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July 15, 2014

by Wyatt Marshall


The experimental noise rock band White Suns has been on a tour that wraps up in their hometown of NYC TONIGHT (7/15) at Silent Barn with the Alan Licht and Aki Onda Duo and Lea Bertucci and Leila Lovell Duo. Admission is $8. Show starts at 8 PM.

After tonight's show, the NYC band will play a few other local dates as well. They'll play Summerscreen in McCarren Park on July 23 with Kid Millions' (of Oneida) Man Forever project and a screening of John Waters' 1990 Johnny Depp-starring film Cry-Baby. Like all Summerscreen shows, it's free with the music starting at 6 PM and the movie at sundown.

Then, after that, they'll open the Liturgy full-band reunion show at Pioneer Works on August 23 (159 Pioneer St) with Wreck & Reference. Tickets for that show are still available.

Like Wreck & Reference, White Suns are signed to the experimental and influential San Francisco label The Flenser. White Suns' most recent album, Totem came out earlier this year on that label. If you haven't heard it yet, it's insane. Utterly disorienting and schizophrenic‚ it's desperate and furious, with as much noise as demented free jazz. Black metal nods mix freely with spoken word--the lyrics are a highlight. Give Totem a listen below.

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by Ian Chainey

MDF 2014 (via Invisible Oranges Instagram)

Maryland Deathfest XIII happens May 21 - 24, 2015, and today the first round of confirmed bands were announced. 32 in total were listed to whet the appetites of early birds interested in snatching up their tickets when they become available on Saturday, July 19 at 3 PM EST through the Maryland Deathfest website. The bands include such heavyweights as Neurosis, D.R.I., and Triptykon, who missed this year's fest due to the passing of H.R. Giger. Triptykon leads a number of bands who will be making MDF their exclusive US appearance in 2015. Others include Australia's Portal, Sweden's Wolfbrigade, and Norway's Arcturus. The full list that's full of pleasant surprises -- Hello, Bulldozer! Hello, Melt-Banana! -- appears below.

So, while the bill will look different, the venues will remain the same. Per the promoters:

We were satisfied with the venue situation this year, so we've decided to use the same set up again next year. What does this mean? We will use the Edison Lot (located at 545 N. High St) for our 2 main stages, Rams Head (located at 20 Market Pl) will be used each night and will host death/black metal bands, and Soundstage (located at 124 Market Pl) will be used each day/night for grind/hardcore/punk bands. On Thursday, only Rams Head will be used.
The full list of bands along with the trailer for Welcome to Deathfest that documents the 2013 event and screens in NYC soon, below...

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July 14, 2014

by Wyatt Marshall

Unlocking the Truth at Afropunk Fest2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Unlocking the Truth turned heads and stole hearts with their Times Square performances and brutal breakdowns. After making a metal rendition of "Jingle Bells" for Cole Haan and sharing a billing with Slayer the BK teen band is poised to go big time. As the New York Post reports, the three-piece just inked a $1.8 million record deal with Sony.

To get all that sweet $1.8 mil, though, Unlocking the Truth will need to reach some pretty high bars. The deal is a five-album exclusive with the band only seeing money beyond a $60,000 advance if their first album sells over 250,000 copies. The Post points out that Beyonce's last album sold just north of 600k copies.

The band is set to wrap up some Warped Tour dates this Tuesday (7/15) in Burgettstown, PA. Tickets are on sale if you wanna see if they've got the goods.

Video of Unlocking the Truth opening for Guns N Roses and playing Times Square and Coachella, where they inspired a Coachella-style circle pit, below...

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by Ian Chainey


You could call Norwegian weirdos Virus quirky metal, but that doesn't really approximate their mind effing. Czral, leader of the three-piece, agrees: "Virus is more of an eccentric rock band than a metal band. People have said it sounds like a mixture of Talking Heads and Voivod." Oh and their first album, 2003's Carheart, has lyrical themes revolving around "dogs and cars." So, yeah, metal isn't totally accurate and quirky is an understatement. Fun, though? That they are.

Virus will be heading to the US for the first time this October, spending two headlining nights at NYC's Saint Vitus on October 25 & 25. The first night (10/24) will feature a bill including Krallice, Sannhet, and Couch Slut. The second night (10/25) reshuffles the deck with Ocrilim, Dysrhythmia (who will be playing with Oneida on Thursday [7/ 17] at Glasslands), and Geryon (who are playing the Acheron tonight [7/14] with Alrune, Belus, and Ancient Ocean). According to Saint Vitus, "[Virus] will be performing two different sets each night, and rumor has it that Czral will also be DJing at Saint Vitus Bar the night before, on October 23rd." The shows are currently the band's only North American dates. Tickets for both events (October 24 and October 25) go on sale tomorrow (7/15) at noon.

You can check out the Virus flyer along with some streams of the band below.

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by Ian Chainey

Time to Die cover art

UK doomers Electric Wizard have unveiled the first song from their forthcoming album Time to Die. Titled "I Am Nothing," the track quickly showcases the next guitar tone bands will be working towards emulating. It recalls the bassy onslaught of their classic Dopethrone, while adding all kinds of grit and filth into the growl. The song itself is an 11-minute trudge through the Wizard's patented formula of Hammer Horror-derived ominousness fused to a crawling, biker boogie groove and feedback-soaked psych. Singer/guitarist's pained wails of "I am nothing/you are nothing" complete the track's descent into nihilistic nuttiness.

Time to Die, the band's eighth long-player and first since 2010's Black Masses, is due out on Spinefarm Records on September 30. Said Jus regarding the album's theme, "All of our albums in the past have had a theme -- revenge, drugs, black magick -- and the theme of this one is death. Of course, death to us really means rebirth, so this album is a manifestation of a very primal occult belief in the final sacrifice. We have gone full circle -- it was inevitable, but we had to do it. We had to kill the band so we could be reborn. It was the only way to ensure we could come back even stronger." While a tour to support the new record hasn't been announced, Electric Wizard will be playing the Euro festival circuit this fall.

All of the dates are listed, along with the "I Am Nothing" stream, below...

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Mina Caputo
Mina Caputo

Against Me! put out six studio albums in the past 12 years, and arguably just keep getting better. Brooklyn's Life of Agony put out classic metalcore album "River Runs Red" in 1993, two more albums before 1998, and then just continued to reunite every so often without new material, not counting their short-lived attempt at a comeback with their mostly-ignored new album on Epic in 2005. Nobody should be surprised then that Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel's transformation to Laura Jane Grace received tons of attention, while LOA's Keith Caputo's transformation to Mina Caputo received much less (it was cool of Laura to have Mina open some shows for her though).

I think most Life of Agony fans thought LOA was finished for good. They already aren't an active band, and it's just hard to imagine Mina Caputo fronting LOA at this point. Maybe Against Me!'s success at making it work inspired them though, because earlier this year LOA announced they would return to the stage with Mina to play some European festivals (they were always bigger in Europe), and now a local show is officially happening too...

Life of Agony will play Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on Saturday, September 13th. Tickets on sale Friday, July 18th at noon.

All dates are listed below...

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by Ian Chainey


Vermont metalcore band and masters of the punchline song title Drowningman have reformed and will play three East Coast dates in August. Says singer Simon Byron Brody, "If all goes well we may play a select few shows in the near future, hopefully festivals and bigger shows that make sense, since we don't all live in the same part of the country." The rock and roll killing machine will play their hometown of Burlington, Vermont and a set at Boston's Middle East. On August 9 they'll hit NYC's Saint Vitus. Ticket information and supporting acts for that one will be announced soon.

Starting in the mid-'90s, Drowningman fused their varied influences into a hardcore attack that was both dissonant, metallic, and emotive. The group was an early roster addition of Hyrda Head Records and released a split with the Dillinger Escape Plan. While the band had a knack for songs dipped in sarcasm, they were by no means cold and clinical, building a fanbase through passionate and chaotic performances. Over the course of their career, they released three full-lengths, splitting after 2005's Don't Push Us When We're Hot.

All of the dates along with selections from Drowningman's discography appear below...

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July 11, 2014

by Ian Chainey

All Barren cover art

Chaotic hardcore ragers Divider and Mercy Ties will be going on tour. The slate of dates canvases the East Coast, starting in Divider's home city of Long Island on July 12 and ending in Kingston, NY on July 19. The two also hit Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. On July 14, they'll drop into NYC's Grand Victory with Nightcrawler also joining in on the fun. Tickets for that show are available now.

Divider and Mercy Ties are both rostermates on Glory Kid Ltd. Divider, containing a connection to underrated metalcore group Skycamefalling, signed on to release their debut LP, All Barren, on September 23. The tracklisting for All Barren is below. Mercy Ties and their fresh take on metallic hardcore of the Suicide Note variety was a favorite of Invisible Oranges' last year. Said Doug Moore, "This stuff satisfies primarily on the brainstem level, like a bodily function. You feel it coming for a moment, and then it's happening; when it's over, you feel better, though it's hard to articulate why." Their last release, A Dim Lit Place, can be played in full below.

All dates are listed, along with the All Barren details and the A Dim Lit Place stream, below...

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by Ian Chainey

Kayo Dot at IO SXSW showcase, 2014 (More by Tim Griffin)

Looks like a lot of bands spent the spring making sweet, sweet albums in the studio. First up is Kayo Dot, the avant-garde concern of Toby Driver who will be out on the road with Secret Chiefs 3 soon. Their newest is named Coffins on Io and will be out on Flenser Records on October 16. Says Driver, "Basically the vibe that we're going for here is inspired by 80s retro-future noir -- Blade Runner." Hey, the man has seen things you wouldn't believe. Elsewhere, MDF MVPs Bölzer have tabbed August 5 as the release date for their EP entitled Soma through Invictus Productions. You can sample "Steppes" below.

Masters of blast 1349 will drop Massive Cauldron of Chaos -- or what we call "soup" when I'm cooking -- on September 30 via Season of Mist. You can check out the track "Slaves" below. Tech deathers Decapitated have set September 26 as the date for Blood Mantra to be released through Nuclear Blast. Scope the cover art below. Viking shredders Ensiferum are planning to hit the studio in the fall to record their next album. And, finally, noise rockers PORD *squee* have announced *squeeeeee* their next album will be named Wild in September and will be released by Solar Flare Records in November. Sure, that makes sense. You can play their *squeeeeeeeeee* feedback-drenched teaser below.

Some bands, though, are calling it quits. Patrick Mameli is putting Pestilence down for the second time. The death/thrashers reformed in 2008 and turned in three respectable records. But Mameli wants to move on to new territory: "As of now, Pestilence is no longer active in recording new material. As a matter of fact, it's on a permanent hold, as I want to concentrate fully on my new project Necromorph. The style will be more brutal, more crazy, more tech, more futuristic and more death. I'm pretty sure all my fans will dig this!" Should've just named it Necromore.

Don't forget to keep up with the rest of our metal coverage during the week.

Now that you're, ahem, fully briefed, let's recap all of the A/V transmissions.


For the full-album previews: The sludgy Bastard Feast streamed the entirety of Osculum Infame, their newest rager that will see a release on Season of Mist on July 22 (preorder). And instrumental dun-duners Pelican put up all of Arktika, their document of a live set in St. Petersburg, Russia. That one will be out on wax August 26 through the band (preorder). Those two are available below.

For single tracks and teasers, thrashers Midnight -- who will be playing NY Deathfest II on July 26 -- premiered "Woman of Flame" from No Mercy for Mayhem (August 19, Hells Headbangers). Greek blackened thrashers Principality of Hell showed off "Codex Inferno" from Fire and Brimstone (August 18, W.T.C. Productions). And buzzy core newcomers GUST dropped "Humility In Disguise" from their forthcoming eponymous album (September 16, Southern Lord - preorder). All songs are available below.

Got it? Good. To shows we go:

TODAY (FRIDAY, 7/11): Don't bother with the shower because things are going to get sleazy. Walking lewdness charges the Mentors will play the Paper Box with NYC rippers Mutilation Rites, HEXER, Maximum Oversatan, Bomb Scare, TREZ MUERTOZ, Throaat, and tons more (tickets).

SATURDAY (7/12): Saint Vitus has set up one evil Saturday: Ash Borer, Hell, Vorde, and Yellow Eyes will flex their turbo trems and drones (tickets). If a downtuned death metal guitar is more your kind of filth, OSDMers Funebrarum, Undergang, Trepanation, Astraes Pestis, and Grim Legion will be at the Acheron (tickets).

Looking for late adds and dates ahead? NYC Metal Show Calendar has got you covered.

Let's talk IO: It was a busy week as always in our corner. Upcoming Metal Releases tracked all of the new things including huge names like Judas Priest, Goatwhore, and more. We premiered the full album from Lord Worm's hateful Rage Nucléaire and brought it way, way back with the retro rock of Saturn. We also got our critique on, weighing in on Eluveitie, Goatwhore, and Slugdge, which is DEATH METAL ABOUT SLUGS. YES, THE CAPS ARE NECESSARY. And, of course, Wyatt provided a detailed account of sights and sounds of Martyrdoom. Finally, we were all about the Mastodon this week. We provided the details for their tour presale and went one more 'round with guitarist Bill Kelliher in a great Jonathan Dick-helmed interview.

Alright, consider the decks cleared. What did we miss? What are your plans? Let us know and catch the reams of streams, and other noted details below.

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by Ian Chainey


The second annual New York Deathfest, put on by Useless Christ Records, happens at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on July 26 & 27. The lineup for the two-day event looks a lot different from what was announced in February, adding genre heavyweights aplenty. Tickets for both days are still available. So, what can you expect? Death metal. A whole lot of death metal, plus a little grindy and thrashy variety.

As mentioned, day one (July 26) features Dallas slammers Devourment. Known for their speedy snare hits and stupidly big grooves, Devourment will certainly snap some headbanging necks. They released Conceived in Sewage in 2013 via Relapse. Joining them will be NYDM institution Mortician. Will Rahmer and Roger J. Beaujard's ultra-simplistic chug is love it or hate it, but it's hard to deny their truncated tales of blood and horror are pure death metal. Word is the drum-machine-assisted duo (though they find a human for live shows) are working on their first album in a decade. For some flavor, blackened speed metallers Midnight will be making an appearance. The Ohioan filth-merchants are releasing No Mercy for Mayhem, their second full-length, August 19 on Hells Headbangers. Rounding out the day are Mexico's Rottenness, the ultra-br00ful Lust of Decay, and the cosmic Plague Widow, among others. Check out the full day's festivities below.

Day two (July 27) collects some of the genre's biggest riffers, including Germany's techy Defeated Sanity. The now-20-year-old group cut the razor-sharp Passages into Deformity in 2013 for Willowtip, and are set to pinch-squee their way into the hearts of those who love technical nimbleness and massive chugs. Also making the trip from Europe are Giallo grinders Gruesome Stuff Relish, who unite an OSDM buzz with the gore-soaked mashing of Impetigo. Long Island brutal death metallers Internal Bleeding -- who will be hitting the road with Suffocation and friends later on in the year -- are also set to shake the stage with slams. Cleveland's Embalmer, Floral Park's Dehumanized, and possible fest-stealers Coffin Dust are also dropping in. Again, the full lineup appears below.

Check out the full New York Deathfest lineup, along with the poster, and streams from the mentioned bands, below...

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