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September 29, 2014

photos by P Squared Photography, words by Andrew Sacher

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

UK trad-doomers Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have put out three full lengths (among other releases) since forming in 2009, but they never made it over to tour North America until the ongoing trek with Portland, OR's Danava (who they have a split with) which began last week. After kicking off in Philly (9/24), the two bands hit NYC for a sold out show on Friday (9/26) at Bowery Ballroom on Friday (9/26), where we caught them.

Danava's '70s-style stoner rock got things off to a good start, but the vibes in the room really took a turn for the intense as Uncle Acid took the stage. They played in almost complete darkness, with a bit of light coming from two eye-like fixtures and flashing TV static behind them, and you couldn't have really asked for a better environment for this sound. Pulling mostly from 2011's Blood Lust and 2013's Mind Control, the Deadbeats were no doubt a truly heavy experience and had all the long-haired headbanging you could ask for. But their trippiness won out, often sounding more psychedelic rock than metal. (They get compared to John Lennon about as much as they do to Black Sabbath.) And from the huge cheers they got all night, you could tell the packed crowd was loving it too.

More pictures (including one of the setlist) below...

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photos by P Squared Photography

Caetano Veloso @ BAM, 9/25/2014
Caetano Veloso
Caetano Veloso

On Caetano Veloso's current tour, his drummer Marcelo Callado has the word "Abraçaço" spelled out on his bass drum in masking tape, in the style of an oppositional, no-budget punk band. The word is a slang intensification of "abraço," Portuguese for hug, a typical Brazilian signoff in a letter. (It's also the title of the most recent album by Mr. Veloso, the Brazilian singer-songwriter, the best of three in what could be called, after the fact, a trilogy.) So, "a big hug," written in the same style that you typically see words like Toxic Threat, or Riot Alarm.

Here and elsewhere, in Mr. Veloso's concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday, you could deduce that Mr. Veloso was up to his old tricks. He was twanging and retuning the audience, challenging its expectations of a figure like him: the enlightened witness from the 1960s, the eminent singer of romantic seriousness. His light-voiced geniality is a prize possession, of his and ours, but it's also a decoy. - [New York Times]

Singer/composer/guitarist/writer/political activist Caetano Veloso was in NYC last week for Nonesuch Records at BAM (part of the 2014 Next Wave Festival), playing Thursday (9/25) and Friday (9/26). The focus of his shows were his 2012, Latin Grammy Award-winning album Abraçaço but he sprinkled in songs from throughout his nearly 50-year career. We caught the Thursday show where he brought out his Nonesuch labelmate Arto Lindsay right before the second encore. He also wished the crowd L'shana Tovah since it was the second night of Rosh Hashanah. More pictures, including one of the setlist, below...

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Belle & Sebastian

With his big screen directorial debut out now, Stuart Murdoch is back in Belle & Sebastian mode and the group have just announced their new album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, which will be out January 20 via Matador. The album, their first studio LP since 2010's Write About Love, was produced by Ben H. Allen III (Animal Collective, Bombay Bicycle Club), with longtime studio pal Tony Doogan on mixing duties. You can watch a promo video of the band making the album in Atlanta (Atlanta?) below.

Belle & Sebastian will be playing a few shows in North America this fall around their appearance at the 2014 ACL Festival in Austin, staying entirely below the Mason-Dixon line. They have also announced a NYC show for next spring, playing Radio City Music Hall on June 10. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (10/3) at 11 AM.

All dates, plus the album trailer, below...

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Yumi Zouma

New Zealand's Yumi Zouma were at one point supposed to be in NYC next month for CMJ, but they have decided to stay home so they can open for fellow kiwi Lorde on four big NZ shows. Now the synthpoppers will be in North America in November for shows on both coasts, including NYC at Glasslands on November 14. No openers have been announced but tickets are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

That Glasslands show is a release party for the band's new single, "Alena," which will be out October 7 digitally via Cascine and will also come out as a 7". (That's the cover art, above.) The track will also be on Yumi Zouma's next EP, due out in early 2015. In the meantime you can stream their EP from this year, plus check out a tour flyer, below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

The Boomtown Rats @ T5, 9/26/2014
Boomtown Rats

The Rats--led by Geldof's pointed, devilish, Dublin-accented vocals--were reunited and reignited, minus original members Johnnie Fingers and Gerry Cott. "I began singing those words again, and bizarrely, a different character from the guy who plays in the solo bands suddenly leapt out. This sort of snotty, pain in the ass dude"--here he chortles--"came back. Boomtown Bobby was intact, dusting off the cobwebs."

He found, both to his joy and distress, that the socio-political leanings were still valid. "It was, 'Well, hold on, here we are back in the midst of the worst economic conditions since the 30s. I wrote a lot of those songs waiting on a dole queue or working in an abattoir. And two weeks before some idiot had shot up his school, so when I did 'I Don't Like Mondays,' it sounded completely right. We just read about Obama and the NSA taking our mail and logging our calls...and I'd written 'Someone's Looking At You" in 1980 about paranoia. That anger was there."

And it spewed out at the Isle of Wight. "I was really excited, properly," he admits. "I said, 'I'm not going to jump around like I used to, that's just undignified.' But fuck me, as soon as it started, there I was, leaping around like a twat." - [Village Voice]

Irish rock icons The Boomtown Rats played their first US show since the '80s on Friday (9/26) at New York's Terminal 5. Bob Geldof (who we interviewed recently) was indeed doing a lot of leaping around as you can see in the pictures that accompany this post. We've also got the setlist and video of them performing their classic single "I Don't Like Mondays" at T5 below.

This was one of two American shows for the band (Boston was the other) both of which were presented by Smithwick's featuring fellow Irish acts The Stunning and Mundy. T5 also got Ash as well. That meant a late night -- The Boomtown Rats didn't go on till midnight. We missed Ash and Mundy, but pictures of The Stunning, plus more of The Boomtown Rats, below...

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photos by Matt Schiels

Hank Wood & the Hammerheads
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads

Two of NYC's better local punk bands, the organ-driven Hank Wood and the Hammerheads and the gothy Anasazi, teamed up for a typically wild hometown show at Palisades this past Thursday (9/25). L.O.T.I.O.N. and Gowanus Mutant Kommandos played too, though we missed them, but pictures of the other two bands are in this post.

Hank Wood and L.O.T.I.O.N. return to the venue exactly a month later (10/25) for a show with Blazing Eye, Savageheads, Face the Rail and Ivy. Tickets for that one are still available.

More pics below...

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by Klaus Kinski

GBH / Angry Samoans / Reagan Youth @ Gramercy Theatre - 9/26/14
Charged G.B.H.
Angry Samoans
Reagan Youth

Back in July it was announced that Reagan Youth and Angry Samoans would be canceling their NYC and Boston shows to instead hit the road with G.B.H. for their 35th anniversary tour. The tour roared through NYC on Friday September 26 for a not-quite-sold-out but still very packed gig at the Gramercy Theater.

Since three of the four bands on the bill date all the way back to the late '70s/early '80s, I brought along with me one of my best buds of all time who was a lower east side skinhead back in the mid '80s and who has seen these bands (and hundreds more) back in the day when everyone was basically just a kid. Incidentally, my friend has a brother was was famously paralyzed at a Cro Mags show at the Ritz (now Webster Hall) in the mid-'80s when a skinhead he fought prior to the show jumped from the balcony straight onto him, snapping his neck. That particular show was being filmed for a movie, and the tragic incident occurred while Cro Mags were playing their classic "Hard Times." Video of that very performance is below. Being with my buddy who basically had to drop out of high school to take care of his brother really made me think of this whole Joyce Manor stage-diving mess. I am of the opinion that stage diving is ingrained into the roots and the very culture of punk and hardcore and that any injuries are an occupational hazard. If you are at a show where there might be stage diving and don't want to be injured, then hang back. However, having this friend whose brother suffered a life altering injury at a hardcore show (though, it was an intentional balcony dive and not a stage dive), I can see where Joyce Manor is coming from too. It's a tightrope people. I guess at the end of the day, I don't really give a shit either way. I'm an old man. At one point in between bands, "Hard Times" played over the house system. My buddy sang along word for word. But. I. Digress.

I completely missed Boston-based outfit Burning Streets and arrived at the venue early into Reagan Youth's set. How were Burning Streets? Having never seen Reagan Youth but knowing a lot about their history and the fact that they have one original member, 3 dead previous members, and dozens of other previous members, I didn't really have high hopes for a very compelling performance. And I have to say they were a really mixed bag. When they played their vintage stuff, it absolutely ripped. But the newer stuff was overflowing with wanky guitar riffs and annoying slam-poetry type ranting. It felt like I was watching someone's band practice. It was a bummer; their old material versus their new material was night and day, and I get the feeling everyone preferred hearing the earlier stuff.

Angry Samoans were up next and their set was an absolute killer. I have never seen the Angry Samoans, but I have always loved them. Their brand of hardcore punk is a superior mix of oddball humor and oddball themes and their Gramercy setlist did a great job of capitalizing on these motifs. Highlights included "They Saved Hitler's Cock," "My Dad's a Fatso," "Homo-Sexual," and so many more. Beyond his work with the Angry Samoans, singer and occasional drummer "Metal" Mike Saunders is actually a pretty interesting and anomalous-to-the-scene guy. Not only did he study accounting and make a career out of being an accountant throughout his career with the Samoans, he is also credited with coining the phrase "heavy metal" way back in 1970 when he reviewed Humble Pie's "As Safe As Yesterday Is" for Rolling Stone Magazine. He is such an interesting dude. He was hanging out at the merch booth after the show. I regret not taking a second to talk with him for a while.

After an extremely satisfying set by Angry Samoans, it was time for punk veterans GBH to take the stage. Let's face it: punk is 100% style over substance. People spend more time perfecting their "look" than most celebrities do prior to strolling the red carpet. Musically, it is the easiest genre to play in. Stylistically, it is by far the vainest "look at me!" genre in the books. Therefore, the older I get, the harder it is for me to get jazzed about punk rock. It's a joke and punk fans are ghastly dorks. Sorry punks. That said, GBH absolutely destroyed the Gramercy Theater. After 35 years, they seem to keep the genre interesting and very much alive. Maybe it comes down to the fact that three of the members have been in the band since its inception 35 years ago. Their drummer, although not an original member, has been with them for over 17 years. I think there is a lot to be said about that level of consistency and it really shows in their live performances. They tore through their album Leather, Bristles, Studs, and Acne which took up a majority of the set. After that they played 10 or more classics (I lost count) like "City Baby Attacked By Rats" and "Kids Get Down." I had a blast during their set, and it was great to see my buddy bring his old school pit techniques to the dainty legions of new school punks and basically scare them shitless.

More pictures and a few videos from the show, plus that Cro-Mags video, below...

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photos by Mimi Hong

Touche Amore @ Best Buy Theater - 9/26/14
Touche Amore

Touche Amore have had a busy year on the road, already hitting NYC and the surrounding area on their tours with mewithoutYou and Tigers Jaw, and they returned this past Friday (9/26) for a sold out show at Best Buy Theater on their tour with headliners Rise Against and openers Radkey. Anyone catch that show? How was it? You can check out pictures in this post.

Touche Amore, who also recently covered The National and were one of Joyce Manor's supporters with the stage diving thing, have two new 7"s out this week. One is Live On BBC Radio 1: Vol 2 on Deathwish which features recordings of three Is Survived By songs and "Gravity, Metaphorically" from their Pianos Become the Teeth split, and the other is a repressing of their split with Title Fight from Record Store Day 2013 on TA frontman Jeremy Bolm's Secret Voice label.

More pictures below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Places to Hide

As discussed, Places to Hide have signed to Tiny Engines and will release new EP on the label called Wild N Soft. It's now due out digitally this week (9/30) and the vinyl is expected in November (pre-order). We've got the premiere of the video for its track "Dogz" and like most of what we've heard from Places to Hide so far, it's quality indie punk with a slacker/stoner attitude. The video features closeups of a mouth eating pizza and later pizza being rubbed on a human body... it's kinda gross but it fits the vibe.

The band recently wrapped up a couple dates on the Joyce Manor tour and they're on board for a few stops this week on the Radiator Hospital tour. After that they play The Fest, where their show is with Empire! Empire!, Dowsing, Free Throw, Two Knights and more. No NYC shows announced at the moment but hopefully they'll be back here sometime soon.

New video and list of dates below...

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Neil Diamond

As speculated when posters showed up in Williamsburg, Neil Diamond's first-ever Brooklyn show will in fact happen at Erasmus Hall High School, which Neil attended from 1954-56, as he confirmed on Twitter. The show's tonight (9/29), doors open at 5 PM and Neil goes on at 6. Tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis starting at 3 PM, and they're asking that no lines are formed prior to 3. You can also try to win them via a contest on Neil's Facebook.

Another flyer with more details below...

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