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July 10, 2014

by Ian Chainey

Tyranny of Failure cover art

Richmond, Virgina supergroup crossover stars Iron Reagan have released a new cut from their forthcoming album Tyranny of Failure. The song is called "Miserable Failure" and it thrashes and dashes for two quick minutes. Check out the track below. Tyranny of Failure will be out on Relapse on September 16 (preorder). "Miserable Failure"'s drop happens to coincide with Iron Reagan's tour kick off in Washington, D.C., with Eyehategod, Vektor, and Strong Intention. That stacked bill hits NYC at the Acheron on July 15 (tickets).

In other Relapse news, records from Brooklyn's Mortals and the grindy hardcore project of wrestler UltraMantis Black hit the streets this week. As expected, Mortals' Cursed to See the Future was a massive monument to crust, heavy metal, and Hellhammer. They'll be playing the Acheron on July 18 for their record release show. The related Belus will also be playing the Acheron on August 9 along with the Welcome to Deathfest screening. UltraMantis Black, on the other hand -- along with members of Pissed Jeans -- revived mid '90s metallic hardcore for his EP that spits an acidic dissonance. The towering wrestler will be playing Philadelphia's This is Hardcore on July 24.

Stream all of the releases below...

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by Ian Chainey


Two balls of core chaos will start rolling through North America in August. Bleak hardcore blasters Centuries and Jungbluth will unite to terrorize the eastern half of the US. The tour will hit locales like Baltimore, Chicago, and a few dates in Centuries' home state of Florida. On August 15, they'll play NYC at the Acheron with a worldly bill that includes Hexis, Plebeian Grandstand, and Reproacher. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

Centuries released Taedium Vitae in 2013 on Southern Lord, playing right into that label's current interest in dark, d-beaty hardcore. Germany's Jungbluth released a split with Callow this year, and continue to refine their take on early '90s hardcore and screamo. You can stream both records below.

As for their Acheron showmates, this breakdown might need a flow chart since three tours will collapse into one. To start, Denmark's blackened sludgesters Hexis are currently on tour throughout America for the next month with Primitive Man. Hexis' dates along with their half of the recently released split with Primitive Man appear below. Then, Hexis will hop on the Plebeian Grandstand and Reproacher tour for a few dates in early August. France's Plebeian Grandstand and America's Reproacher also have new material out this year which you can also hear below.

All tour dates are listed, with streams from the bands, below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

Ash Borer at the Acheron in 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro)

We've mentioned that the black metal band Ash Borer and the doom band Hell are on a tour that comes to NYC this weekend to play Saint Vitus on 7/12 with Vorde and Yellow Eyes (tix), and now the two bands from the Northwest have added a second NYC show (an all-ages one) happening at Acheron on Sunday (7/13). That show will be with the awesome Vilkacis (who are on tour and just played Martyrdom) and Mongrel.

UPDATE: The 7/13 matinee show was originally supposed to happen at 538 Johnson but is now happening at Acheron.

A sort-of hybrid of those two shows is on the horizon when Fell Voices plays its only show of the year at the Acheron on 7/25 with Yellow Eyes and Mongrel (tix). Fell Voices' drummer is also a member of both Vilkacis and Vorde.

Updated tour dates are listed, with a stream of Ash Borer's most recent release, below...

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by Ian Chainey


Original Trouble singer Eric Wagner will be touring with his new band Blackfinger. The doomish psych rockers will be playing shows in support of their eponymous debut released last January on the Church Within Records. The slate of summer events take on some interesting guests, including Apostle of Solitude for two early dates, trad heavies Argus in Pittsburgh, and killer solo smiths Iron Man in Baltimore. On August 1, Blackfinger will play the Acheron with fellow travelers Beelzefuzz and Kings Destroy (who also just opened for Trouble with Kyle Thomas on vocals at Saint Vitus). Tickets are available now. All dates are listed below.

That Blackfinger is touring is interesting, as Wagner left Trouble in 2008 over touring concerns, so if you haven't caught Wagner's classic warble yet, this is a great opportunity. Along with Blackfinger, Wagner also fronts The Skull -- named after Trouble's second album -- which features two other ex-Trouble members and released a single via Tee Pee Records in April.

All of the dates along with two Blackfinger songs, the Skull's single, and Eric Wagner's great contribution to Dave Grohl's Probbot project, below...

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Mastodon (who we posted a new interview with today), Gojira and Kvelertak are going on another tour together, and tickets for all dates go on Invisible Oranges presale today (7/10) at 10 AM (local time). To get yours, use the PASSWORD: ragewithmasto.

The tour hits the NYC-area on Halloween at The Paramount on Long Island and NJ's Starland Ballroom (11/1) a day later (tickets). All dates are listed with ticket links below...

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By Ian Chainey

Bayou cover art

Massive. That's the easiest and most economical way to explain Sangharsha's new album, Bayou, available on LP July 15 through Alerta Antifascista Records. Sure, a lot of punk albums produced by Kurt Ballou have been tagged with that descriptor, but Sangharsha earn it with thudding metallic hardcore that's heavier than a pallet of Kiss it Goodbye vinyl. Even when they engage in melodic respites that recall Corrupted, they exude a towering massiveness. Overall, it's like Turmoil with a meaner streak and sludgier tone. Oh, yeah, and if Turmoil sang in Nepali.

Indeed, the four men comprising Sangharsha originally hail from Nepal, though the band was formed in New York City. Kshitiz Moktan was recently interviewed by Andrew Aversionline and shed some light on how he found his bandmates:

Basically, I came to the States to study, and I first landed in Alabama for my undergraduate degree; where I met Yogen (vocalist) in 2005. I never thought I would play or end up in a band, but time passed and he moved to NYC around 2007. After my graduation in 2008 (and staying in Virginia for almost a year until 2009), I was so frustrated without a job and shit like that, I just moved to NYC in 2010--where Yogen was already set up. I had a couple of jams that I had written during my last year in Alabama, and found Prasanna (bassist) through a friend, and a drummer who was playing guitars in a Nepali band here in NYC.

One thing I figured out was that due to the sheer number of Nepalese people here in NYC, it was easy to network and find like-minded musicians.

In addition to collecting tracks for the international compilation Ghalazat MMXIII, Sangharsha have also found their way onto a number of notable bills, including July 26 at the Acheron with Sadgiqacea and Hivelords, plus Insect Ark. They'll also play Saturday (7/12) at The Shillelagh Tavern in Queens as part of a fundraiser for Anarchist Black Cross, which features All Torn Up, [ Thirsty! ], Penguin, and Pre/Science. Tickets are $10 at the door. And Sangharsha will be supporting So Hideous -- who are playing with Mouth of the Architect on August 29 at the Acheron -- for their tour kick off at Clifton, NH's Clash Bar on July 18. Other bands include Gyre, Organ Dealer, and Through Thorn and Brier. Tickets are also $10 at the door.

All of the dates along with the stream for Bayou appear below.

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July 9, 2014

by Ian Chainey


Blackened thrashers Ketzer are coming to the States for the first time. The Germans have 12 dates set for August that cover the eastern half of the US, including stops in Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. On August 16, they'll play NYC's Saint Vitus with strong local support from Natur and Throaat. Tickets for that show are available now. All dates are listed below.

Ketzer joined the Iron Bonehead roster -- one of underground metal's hot spots -- in 2012, following up their 2009 debut, Satan's Boundaries Unchained, with their sophomore ripper Endzeit Metropolis. Streams for both of their full-lengths appear below.

Besides the Ketzer show, locals Throaat also have a few notable events on the horizon. They'll be playing the Paper Box on Friday (7/11) with the Mentors, Maximum Oversatan, and more. Then, on September 7, they'll hit Union Pool with Mammal and Toaster. No advance tickets for that one yet.

All dates are listed, with streams from the bands, below...

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by Ian Chainey


Stick with me on this one, we've got some bad, then some good.

Notorious black metaller Varg Vikernes was found guilty of "inciting racial hatred and glorifying war crimes" via a blog -- which he claimed not to have authored -- and sentenced to pay a fine of €8,000 and a six-month suspended sentence. While the financial hit will certainly hurt someone who now releases new age albums, it's a light slap on the wrist for such a publicized case, especially one that got rolling under heavier accusations. Varg was previously arrested in July 2013 on suspicions of "plotting a massacre," but wasn't charged due to lack of evidence.

In rosier Norwegian black metal news, legendary label Peaceville Records (Autopsy, Darkthrone, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Opeth, and on and on) have started a podcast. The host of the first episode? None other than the charismatic Fenriz from Darkthrone. He spins some tracks that inspired him, talks a bit, and generally fills the role of the bigger brother you wish you had.

You can check out the podcast below.

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July 8, 2014

Kirk Windstein of Crowbar holding VISIBLE oranges
Visible Oranges

As you know, "The term 'invisible oranges' describes the clutching gesture you make when the mighty force of metal flows through you." Invisible Oranges is also, not coincedentally, the name of our Cosmo Lee-founded blog dedicated to heavy metal... which is not to be confused with the new Tumblr 'Oranges and Metal', which is dedicated to making the oranges visible! Head there now for more pictures like the one we borrowed above!

by Ian Chainey

Mouth of the Architect

Atmospheric post-metallers Mouth of the Architect will be heading out on the road this August with the moody instrumental metal group Set and Setting. The tour lasts eight dates, starting in Tennessee and finishing up in Boston. The two will hit The Acheron on August 29 with the orchestral So Hideous and sludgesters HUSH. Tickets are available now. All tour dates are listed below.

Mouth of the Architect will follow up the short run with more dates in October and, possibly, new material shortly there after. Says the band:

We will be announcing some more tour dates soon for October. We're really looking forward to getting on the road again this year and we've been working on some new material for next year as well as a live video project that hopefully will be available next year as well!
Tourmates Set and Setting signed to Prosthetic Records in May and will have their second LP out sometime this summer. So Hideous and HUSH. both recently released new recordings. So Hideous dropped Last Poem​/​First Light in April and HUSH -- who we premiered a track from on Invisible Oranges -- put out Unexist in June.

All of the dates are listed, along with streams from the bands, below...

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