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November 13, 2015

photos by Greg Cristman

Zombi / Pinkish Black @ Saint Vitus, 11/11/2015
Pinkish Black

Fellow synth-driven Relapse bands Zombi and Pinkish Black brought their tour to NYC for a show at Saint Vitus on 11/1. Both bands are touring behind new albums, and Pinkish Black also recently released an early album from when they were called The Great Tyrant. With a lot of shared sonic characteristics, this was a good double bill.

Brooklyn locals Space Merchants opened the night. Check out pictures of their set, and more of Zombi and Pinkish Black, below.

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November 12, 2015

by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Krieg and The Body

The Body and Krieg are releasing a self-titled collaborative album this week via At A Loss Recordings. The Body have been active collaborators for the past few years, releasing music (and sometimes touring) with Thou, Vampillia, Braveyoung, and more. The new record with Krieg, the one-man black metal project of Neill Jameson (who was featured on that new Abigail Williams album), was recorded a couple years back and is just now seeing the light of day.

The album is perhaps more brutal that one reasonably could have expected. The washed-out, terrifying noise stylings of the Body have worked their way into the aggressive, angry black metal of Krieg to create something decidedly avant-garde, something that registers more as harsh noise than heavy metal. As Jon Rosenthal at Invisible Oranges noted:

Sonically, this is a bit out of left field for what one would expect to be a crushing, blackened doom metal masterpiece. Utilizing this collaboration as an exploration of their more disparate genre ends, The Body & Krieg is as crushing as one would expect, but in that special, bludgeoning, mechanical way that one might associate with early Swans, the misery of Suicide, and the melodic exploration of Public image Ltd. This one-off collaboration slams your psyche again, again, and again - it is a machine built to break your essence.
Stream the whole self-titled LP below (via Noisey).

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November 11, 2015

photos by Greg Cristman

Kataklysm / Belphegor @ Santos 11/9/2015

Canada's Kataklysm and Australia's Belphegor have been touring together and on November 9 they brought their show to NYC with openers Winter Nights. That show was originally announced to be at the Gramercy Theatre but was moved to Santos Party House at the last minute, and we have pictures of the show in this post. Both headliners bring the old-school death metal fury, and it was a raucous crowd that showed up for the Santos show, full of moshing and crowd-surfing. Kataklysm are touring behind their July release Of Gods and Ghosts, and they've been focusing on material from that record throughout the tour.

Check out more pictures from the Santos show below.

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November 10, 2015

photos by P Squared

Judas Priest / Mastodon @ The Paramount - 11/5/15
Judas Priest

The massive Judas Priest and Mastodon tour just made its way through the NYC-area for two smaller shows at The Paramount on November 5 and 6 and then a much bigger show at the Prudential Center on November 7. BV was on hand for the first Paramount show, and there are pictures of that in this post.

The Paramount is a small place to see either Priest or Mastodon, so seeing them there together was an all-too-rare treat. Priest played the same setlist at all three shows, a nicely curated mix of classic ("Breaking the Law," "Painkiller," "Hell Bent for Leather," and the like) and songs from their still-pretty-great 2014 release Redeemer of Souls. Mastodon, on the other hand, changed it up each night. On the 5th (the show we caught) they focused pretty heavily on material from 2014's Once More 'Round The Sun, though they still hit live standards "Crystal Skull" and "Aqua Dementia," and they managed to find time for "Bladecatcher," which is always a plus. caught the Prudential Center show, which was obviously a way different environment than the Paramount. Here's what they wrote about the arena show:

Though Halford's vocal range has always been front-and-center in Judas Priest's songwriting, the band's studio work doesn't quite represent the sheer power he's possessed, and continues to hone into his 60s. As the frontman stomped and paced with an unwavering grimace, every growl and shriek seemed to be a furious beast battling to escape its host. The result was tremendous -- Halford's chops showed no wear, even on show No. 109 of his group's world tour. His soaring high notes and rich vibrato defined "Victim of Changes" and new track "Halls Of Valhalla."
You can check out some good fan-shot videos (by John Erigo) of Priest's set a that one, below.

In other news, Mastodon have released Once More 'Round the Sun track "Asleep In the Deep" as a gnarly-looking picture-disc single, which you can order now.

More pictures of the Paramount show, and those Prudential Center videos, below...

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Relapse 2015 Sampler

Relapse Records have released their annual sampler, which is available as a name-your-price download at bandcamp. As always, the label offers a diverse slate for metalheads (and rock fans), with popular bands like Torche and Windhand standing alongside truly brutal niche acts like Maruta and Primitive Man, classic rock revivalism in Christian Mistress and Royal Thunder, borderline-metal genre experiments like Pinkish Black and Zombi, and old standbys with some gas left in the tank Goblin Rebirth and Skinless.

These are all records we've talked about, but there are a few great Relapse albums out this year that we haven't highlighted yet. One is the self-titled LP from British band Tau Cross. Tau Cross is the new band of Amebix singer Rob "The Baron" Miller (Amebix ended a four-year reunion in 2012) and it's something of a supergroup, also featuring Jon Misery of Misery, and drummer Michel Langevin of Voivod (who tour soon). The record is really unique in the current metal landscape, a classic-sounding album that reads as legitimately occult and catchy in equal measure. The Baron's grunted vocals are singular as ever, and he lends these simple, riff-driven songs an edge of insanity that they might otherwise lack. They're not the most complex band, but they're scary as hell. Listen to the album below and read an interview with The Baron over at Invisible Oranges.

We've also briefly directed your attention to Valkyrie (which is the other band of Baroness's Pete Adams, and which is playing Terminal 5 on December 29 with Clutch), but let me direct you once again, with a bit more force. Valkyrie's Shadows is one of the best albums of the year, and the kind of fire-breathing, dual-guitar wielding hard rock that scratches such a specific itch for the Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple fans among us. It's not an itch that's scratched enough, making it kind of feel like a momentous album. And don't forget that Baroness, who used to be on Relapse, have a new album and tour on the way, and will be playing NYC on December 20 at Rough Trade (afternoon in-store) and Saint Vitus (sold-out night show).

There's also a new album by Publicist UK, another supergroup that features members of Revocation, Municipal Waste and Melt Banana, among others, and sounds exactly nothing like any of those bands. Instead it's dark, weird post-punk that kind of sounds like Isis covering Killing Joke as fronted by Mark Solotroff. If that sounds like your bag, you know who you are.

And in more recent release news, Finnish doom outfit Hooded Menace, also featured on the sampler, are streaming their new album Darkness Drips Forth, which is a superlative, crushing slab of doom. As monolithic as these things tend to be, this record has some interesting psychedelic flavors and a deep strain of melodocism that serve the otherwise punishingly heavy band well.

You can stream the whole sampler along with the albums by Tau Cross, Valkyrie, Publicist UK and Hooded Menace below...

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photo: Anthrax at Riot Fest Chicago in September (more by Rudy Rubio)

Thrash legends Anthrax are releasing a new album and touring North America in early 2016. The album is called For All Kings and it comes out February 26 via Megaforce. The first single is out now, it's called "Evil Twin," it sounds almost exactly like one might expect a new Anthrax song to sound, and you can stream it below.

The tour is with Lamb of God headlining and it includes a NYC date at Hammerstein Ballroom on 1/23. Tickets for that go on Citi presale today (11/10) at 2 PM, and then they go on Live Nation/Ticketmaster presale Wednesday (11/11) at 10 AM, and finally on sale to the general public Friday (11/12) at 10 AM.

Anthrax are currently on a European tour with Slayer and Kvelertak, and they'll also be touring South America with Iron Maiden after that Lamb of God tour. You can check out all upcoming dates below.

Meanwhile, Lamb of God were also rumored to be touring the US with another veteran thrash band, Megadeth, but that's not happening. Megadeth are set to announce US dates with a different band soon though.

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November 9, 2015


Baroness are set to kick off a tour later this month, and it was since revealed that Earthling will open all dates. They also now added a few record store in-stores to their schedule.

The tour wraps up in NYC on December 20 at Saint Vitus, a show that sold out a while ago, and the band will now also play an afternoon in-store at Rough Trade (12/20) the same day. Doors are at 1:30 PM and the show starts at 2, and to get in you have to purchase the band's new album Purple from the Rough Trade store in Williamsburg starting 12/18 at 11 AM. More info here.

Baroness recently revealed the full version of the artwork for Purple (designed, like all of their artwork, by frontman John Baizley). That's it above. Watch the video for the album's excellent single "Chlorine & Wine" with the updated list of tour dates, below...

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November 6, 2015

by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Tom Araya: Not As Lame As You Might Have Thought

Slayer's new album has been met with a few shrugs this year, and its newest critic is Slayer frontman Tom Araya's daughter Ariel, who gives it the review of: "Eh."

We learned about this from a new post by Ariel on Reddit. You might remember that the above picture of the Araya family (from the 2008 Grammys) took the internet by storm, and left Tom with charges of lameness that may or may not have been caused by Ariel's mortified look in the picture. She defends him:

I was 11 at the time when this picture was taken. Having flash bulbs in your face and 30+ people yelling "LOOK AT ME" can be a little intimidating. I love the old Slayer. Some of the newer stuff is eh. My dad misses being home. He isn't lame. He's been the best dad he can be with our circumstances.
So the record is now straight; Tom is a great dad and old Slayer rules... just don't ask her about the new stuff. (She later clarified, "Don't get me wrong the new stuff is still good music I just prefer the older stuff. You can hear the bass in it compared to now," but the "eh" quote is funnier.)

Speaking of children and metal news, Mastodon's Brent Hinds, who can generally be found doing funny things, is featured in a new promo video for Orange Amps giving a head tattoo to a child. Hail Satan. You can watch that below.

Mastodon are in the midst of their NYC-area run with Judas Priest. It kicked off at Huntington, NY's Paramount last night (11/5), returns there tonight (11/6), and then hits Newark's Prudential Center on Saturday (11/7) (tickets).

Oh and don't forget, even metalheads can agree that kids should never smoke cigarettes. Just ask the anti-smoking finger-metal band Death Maggot...

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Carved Up - Matador
Carved Up - Matador

Philadelphia riff-meisters Carved Up are readying for the release of their new album Matador, which is out November 13 on Crowquill Records. They've just released a new song called "Riffer Phoenix" (their ability to write killer riffs is matched only by the power of their puns), which is a wild, catchy, all-over-the-place instrumental jam that breaks out one surprising riff after another. These guys call to mind KEN mode circa-Entrench with a caustic, funny, and consistently riff-focused approach to post-hardcore. "Riffer Phoenix" follows "We Built Riff City" and "Crevice/Crevasse" as singles from Matador, all of which are pretty great for fans of this type of music, and bode well for the incoming album.

Carved Up are playing some shows around the new album, including a few dates on fellow Philly crushers Die Choking's tour. One of those is the NYC show happening November 15 at Saint Vitus, also with Godmaker and Spotlights. Tickets for that show are still on sale.

All dates are listed, with song streams, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Deafheaven / Envy / Tribulation

The stacked tour of Deafheaven, Envy and Tribulation is currently underway. After Envy and Tribulation both hit NYC for their own headlining shows on Wednesday (11/4), the whole tour landed at Webster Hall for a sold out show last night (11/5). Deafheaven were of course the headliners, but it was the kind of show where every band acted and was treated by the audience as such.

Tribulation kicked things off with an early set time of 7 PM, and though it wasn't too full when they started, it had packed in a good amount by the time they were done. People like to talk about how Deafheaven are "metal for non-metalheads," but honestly, if there was one band on this bill I think would appeal to people who don't normally listen to heavy music, it's Tribulation. Yeah they wear corpse paint, but they're more glam than satanic. The way they prance around the stage, their attitude, their guitar swings and headbangs -- it's all closer to Motley Crue or at least Judas Priest than the similarly face-painted Watain. And besides the obvious black/death metal influences on the vocals, they sound that way too. Tribulation were undoubtedly the catchiest band of the night, with riffs, solos and twin leads that would've fit right in on late '70s rock radio. Of course it does have that darker, gnarled edge which will probably keep them off the radio, but also makes them excitingly unique. They played mostly off this year's The Children of the Night, and if you haven't checked that album out yet, you really should.

Then it was Envy, the longest running band on the bill and by far the most influential. The Japanese band have been around since the '90s, and they helped pioneer the type of screamo/post-rock that can be heard in bands from La Quiete to Thursday to Pianos Become the Teeth to, of course, Deafheaven. That sound has been experiencing a bit of popularity lately, and it's a great thing that the bigger bands are giving their fans the chance to see where it all began (after Deafheaven they're touring with La Dispute). And watching Envy play it really was obvious where so many of these newer bands get their moves. But their set was more than that -- Envy are still great. They have a new album out this year which they played some songs off, and those sounded as urgent as when they broke out a classic. And best of all, they were LOUD. The crack of their snare drum was the loudest thing I heard all night.


Finally Deafheaven wrapped up the show, with the best set I've seen them play yet. Their new album New Bermuda has only been out for a month, but it's so clear that it's already had at least as big an impact as Sunbather. They played the whole thing start to finish -- only interrupting to squeeze in their 2014 single "From the Kettle Onto the Coil" -- and the place was going wild for every song. It wasn't until the encore that we even heard anything off Sunbather, and those songs felt more like an added bonus than the main attraction. The crowd was clapping along to the quiet parts of the new songs, howling after every loud part calmed down, and just generally seemed to be loving it. One thing that's for sure is New Bermuda is the band's most diverse album yet, with influences spanning thrash, metalcore, post-rock, classic rock and more, and seeing them bring all of that to life was a thrill. The way they can be churning out a brutal attack one moment and making clean beautiful atmospheres the next, with less than a second to transition, is truly impressive. They may be a divisive band in some circles, but even the skeptics are having trouble denying the band's current live show.

Pictures continue, with Deafheaven's setlist, below...

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