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June 5, 2014


Maryland Deathfest wrapped up another successful year, and already announced the dates for the 2015 festival, May 21-24. They say we can expect the first round of bands, venue details, and early bird ticket details some tine in July. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, read another just-published account of the 2014 fest by Scab Casserole at Invisible Oranges.

by Ian Chainey

Pallbearer at Europa in 2013 (more by Greg Cristman)

Two colossal crushers have new things on the way. First up is Little Rock's Pallbearer, a classic doomer not afraid to evoke emotions. They recently announced a tour with Deafheaven and Wreck and Reference. Now we get the details on the upcoming album. It's titled Foundations Of Burden and the cover art by Anitmetalphysical (Sean Reynolds Williams) is a gorgeous trip, complete with a possible nod to Rush's Hemispheres. That or something out of a Gary Gygax dream. Nice work on the natural 20 creativity roll, Sean. The record will be available via Profound Lore on August 19. Fun fact: Pallbearer's debut, Sorrow and Extinction, is the second best selling Profound Lore title. Owner/operator Chris Bruni passed along that nugget and more when Invisible Oranges picked his brain in honor of PFL's 10th anniversary.

The other hefty full-length on the horizon is Tombs' Savage Gold. The bleak beast is now streaming in full at Pitchfork and it's as expansive as expected. I recently had a chance to chat with Mike Hill, Tombs' frontman, and he's got an interesting perspective when it comes to music:

"I don't like to blame other people for my failures. If I fuck up, it's my own fault. If something goes wrong, I have to analyze what decisions I've made to put me in that consciousness. A number of years ago I had someone in my life that was always looking outward with respects to the hardships he was experiencing. It was always someone else's fault, never his. I feel like we are all responsible for our own destinies."
You can check out the full interview on IO. You can grab Savage Gold on Tuesday (6/10) through Relapse (preorder).

Find the cover art and tracklisting for Foundations of Burden below.

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by Ian Chainey

Incantation in LA in 2012 (more by Adam Murray)

We're up to our neck in Incantation clones, so it's certainly nice to see the real diabolical conquistadors back in action. The Pennsylvanian punishers have a new album on the way titled Dirges of Elysium and it sounds as filthy as ever. The record drops via Listenable Records on June 24 (preorder). Of course, as bands with a new record often do, Incantation are also hitting the road. They'll be playing dates with Macabre.

Indeed, Incantation and the serial-murderer-obsessed death/thrashers from Illinois have scheduled shows together to happen this summer. It's something of a special jaunt for the death-/grind-influencing Macabre as their 'murder metal' turns 30 this year. The band has cut a slew of fun records, but they're a special treat live. Incantation, too, excel in the concert element, with John McEntee providing some of the best death metal song intros in the scene. Sorry, let me rephrase that: BEEEEEEEEEST DEATH METAL INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTROS IN THE SCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE. A full tour hasn't been announced yet, but a few dates for this monstrous bill have popped up including a NYC show happening on June 30 at Saint Vitus. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

All currently known dates are listed, with a couple live videos of these two shaking their surroundings, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Emma Ruth Rundle w/ Marriages at Saint Vitus in 2013 (more by Lukas Hodge)

Bits of Emma's other bands can be heard in this record, but it's really its own thing, stronger than just some solo/side project type endeavor. Throughout the album, she brings in elements of dark folk, psychedelia, shoegaze, and moody textures that recall her metal associations. Her labelmate Chelsea Wolfe would be a good comparison. Unlike some of her more lo-fi work, the production here is clear as day and benefits her often-huge voice. The songs are rarely bright or uplifting, but they'll get stuck in your head.
I recently wrote the above about Emma Ruth Rundle's (of Marriages, Nocturnes, Red Sparrowes) excellent new solo album, Some Heavy Ocean, which she's since announced a tour in support of. Most dates on the tour are opening for King Buzzo of the Melvins on his tour, though she won't be at either of his NYC dates (Santos and The Wick). She will, however, go on a short run in the middle of that tour with Stephen Brodsky of Cave In/Mutoid Man and Jason Bartell of Emma's Sargent House labelmates Fang Island which hits NYC on July 13 at Saint Vitus. Tickets for the Vitus show are on sale now.

All dates are listed, with a full stream of Some Heavy Ocean, below...

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June 4, 2014

by Wyatt Marshall & Andrew Sacher

Watain at Irving Plaza in 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)

As mentioned in a recent edition of The Heavy Lowdown (which you may have missed since it was the Friday before Memorial Day), Swedish black metal band Watain will blaspheme the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Sunday June 15 in what has to be the venue/market's most metal booking yet (sorry Pizza Underground). The show's part of the Northside Festival, and it will be Watain's only US show this summer. Unlike most Brooklyn Bazaar shows, this one costs money and tickets are on sale now. Try not to get blood in your banh mi.

When Watain's last album, The Wild Hunt, came out last year, we interviewed frontman Erik Danielsson over on Invisible Oranges. Check that out and stream The Wild Hunt and watch a video for "Outlaw" below.

If you're going to the BKNB show, it's worth showing up early for local band Kosmodemonic, whose psychedelic sludge may not be nearly as brutal as Watain's black metal, but should make for a pretty good primer for what's to come. They played a solid set opening for Kvelertak at Saint Vitus not long ago, which you can watch a video of, below.

Other upcoming heavy shows at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (which are free) include Trap Them / Coliseum and Ceremony / Iron Lung.

Videos and Watain LP stream below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Trap Them at Saint Vitus in 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Trap Them

Metallic hardcore crew Trap Them will release their new album, Blissfucker, next week (6/10) via Prosthetic Records, but you can stream the whole thing in full now (via Noisey). As usual, they teamed up with Converge's Kurt Ballou to record this one, and it pretty much sounds like standard Trap Them, which -- in their consistently solid case -- is not a bad thing at all. (Though this is actually their first album to feature new bassist Galen Baudhuin and drummer Brad Fickeisen.) Check it out below.

Trap Them (who used to be on Deathwish) are also touring with post-hardcore bashers Coliseum (who recently joined Deathwish) surrounding both bands' appearances at Cambridge, MA's Deathwish Fest (7/22-23). That tour brings the two bands to NYC for a FREE show at Brooklyn Night Bazaar on July 19 with NYC/LI hardcore band Incendiary and White Widows Pact. That's one day after the Ceremony / Iron Lung tour hits Brooklyn Night Bazaar (7/18), and both shows are presented by Noisey.

Speaking of bands playing Deathwish Fest touring together, Oathbreaker and Cult Leader are doing just that, including a BV-presented NYC show with Deathwish's Young and in the Way.

All Trap Them / Coliseum dates are listed, with the Blissfucker stream, below...

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By Ian Chainey


Varg Vikernes, the eternal lightning rod for controversy, is back in a French court on charges of "inciting racial hatred." Vikernes was arrested in July of 2013 due to suspicions that the one-time black metaller was "plotting a massacre." While Varg and his wife were eventually released since authorities couldn't find evidence of a specific plot, he was still charged with posting racist and anti-Semitic views on his blog. Police also stated they found anti-Semitic evidence on a seized computer. Varg's defense?

Vikernes told the court that according to Norwegian secret police there were "at any given moment 350 people pretending to be Varg Vikernes on Facebook", adding that "anybody can very easily put up a blog" that appeared to be one of his.
This is another entry in a lifetime of legal troubles for the former Mayhem bassist/Burzum mastermind. In 1993, Vikernes was arrested for arson, burning down at least seven churches, and for the murder of his Mayhem bandmate Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth. He served 16 years of his 21 year sentence, eventually resettling in France with his wife and children.

This news comes the same week his new album, Burzum's The Ways of Yore, was released (a return his synth dominated works, adhering to a statement made earlier in the year that he "no longer plays metal music.")


Belgium melodic hardcore/screamo band Oathbreaker put out their excellent sophomore album, Eros|Anteros, last year via Deathwish but still haven't gotten a chance to come to North American in support of it. We found out that would finally change when the band was announced for Cambridge's Deathwish Fest (7/22-23) and we're now happy to announce they'll be going on a tour with labelmates Cult Leader (aka 3/4 of Gaza who basically pick up where Gaza left off) which kicks off right after that festival.

The tour begins in CT on 7/20, hits Long Island's Amityville Music Hall on 7/21 (tickets), and then after Deathwish Fest, comes to NYC for a BrooklynVegan-presented show on July 24 at The Acheron with another Deathwish band, North Carolina's metallic hardcore rippers Young and in the Way (who put out their new When Life Comes to Death LP last week), and Oakland's sludgy Badr Vogu. Tickets for that show go on sale today (6/4) at 1 PM. Show flyer, list of all tour dates, and streams from all four bands on the Acheron show, below...

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June 3, 2014

by Ian Chainey

GWAR-B-Q, 2013 (more by Josh Sisk)

The Medical Examiner's Office of Richmond, Virgina has confirmed Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie, former GWAR frontman was in fact 'drug related'. The man, who in 2010 started throwing crack fundraisers, died of an accidental heroin overdose. Brockie was 50 years old at the time of his passing on March 23.

Months later, Brockie's passing is still felt throughout the metal community. GWAR set up the Dave Brockie Fund to honor their mate, "a charity fund with the mission of promoting the advancement of music, images, letters and performances in the arts." An official send-off will take place on August 15 at Hadad's Lake in Richmond, location of the annual GWAR-B-Q which will still be taking place and includes a live set from the band despite the void left by Brockie. GWAR's Riot Fest date has also been kept on the books. And recently, one of Dave Brockie's dreams, GWARbar, announced a fundraising effort to help out in refurbishment costs (currently at $12,664 of the $50,000 goal).

RIP, Oderus. Video of GWAR's The Next Mutation, featuring a young Brockie, appears below.

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by Ian Chainey

Haitian Rail
Haitian Arms

Last year, Many Arms' Nick Millevoi and Hyrrokkin's Edward Ricart folded together the experimental fringes of out-there jazz and rock as the Ricart/Millevoi Quartet. Haitian Rail, the resulting date with Travis Laplante on tenor sax and Ches Smith on drums, was equal parts avant-garde jazz soundbomb, bruising noise rock, and spiderweb-intricate prog. The varied timbres made for quite a palette. Ricart's bass lines busily fluttered and were caked with AmRep grime. Millevoi played like an attacking chessmaster, tossing out chameleonesque scales and runs that challenged the rest of the band to react. The rest of the band were up to the task. A record like Haitian Rail lives and dies by the interplay between its builders. Haitian Rail thrived.

Fast forward a year and another Ricart/Millevoi album is on the way. This one is called Solarists, out on July 22 through New Atlantis Records. There are some changes. Most notably, the quartet have shifted operations under a familiar sobriquet, Haitian Rail. Plus, there are some new friends within in the ranks. Trombonist Dan Blacksberg (Deveykus) takes over Laplante's counter-melody duties and drummer Kevin Shea (Most Other People Do the Killing) assumes Smith's stool. And, jeeze, if "Trembler" and Solarists' cover art is any indication, things are getting dark.

"Trembler" cuts right to the chase. Shea and Ricart weave in, out, and around each other by way of blink-and-you'll-miss-them rhythms. They're like two bikers lane-splitting during a traffic jam. Ricart, in particular, seems intent on exhausting notebook after notebook of riffs and song ideas. So, with the space eaten up by the rhythm section, Millevoi and Blacksberg hang back. Millevoi again covers a lot of miles with his tone. He starts out swishing around a Duane Denison twang and then spits corrosive skronks upon whatever Shea and Ricart are constructing. Blacksberg, on the other hand, mops things up with comparatively melodic legato sweeps, also adding in percussive periods and commas when required. Suddenly, Shea takes over with a drum solo that is both athletic and cerebral. It sounds like someone dropped an ant farm on his kit and he's trying to quickly eradicate the scourge, yet he plays with so much balance. His logical calculations catch on and the entire band finally comes together, ending with a spiky arrangement that could be a caffeinated read of Eric Dolphy's "Gazzelloni."

Or, in other words, holy crap.

"Trembler" is the opening song on Haitian Rail's Solarists, available July 22 on New Atlantis Records (preorder). It makes its premiere in this post and can be streamed below.

Nick Millevoi will also be out on tour with Many Arms soon, including a NYC show Thursday (6/5) at Saint Vitus with Dysrhythmia and Mick Barr/Marc Edwards (tickets). Speaking of Dysrhythmia, they'll be on a bill featuring Oneida and Beach Creeps at Glasslands Gallery on July 17 (tickets). And the always-working Mick Barr has a number of engagements upcoming, including solo sets and collaborations with Mike Pride. All of those are listed below.

Stream "Trembler," along with the Solarists cover art, tracklisting, and list of dates, below...

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