just go for the shininess. They don't realize that live music or the people that made the music that the DJs are playing are surely more relevant. It's quite bizarre to me and laughable, too. One of the earliest things I remember doing was I was a DJ myself, and I'd play a vast amount of music, but I wouldn't try to keep it secret or pretend it was all about me. I was just really proud to say, "Listen to this record I get to share with you," and I don't think that's the business of this now. It's where the DJ is the celebrity, and everything else is secondary. It's quite hilarious to see in these venues now. A bloke on top of a pyramid with fireworks and all's he's doing is putting on a CD and waving his hand, and there's 20,000 people all gleamed and glued into this absurdity that has absolutely nothing to do with entertainment or music or having a brain and enjoying yourself. It seems like brainwashing, actually.
It does, it does. Read more with John HERE.

November 12, 2015

photo: Jon Hopkins at Pitchfork 2014 (more by James Richards IV)
Jon Hopkins

The great London electronic musician Jon Hopkins has a few international festival appearances coming up, but ahead of that he'll return to NYC for a live set on Saturday (11/14) at The Brooklyn Hangar (2 52nd St in Brooklyn). It's a BLACK party and Jon's co-headlining with France's Gesaffelstein (who, among other things, contributed to Yeezus), who will be DJing. The rest of the bill has GENER8ION, FLAT WHITE, NSR, Tummetott and MASHA. It goes from 10 PM to 6 AM, and tickets are on sale now.

Jon's newest release is his installment of LateNightTales, which came out earlier this year. A sampler of that and his list of tour dates, below...

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photo: XXYYXX at FFF Fest 2013 (more by Tim Griffin)

Orlando-based producer XXYYXX, aka Marcel Everett, has announced a few upcoming dates, including a New Years Eve show in San Francisco and a NYC date on December 30 at Output. Tickets for NYC are on sale now.

XXYYXX has released a couple new songs in the past couple days. One is a collaboration with Australian singer Vanessa Elisha called "Out of Time," and another is a solo track called "Red". You can stream both, and check out upcoming dates for XXYYXX, below.

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