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October 13, 2015

photo: Clutch in Austin in 2013 (more by Tim Griffin)

Maryland stoner rock vets Clutch returned earlier this month with their eleventh album, Psychic Warfare, on Weathermaker Music. It includes the song "X-Ray Visions," which they've got a video for, and you can watch that below.

Clutch are currently on a tour, which wraps up with a Halloween performance at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans. Later this year, they'll go on their annual holiday tour. It kicks off at DC's 9:30 Club on 12/27 and ends with a New Year's Eve show in Cincinnati.

In between, they'll hit NYC's Terminal 5 on December 29. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (10/16) at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday (10/14) at noon and a WSOU presale starting Thursday (10/15) a 10 AM. All dates are listed below.

Support on the holiday tour comes from Crobot and Valkyrie, the other band of Baroness guitarist Pete Adams who released the great new album Shadows earlier this year on Relapse. If you haven't heard that, you can stream it below. Baroness also have a new album and tour on the way.

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October 8, 2015

by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Morbid Tales!

Two very busy heavy music acts, Phil Anselmo and Child Bite have managed to find time to record a cover of Celtic Frost's classic To Mega Therion track "The Usurper." The cover is from an upcoming Celtic Frost tribute compilation called Morbid Tales! (what a title). It's about as weird as you would expect from this combination. It's got Child Bite's hardcore take on the material, but it features some seriously bizarre vocal mixing choices that place this squarely in the realm of "music that sounds like it was recorded for an Adult Swim show." Which is basically what I would hope for and imagine if I heard that Child Bite and Phil Anselmo were covering a Celtic Frost song.

The rest of the tribute album features bands like Acid Witch, Municipal Waste, Hayward ft Scott Kelly and Jason Roeder of Neurosis, and many others. You can pre-order the vinyl over at Corpse Flower records. The LP is being released in conjunction with an illustrated tribute book about Celtic Frost, which features writing from even more significant metal people like the aforementioned Scott Kelly, Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates), Ivar Bjornson (Enslaved), Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Joel Grind, Fenriz, Attila Csihar, and others. You can pre-order that at the same site.

As noted, both Child Bite and Phil Anselmo are very busy. Both will be playing Anselmo's Housecore Horror Fest, and then Child Bite are touring with both KEN mode and Negative Approach, both of which will take them through NYC for shows at The Acheron on 10/9 and 11/29, respectively (tickets).

Anselmo will be playing Housecore with his band Superjoint, who are also going on tour with Danzig, including a stop at the newly-christened Playstation Theater on 10/21 (tickets). Anselmo's also started a new band called Scour with members of Pig Destroyer and Cattle Decapitation.

Meanwhile, Danzig's "Blackest of the Black" tour is underway, and Danzig apparently delivered a set that was both "cordial" and "ferocious" at Stubb's in Austin during ACL weekend"

For a certain portion of Austinites, Danzig front man Glenn Danzig will forever be associated with his 2011 debacle at Fun Fun Fun Fest, where he threw what has been described as the mother of all rock star tantrums, taking the stage close to an hour late and trying to incite a riot when his set was cut short by the fest's noise curfew.

He's been back to Austin at least once since then without incident and on Monday night could not have been more cordial - there's a weird adjective for a metal singer - or professional for the 90 thunderous minutes he and his three-piece backing band were on stage.

The beginning of that set started a bit shaky, as the singer's vocals sounded weak on opening songs such as "SkinCarver" and "Hammer Of The Gods." This was worrying since Danzig's bellowing screams are pretty much the main attraction live, though the blazing guitar work of longtime band guitarist and Prong member Tommy Victor was superb throughout.

Somewhere around the 15-minute mark, however, the singer found his voice and was a peak performer for the duration, leaning into the lines of "How The Gods Kill" and covers of Elvis Presley and Black Sabbath tunes that are part of the band's forthcoming "Skeletons" covers album. [Austin 360]

Skeletons is out on November 27 on Evilive and in addition to Elvis and Sabbath covers, will feature songs by Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and the Everly Brothers, among others.

Check out that Celtic Frost cover, some of those Danzig covers (recorded live), and all dates for Child Bite, below...

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October 7, 2015

photo: Jim Konya with Nunslaughter at the Acheron in 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Negative Approach

Sad news out of Cleveland today, as Jim Konya, (aka Jim Sadist, Jim Satanic, Lord Mazillion, other wonderful alter egos), drummer of numerous Cleveland metal acts like Nunslaughter and Schnauzer has passed away following a stroke suffered three weeks ago:

"A lot of people think of him as some crazy heavy-metal badass in satanic rock band T-shirts," says Bill Peters, a heavy-metal DJ at WJCU 88.7/FM who befriended Konya when he would call in to the radio station to make song requests. "But the Jim I know is the kind of person who would offer rides to strangers at the end of the night - a good person and very giving." - []
The Cleveland music community had rallied together to try and raise money to help support Jim in the wake of his medical problems. The memorial page on Facebook where friends and fans are posting memories of Jim is a great testament to the impact he had on the Cleveland scene and heavy music in general.

Rest in Peace Jim. Watch a video of Nunslaughter playing at Obscene Extreme Fest last year below.

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

photo: Kowloon Walled City at Cake Shop in 2010 (more by Justin Tyler)
Kowloon Walled City

That sense of being packed into a city definitely had an influence on me personally. I don't dislike that feeling, but I was aware of it and I know it seeped into our lyrics. And lyrically things are a little different this time around, so maybe that's partly why. As for the space in the music, the more that we've explored that, the more it's spoken to us. It feels like we are figuring out the band that we're supposed to be. I can definitely hear that happening on Container Ships, especially compared to our previous record, Gambling on the Richter Scale, which was super blown out and aggressive and dense. I can totally draw a line from our first EP to this record as far as slowly firing ourselves into orbit. [Noisey]
Bummed-out sludge greats Kowloon Walled City are streaming their new album Grievances, which is out on October 9th on Neurot. That quote above is from an interview that Kowloon guitarist/vocalist Scott Evans just did with Converge guitarist and metal mega-producer Kurt Ballou. The whole thing is worth a read, especially for the true gear-heads out there; the two producers get way into the recording techniques used for the record, and its pretty fascinating.

As for Grievances, its a compelling new direction for KWC. Using a raw, newly clean-sounding guitar sound, these songs really breathe. There's such a strong command of dynamics, such directness in the way the band delivers emotional content, that the album feels like the most refined possible expression of what they've always done. Listen below.

Kowloon Walled City are heading out on a quick west coast tour with Fight Amp. Those dates are listed below.

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by Andrew Sacher

Mammoth Storm

Mammoth Storm isn't quite what we got with Joaquin last weekend (at least not here in NYC), but it is the very appropriate name of Draconian guitarist Daniel Arvidsson's new-ish band. The Swedish doomers known as Mammoth Storm will release their first full length, Fornjot, on November 6 via Napalm Records (pre-order) and we've got the premiere of the lyric video for the title track. It's a slab of thick, de-tuned, badass riffs and Arvidsson's gruff vocals that maybe have just a bit of Neurosis influence. Listen below.

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October 6, 2015


We're still a few weeks away from getting Anareta, the third album from death metal band Horrendous, and today we premiered a new song from it over at Invisible Oranges. It's called "Ozymandias" and IO editor Joseph Schafer writes:

A love letter to the final four albums by Death--my personal favorites in Chuck Schuldiner's output--the record showcases an advanced control of rhythmic push and pull. My Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor of tens peaks about how controlling a person's center of gravity gives one control over that person's whole body; it is the same with music. Horrendous own the rhythm, so they own your head and the way it will bang.
Anareta drops 10/30 via Dark Descent. Dig into the new track below...

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Die Choking - <i>Beyond</i>

Philly grindcore band Die Choking will follow the I and II EPs with their new album III digitally this week and physically on 10/23 via The Compound. The 14-minute full-length has the requisite fury and brevity that one looks for in a good slice of grindcore, but Die Choking manage to cover a lot of sonic ground. The production is richer and more textured than your typical grind album; "Bastard of Hyperion" has a section that practically counts as psychedelic given what comes before and after, and "Dead Figureheads" takes a legitimate stab at melody before the blast-beats kick in. And of course the riffs crush. If grindcore is your bag, this one is very worth checking out. Listen below (via Stereogum).

Die Choking are heading out on tour in support of III later in October. That will include a stop in NYC where they'll play Saint Vitus on November 15 with Carved Up, Spotlights and Godmaker. Tickets for that show will be available soon via Ticketfly.

Album stream and tour dates below...

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by Justin M. Norton

Killing Joke

"We're sitting on a fucking monster, man," says legendary Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman from somewhere in Europe. While musicians tend to boast around new albums, Coleman and his bandmates (guitarist Geordie, bassist Youth and drummer Paul Ferguson) - the original lineup that recorded the first Killing Joke album - continue to back big proclamations with albums befitting of their nearly four-decade history. Pylon, due October 23, is no exception; it builds on the Killing Joke legacy of beauty meeting anger meeting mysticism. The band was so inspired that they wrote 15 tracks; five were moved to a bonus disc but Coleman insists they are part of the album, not an afterthought. Killing Joke plans to return to the United States for their first tour in three years this coming January. Coleman talked to us about Pylon, technocracy and the power of human connection.


BV: It's not that I didn't enjoy the last record (MMXII), but Pylon seems to have a greater sense of urgency like your comeback record more than 10 years ago. Did you feel a greater sense of urgency?

Coleman: That's an interesting analogy to the 2003 record. But yes, it felt like a similar sort of cycle, especially because we put Paul's drums on last like we did with Dave (Grohl's) drums. I've had a fucking bleak year. When you are in your 50s, people die around you. One of those deaths was a suicide close to my family. I don't know why Killing Joke recordings need to be traumatic, but they always are. The background to this record is a year of austerity. When you don't do concerts, you don't earn a great deal of money. I've also been going to Russia to work with the St. Petersburg Orchestra. That's a different kind of bleakness. So it's been a dark year, especially observing what's going on in the world. It's hard not to get depressed and sometimes the only thing that lifts me is seeing the guys from the band. We use music as a way to process everything in the world.

I do think we did this album the right way. Youth would come in every few weeks and work with Geordie and me. When I start a piece of work, I always share a theme with Paul and then he goes and writes. Then, I try to synthesize. Paul has this quality - this ability to write the same way I do.

continued below...

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October 5, 2015

Venom Inc Necrophagia

While Cronos still leads his version of Venom, who will play FFF 2015 (their only US show of the year) and MDF 2016, fellow "classic era" members Mantas and Abaddon now have their own version of the band called Venom Inc.. That band have announced they will tour North America this fall with death metal pioneers Necrophagia.

The tour will stop in NYC for a show at The Marlin Room at Webster Hall on November 14. Tickets for that show will be on sale soon.

UPDATE: The tour was cancelled due to visa issues and has been rescheduled for January 2016. The new NYC date is 1/9 at the Marlin Room at Webster Hall. Tickets are on sale now.

All dates are listed, with recent live videos from both bands, below...

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

MGLA - Excercises in Futility

Polish black metal greats Mgla have a new album out now. Its called Exercises In Futility and it's a ripper, brutal and surprisingly catchy in equal measure. Stream it below.

Mgla will be going on a US tour in November that includes two days of NYC's Martyrdoom Festival, which goes from November 6 - 10 at Saint Vitus. All Mgla dates are listed below

The first Martyrdoom show they play is 11/6 with Necrophobic, Kommandant, Paroxsihzem and Vorde. Then they play the 11/8 show with their tourmates Mortuary Drape and Sangus, plus Demonomancy, Black Anvil and Phobocosm. The 11/6 show is sold out, but tickets for all other Martyrdoom shows (including the pre-party at Acheron) are still available.

Check out the full Martyrdoom schedule, with Mgla's tour dates and album stream, below...

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