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August 14, 2014

by Ian Chainey


Rapid-fire blasts. Sustained, grinding crawls that shake the floor thanks to the two bass set-up. Wild gales of feedback and lashes of noise. That's Pillbox, the newest album from powerviolence destroyers Water Torture. The trio -- two bassists, one drummer -- are intent on bringing back the subsonic element favored by Man is the Bastard; the one few others have been able to pull off. But Water Torture are a little speedier, a little catchier, and a little more nimble than similar groups that have tried the dual bass rumble. And over Pillbox's 17 tracks, there's always a sense they have their hands on the wheel, even when they're circling the void. The sheer wattage of power they're able to impart is impressive, though Pillbox wouldn't hit as deeply if Water Torture weren't as exacting.

People have taken notice. Since coming up through Grindcore Karaoke in 2011 with their self-titled effort, Water Torture have steadily risen to prominence on the back of a billion splits. Now, they're set to play Maryland Deathfest 2015. They're currently touring Europe. They'll be hitting big US bills like Punch, Curmudgeon, and Crushed on September 9 at NYC's Death by Audio and Cloud Rat, Nervous Mothers, and Recreant on September 18 at NYC's The Acheron (tickets). With Pillbox, it's easy to hear why. Pillbox is the result of a hungry band showing off veteran skills while playing a style that, despite it's importance, rarely produced other contenders. Consider that distinction changed. Water Torture are definitely one.

All dates are listed, with a stream of Pillbox, below...

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August 13, 2014

by Wyatt Marshall

Coral Cross released a video for its song "With a Lancet," a track that makes up the A-side of Coral Cross's debut 7". You can watch it below. We reviewed the EP over at Invisible Oranges, and we liked it--it's a refreshing take on metal that draws from melody-driven black metal, post-punk, shoegaze and pairs it with dreamy vocals. The 7" is out now on Mexican Summer.

Coral Cross is the work of Jorge Elbrecht, better known for his output with Lansing-Dreiden and Violens. It's unclear if Coral Cross will ever play live with any regularity, but one show is on the books for August 19 at Pioneer Works. The show will accompany a sculptural installation by Max Hooper Schneider, and a DJ set from Jimi Hey will follow.

Watch the video, stream the B-side, "The Coldest Steel Across Your Face," and see the show flyer below...

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Opeth at MHOW in 2013 (more by Caroline Harrison)
Mikael Akerfeldt

Swedish prog-death legends Opeth have announced a huge co-headlining tour with fellow Swedish death heavyweights In Flames with support from Portland sludge crew Red Fang. Both headliners have albums coming out in the coming weeks, with Opeth's Pale Communion (which frontman Mikael Akerfeldt recently discussed with Invisible Oranges) set to drop on August 26, and In Flames' Siren Charms out September 8. The tour will stop in NYC at Terminal 5 on December 18. Tickets for that show go on sale to the general public Friday (8/15) at noon, and are on AmEx presale now. Opeth are also running presales and VIP packages for the whole tour here.

All tour dates are listed, with streams from the new Opeth and In Flames albums, below...

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We're resurfacing an oldie from Invisible Oranges here on BrooklynVegan in honor of Shark Week 2014. In 2011 Cosmo Lee wrote:

In honor of Shark Week on The Discovery Channel: metal album covers featuring sharks.

This does not include shark-featuring album covers in other genres, like Ride's "Vapour Trail" single, Gallows' In the Belly of a Shark EP, or Great White's discography (which, admittedly, has some spectacular (ly awful) shark-featuring covers). I feel like I'm missing an obvious one or three. If you know, care to share?

We compiled the same list and added some more. There's two by M.O.D. (who are active lately) including the one above. Check out the rest below...

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August 12, 2014

by Ian Chainey


Portland degenerates Drunk Dad issued Ripper Killer earlier in the year. We debuted the album on Invisible Oranges, impressed by the way it respun grunge and noise rock more convincingly than the post-whatevers that followed the first wave:

The nosiest and the most abrasive of the Northwest seep into their sound. "Fuck in Garbage" squirms like the Melvins and has a Flipper-y antagonism. The title track is Nirvana augmented by old Dwarves and might be one of the few songs created in his spirit that Cobain would've enjoyed. But Drunk Dad are their own thing, far more electric than imitators could ever hope to be.
Ripper Killer big, loud, and the right record for eating up the remainder of your work day. You can stream the Xeroxed Birds-bedecked album below.

Drunk Dad will also be jumping into the tour van at the end of the month. They'll get the caravan going with fellow Portlanders Honduran and the ultra-heavy hardcore they showcased on last year's Street Eagles. The long excursion will take both bands through Los Angeles, Austin, and Chicago. On September 19, they'll hit Brooklyn's The Gutter with Heavy Medical and Law$Uits, letting you roll rocks to noise rock.

All of the dates along with the Ripper Killer and Honduran streams appear below.

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by Ian Chainey

Old Wounds at the Acheron, 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Old Wounds and Exalt, two big bringers of hardcore riffs, are hitting the road in September for an Invisible Oranges-presented tour. The package will run through a number of cities on the East Coast including Philadelphia, Montreal, and Toledo. Additionally, the tour will close things down with two NYC dates: September 26 at Grand Victory and September 27 at ABC No Rio. Ticket information is coming soon. All tour dates appear below.

Here's what we said on IO regarding Old Wounds: "The New Jerseyan quartet is laden with skills the older guard didn't have at their disposal, jamming with a practiced precision while cutting away the fat. What's left is tight and explosive, a memory of yesteryear made lean and mean by hindsight." Their next EP, Death Projection, will be released by Good Fight Music on September 16 and is now available for preorder. You can stream a track from it below.

Canada's Exalt also garnered similar praise: "The quintet rages, re-energizing hardcore and metalcore stand-bys and making them shine again. Exalt excavate a tradition that has its share of neat riffs, finding the neatest ones to reconstruct to their liking."

All of the dates along with streams from the bands appear below.

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by Ian Chainey


Three out-of-the-country speedsters are setting up a "THRASH INVASION" of North America. England's Onslaught, Denmark's Artillery, and Canada's Striker will join forces to hit the road near the end of October. The package will drop in to locales like Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles. On October 23, they'll play NYC's Saint Vitus. Ticket information will be available soon. The full list of dates appears below.

Onslaught come from a punk background, making the leap to thrash in the mid-'80s and peaking with 1986's The Force. The band reformed in 2004 and have put out three solid albums, including 2013's VI. Denmark's Artillery began their post-demo life with a run of three Euro thrash classics ('85's Fear of Tomorrow, '87's Terror Squad, '90's By Inheritance) that occasionally stepped across the aisle to power metal. They reformed in 2007 and went full power thrash, dropping Legions last year. Striker are the young pups, forming in 2007 and growing into their speed metal/power metal formula on their 2012 sophomore release Armed to the Teeth. Their newest, City of Gold, is set to be released by Napalm Records on September 9.

As for the tour's October 23 Saint Vitus date, the three bands be joined by a special guest. Czral of Norwegian avant-garde rockers Virus will be DJing that night and will then play two shows with Virus on October 24 & 25 at Saint Vitus. The dates include loaded bills with appearances from Krallice, Ocrilim, Dysrhythmia, and more, making Virus' first US appearance a special one. And you can win tickets. Invisible Oranges is currently running a contest, giving away  a pair of tickets for each night to the show.

All of the dates along with streams of the bands appear below.

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August 11, 2014

by Ian Chainey

YOB at the Bell House, 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Oregeon crushers YOB have unveiled a new track from the forthcoming Clearing the Path to Ascend. This one is called "Unmask the Spectre" and it clocks in at a massive 15-plus minutes of outstanding YOB-ness. It opens with reverbed, ringing guitars before blowing up your subwoofer with Mike Scheidt's growl and patented pendulum groove. From there, it explores the two sections by way of a multitude of variations, including soaring solos and Scheidt's eagle-screech and full-lung belting. YOB's seventh full-length will be out via Neurot Recordings on September 2 (Relapse will handle the vinyl on September 15) and it's available for preorder now.

YOB will be playing Portland, Oregon's Hoverfest on August 23 and then will set out to Europe with Pallbearer -- who also debuted some new music today -- in September and October.

All dates are listed,  along with the "Unmask the Spectre" stream, below...

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by Ian Chainey

Pallbearer at Europa in 2013 (more by Greg Cristman)

Foundations of Burden, the highly anticipated sophomore LP from doomers Pallbearer hit Pitchfork Advance this week. The six-track, nearly 55 minute album continues on in the spirit of Sorrow and Extinction with melancholic leads, redwood-thick riffs, and sorrowful singing. If there's a shift, it's slightly more progressive songwriting that gives their epics a knottier quality. The album will be out via Profound Lore Records on August 19 and it's available for preorder now.

In addition to their album and their Euro tour with YOB, they have a previously discussed stateside run with Tombs and Vattnet Viskar which was recently expanded. After their now-sold-out show happenning at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on October 27, they'll hit the same venue again on October 28. Tickets for that show go on sale Tuesday (8/12) at noon.

Updated dates are listed below...

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by Ian Chainey

Deicide at Gramercy Theatre, 2012 (more by Jonathan McPhail)

Deicide, the grand-daddies of death metal controversy, are heading back out on the road with Septicflesh, Abysmal Dawn, Carach Angren, and no strangers to backlash themselves, Inquisition. The tour heads out in the beginning of October and will drop in to cities such as Chicago, Seattle, and Austin. On October 9, they'll swing in to NYC's Gramercy Theatre. Tickets will be on sale soon via Ticketmaster. The complete list of dates appears below.

Deicide released album number 11, In the Minds of Evil, in 2013. (They also boarded the friendship roller coaster with Broken Hope.) In the early '90s, bassist/double-tracked screamer Glen Benton was a lighting rod due to his alleged satanism and, of course, the upside-down cross burnt into his forehead. Black metallers Inquisition are still licking their wounds after getting called out for racism earlier in the year. The other acts have a clearer conscience: The Lovecraftian Septicflesh's only point of contention is their glossy production. They released Titan back in June. Relapse's ripping death metallers Abysmal Dawn will drop Obsolescence at the end of October. And Dutch symphonic black metallers Carach Angren cut the acclaimed Where the Corpses Sink Forever back in 2012.

All of the dates along with samples of the bands appear below...

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