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November 6, 2015

photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Deafheaven / Envy / Tribulation

The stacked tour of Deafheaven, Envy and Tribulation is currently underway. After Envy and Tribulation both hit NYC for their own headlining shows on Wednesday (11/4), the whole tour landed at Webster Hall for a sold out show last night (11/5). Deafheaven were of course the headliners, but it was the kind of show where every band acted and was treated by the audience as such.

Tribulation kicked things off with an early set time of 7 PM, and though it wasn't too full when they started, it had packed in a good amount by the time they were done. People like to talk about how Deafheaven are "metal for non-metalheads," but honestly, if there was one band on this bill I think would appeal to people who don't normally listen to heavy music, it's Tribulation. Yeah they wear corpse paint, but they're more glam than satanic. The way they prance around the stage, their attitude, their guitar swings and headbangs -- it's all closer to Motley Crue or at least Judas Priest than the similarly face-painted Watain. And besides the obvious black/death metal influences on the vocals, they sound that way too. Tribulation were undoubtedly the catchiest band of the night, with riffs, solos and twin leads that would've fit right in on late '70s rock radio. Of course it does have that darker, gnarled edge which will probably keep them off the radio, but also makes them excitingly unique. They played mostly off this year's The Children of the Night, and if you haven't checked that album out yet, you really should.

Then it was Envy, the longest running band on the bill and by far the most influential. The Japanese band have been around since the '90s, and they helped pioneer the type of screamo/post-rock that can be heard in bands from La Quiete to Thursday to Pianos Become the Teeth to, of course, Deafheaven. That sound has been experiencing a bit of popularity lately, and it's a great thing that the bigger bands are giving their fans the chance to see where it all began (after Deafheaven they're touring with La Dispute). And watching Envy play it really was obvious where so many of these newer bands get their moves. But their set was more than that -- Envy are still great. They have a new album out this year which they played some songs off, and those sounded as urgent as when they broke out a classic. And best of all, they were LOUD. The crack of their snare drum was the loudest thing I heard all night.


Finally Deafheaven wrapped up the show, with the best set I've seen them play yet. Their new album New Bermuda has only been out for a month, but it's so clear that it's already had at least as big an impact as Sunbather. They played the whole thing start to finish -- only interrupting to squeeze in their 2014 single "From the Kettle Onto the Coil" -- and the place was going wild for every song. It wasn't until the encore that we even heard anything off Sunbather, and those songs felt more like an added bonus than the main attraction. The crowd was clapping along to the quiet parts of the new songs, howling after every loud part calmed down, and just generally seemed to be loving it. One thing that's for sure is New Bermuda is the band's most diverse album yet, with influences spanning thrash, metalcore, post-rock, classic rock and more, and seeing them bring all of that to life was a thrill. The way they can be churning out a brutal attack one moment and making clean beautiful atmospheres the next, with less than a second to transition, is truly impressive. They may be a divisive band in some circles, but even the skeptics are having trouble denying the band's current live show.

Pictures continue, with Deafheaven's setlist, below...

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November 5, 2015

by Rob Sperry-Fromm

photo: Planning for Burial at Saint Vitus in March (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Travis Barker

NJ's Planning For Burial has been up to some stuff this year. He just played a NYC show with So Hideous, he released a heavier-than-usual split with Mother Room, and he went on tour with Mother Room and King Woman, who used to sing with Whirr and released a solo EP earlier this year. That tour that ended up being the subject of a short documentary about the bands. You can watch it and stream that split below.

Now PFB has a NYC show coming up Friday (11/6) at Cake Shop with San Francisco's Chasms and Dark Tunnels. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

For Chasms, they're making their NYC debut this week and that show with PFB is the second of two gigs. The other is tonight (11/5) at Silent Barn with Courtship Ritual, Winkie, and Decorum. They make a sort of heavy electronic shoegaze music, as you can hear by checking out a video below.

King Woman is playing a couple west coast shows with True Widow. You can check out those dates below too.

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Wrekmeister Harmonies - Night of Your Ascension
Wrekmeister Harmonies - Night of Your Ascension

Chicago's art-doom project Wrekmeister Harmonies is releasing its new album Night of Your Ascension just a year after 2014's And Then It All Came Down. As usual, Wrekmeister mastermind J.R. Robinson has enlisted an impressive roster of collaborators from Chicago and elsewhere this album, including Marissa Nadler, Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubaten), Olivia Block, Sanford Parker (Corrections House), Bruce Lamont (Corrections House, Yakuza), Mark Solotroff (Anatomy of Habit), Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine), harpist Mary Lattimore, plus multiple members of The Body (Lee Buford and Chip King) and the sadly defunct Indian (Dylan O'Toole and Ron DeFries), and still more. Each year it seems, Robinson brings together so many vital Chicago artists that the releases have the feel of an annual family get-together, albeit a depressive, occasionally scary family. As the group has expanded well beyond Chicago, it sounds like the recording logistics of getting all these people together have become more and more of a feat.

In a first for J.R., the new record features two separate songs. Both are based on real-life stories that orbit around religion and death. The title track focuses on Don Carlo Gesualdo, a 16th-century Italian who murdered his wife buy was protected by the Church. "Run Priest Run" is about convicted pedophile Father John Goeghan, focusing on the time before he was killed in prison by a fellow inmate. All told, par for the course from a project who's last album was about Truman Capote interviewing a Charles Manson associate. J.R. tells Noisey:

Yeah. For example, the string section for "The Night of Your Ascension." I had the original score of this Don Carlo Gesualdo madrigal I wanted them to use but I didn't want it followed to the letter. Chromatically, as it is written, it's pretty clashing. I wanted to make it all in the key of A and smooth everything out. And I wanted to record at this crematorium, so we had to get mobile recording gear and set up in there. Then I did the same with the choir.
The title track is perhaps the most immediate we've ever heard from Wrekmeister Harmonies. As before, the album starts with a mellow, quiet section before exploding into thunderous doom-metal, but here the quiet section moves away from the ethereal, drone-focused music of the last two albums and straight into folk, with strummed guitars, a string section, and Nadler's haunting vocals carrying the song into darkly hummable territory. When the inevitable crush of the guitars come, they feel more organic, a bit softer around the edges, and are further tempered by a couple of beautiful arpeggiated guitar passages that inch this thing towards prog. "Run Priest Run," meanwhile, is a brutally single-minded piece, shorter and more chilling by half than what precedes it. It also progresses from quiet to loud, but here it's more of a downward spiral, with the screams of a dying man (sounds like The Body to me) sending the album out on its own very specific terms.

Wrekmeister Harmonies will tour in December with Bell Witch, who will be the backing band for that tour (which is crazy) and who are about to play Martyrdoom. You can check out those dates and stream Night of Your Ascension below.

In somewhat related news, this album comes a week after the guest-filled Abigail Williams album, which features Will Lindsay, who like Dylan O'Toole, was in the now-defunct Indian but is now in Lord Mantis whose former frontman Charlie Fell is also on that album by Abigail Williams, the band of another ex-Lord Mantis member Ken Sorceron. Got that?

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November 3, 2015

by Andrew Sacher


Deafheaven are on tour now with great openers Envy and Tribulation, and the tour's set to hit NYC on Thursday (11/5) at Webster Hall (tickets). Wednesday is an off night, and Tribulation will be playing a headlining show here then.

It happens at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus (11/4) with Occulation opening. Tickets are on sale now.

Update: Envy added a headlining show too.

If you haven't heard Tribulation's new album The Childen of the Night, it mixes black and death metal influences with classic rock riffage and some genuinely catchy songs. Check out the video for album standout "Melancholia" with the Vitus show flyer and updated list of tour dates, below...

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photo: Voivod at Gramercy Theatre in February (more by Mathieu Bredeau)

Canadian prog-thrash greats Voivod toured North America with Napalm Death earlier this year, and now they're on the road with them (plus Carcass and Obituary too) in Europe. After that Voivod will do another North Amrican run, this time as headliners with support from Vektor (who take some clear influence from Voivod). Additional support on the first leg comes from Portland's eccentric, mostly-instrumental Eight Bells.

That leg hits NYC on February 7 at Gramercy Theatre and the nearby Asbury Park on February 11 at The Stone Pony. Tickets will be on sale soon.

Earlier this year, Voivod released a split with At The Gates. Stream their contribution from that, with the list of tour dates, below...

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October 30, 2015


It's Halloween weekend, so you know Glenn Danzig is gonna have something new for us, and he did not fail to deliver. Danzig gave a new video interview to Rolling Stone where he talks about his favorite horror movie monsters. He's got especially good stuff to say about Night of the Living Dead: "I remember [it] changing everything. It was just like these people who came back to life and they're actually eating human beings. And you're seeing them eating human beings. I remember seeing that in a theater and girls were screaming and people were throwing up. It was... [grins] pretty wild." Watch the video below.

The video is also more promotion for his upcoming covers album, Skeletons, which more info was recently revealed about. That's the cover art above and the tracklist is below. He played three of its songs at his recent NYC show at Playstation Theater: Elvis Presley's "Let Yourself Go," The Litter's "Action Woman" and Black Sabbath's "N.I.B." The album comes out November 27 via Nuclear Blast (pre-order). Album trailer below.

Speaking of Danzig and Halloween, the Misfits' iconic "Halloween" is just one of 20 tracks our metal blog Invisible Oranges put together today for an Invisible Oranges Halloween Playlist. It also includes stuff by Type O Negative, Ghost, Helloween, Slayer, and more. Head here to check it out.

And earlier today, we posted that Superchunk's Mac McCaughan covered "When The Evening Comes" by Bobby Steele's post-Misfits band The Undead.

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Abigail Williams

Olympia, WA metal band Abigail Williams, who just finished touring with Today is the Day, are streaming their new album The Accuser, which is out today on Candlelight. The band's style has changed considerably since they started out 11 years ago, as has their membership. In case you haven't been keeping up, their roots in symphonic metal and melodic metalcore are long behind them. They made the switch to a more straight-up black metal sound three albums ago (with 2010's In the Absence of Light) and it's only gotten more menacing with each new release.

Frontman Ken Sorceron is the only founding member here, and besides guitarist Ian Jekelis, it's an entirely different lineup than their last album (2012's Becoming). The current lineup features a murderer's row of USBM heavyweights, including two people who (like Ken Sorceron) are/were members of Lord Mantis. There's guitarist Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Chrome Waves), drummer Charlie Fell (Cobalt, ex-Lord Mantis, ex-Avichi), bassist Will Lindsay (Indian, Lord Mantis), and a guest appearance by Neill Jameson (Krieg, Twilight). (At live shows another Wolvhammer member, Micah Leonetti, plays bass.) That's a highly pedigreed group, and the record sounds a lot like you would expect if you know some of those bands. It's a raw, gnarly piece of black metal that brings to mind prime Nachtmystium or early Krallice.

Stream The Accuser below (via Decibel)...

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October 29, 2015

Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

Record club Vinyl Me, Please sends members a new, exclusive record each month. Past records have included special editions of The War On Drugs, Youth Lagoon, Four Tet, Wilco, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Blessed Feathers and more, and it's been announced that the 'Record of the Month' for November is the stone classic Paranoid by Black Sabbath.

In case you somehow didn't know, it's the Black Sabbath's second album, arguably their best, and its influence on stoner/doom metal is impossible to overstate.

"The special-edition pressing includes 140g purple vinyl with white marbling sourced from the original analog tapes. Accompanying the album is an original 12" x 12" art print by Pacific Northwest artist Tim Manthey and a custom cocktail recipe."
That's the purple vinyl pictured above. Join Vinyl Me, Please to get your hands on one. A picture of the art print is below.

Earlier this week, Black Sabbath added a leg to their "final" tour which happens in 2016. It now includes two dates at NYC's Madison Square Garden and three other shows in the nearby NYC-area.

Watch a video of Sabbath performing Paranoid's title track in 1970, along with more pictures of the new vinyl release, below...

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October 27, 2015

by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Pinkish Black

Texas dark noise two-piece Pinkish Black are streaming their new album Bottom of the Morning, which is out October 30 on Relapse.

Despite being on Relapse, this really isn't metal in any traditional sense. What it shares with metal is an unrelenting aesthetic of eeriness and darkness, but there's more than a little goth and post-punk presence in this music too. And even if it's dark, some of it's quite catchy -- maybe even fun. Pinkish Black have often been compared to film-scorers like Goblin, John Carpenter, or even Tangerine Dream, and that is pretty much right on the money with Bottom of the Morning. ("Burn My Body" in particular is just really calling out to be put in a horror movie.) This is all to say that the darkness here seems very knowing, as filtered through a fun and eclectic series of influences. Listen below.

The same day it comes out, their former band The Great Tyrant (which featured the late Tommy Wayne) are giving a long-awaited release to their second album. You can stream that here and read the interview we did with them about it on Invisible Oranges here.

Pinkish Black are also heading out on tour with their likeminded Pittsburgh-based labelmates Zombi, which will hit NYC for a show at Saint Vitus on November 11. Tickets for that show are still available.

Zombi also put out a new album recently. It's called Shape Shift and it's also an eerie slice of synth music that wouldn't be out of place in a John Carpenter movie. But it's cleaner, more repetitive, more about atmospherics than the focus on songwriting that you hear on the Pinkish Black record.

Stream that, with the Pinkish Black record and full list of tour dates, below...

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photo: Windhand at Gramercy Theater (via Relapse Records Instagram)

Windhand kicked off their US tour behind their new album Grief's Infernal Flower in NYC last Wednesday (10/21). Dorthia Cottrell and company played Gramercy Theatre with tourmates Danava and Monolord. Anyone catch it?

It was a busy night for NYC metalheads, what with the Danzig/Superjoint show at the Playstation Theater and the Kylesa/Inter Arma/Indian Handcrafts tour hitting Saint Vitus. Irata would have played Saint Vitus too, but unfortunately had to cancel the rest of their dates on the tour due to a leg infection sustained by their drummer Jason Ward.

Windhand, Danava, and Monolord will be on tour for the next month or so, including a stop in Austin for a Fun Fun Fun Fest NITES show. Danava and Monolord also just tacked on their own NYC show without Windhand for November 16 at Saint Vitus with Tower. Tickets for that show are on sale now. Updated dates are listed below.

Windhand also recently released a video for the track "Two Urns" off their new album. You can check that out below...

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