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October 28, 2007

DOWNLOAD: The Misfits - Halloween (MP3)


All Good Naysayers provides all the info you need to create your very own Sufjan Stevens-themed Halloween costume to go with your Sufjan Stevens pumpkin. And since the city was filled with people dressed up for Halloween this weekend (4-5 days before Halloween), it probably wouldn't be against the rules for you to wear your costume again 1-3 days after Halloween.

October 15, 2007

DOWNLOAD: Southeast Engine - Quit While You're Ahead (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fatal Flying Guiloteens - Reveal the Rats (MP3)
STREAM: the new Underworld @ AOL

REMThis week's rather lean CD release list has a distinctive Athens, Georgia flavor (at least for the two discs that interest me most). R.E.M. releases their long-awaited live album (complete with concert DVD), R.E.M. Live, and a remastered edition of Pylon's Gyrate arrives with several bonus tracks. Other albums I can strongly recommend include Southeast Engine's Misra debut, A Wheel Within a Wheel, the Capstan Shafts' Environ Maiden and singer-songwriter Karen Dalton's live two-disc collection, Cotton Eyed Joe.

Home for Christmas: Voices from the Heartland is the only holiday music disc I am picking up, with soulful Christmas music from artists ranging from Leon Redbone to Irma Thomas.

Have I left anything noteworthy off the list? What new music releases can you recommend this week? What should I avoid? What are you picking up?

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September 20, 2007

Hilly at work

Here's a shocker: Hilly Kristal turns out to have been a millionaire. Just weeks after the legendary former CBGB owner passed away, his heirs—who thought Kristal was broke—are finding out that the old punk impresario was worth a surprising $3.7 million. [Village Voice]
and as seen on Gothamist.

* MVD releasing 'live from CBGB' CD's
* CBGB's Hilly Kristal tribute page
* NY Magazine has Hilly Kristal's last interview
* CBGB regular Jesse Malin remembers the late Hilly Kristal
* RIP Hilly

Pete Best @ Kenny's - October 2005 (CRED)
Pete Best

Not the most popular venue obviously, but there's some history there, and I for one count myself as one of those with at least a few memories of going to see friends' bands play at Kenny's Castaways. Opinions of the venue aside for a second, what do you think of the lineups (listed below) of the 40th anniversary shows so far?

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September 13, 2007

Kennys Castaways

NY DollsFounded in 1967 by Patrick Kenny, Kenny’s Castaways was a haven for new and up and coming local bands to showcase their songs. From the New York Dolls residency to the debut of a singer named Bruce Springsteen (with the E Street Band) in 1973, Kenny’s Castaways has held it’s own for more than 40 years, alongside CBGB as a downtown staple for groundbreaking bands. Past performers who have graced the stage there include Aerosmith, Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, The Smithereens, Phish, Professor Longhair and the list goes on and on….. Kenny’s is still presenting live shows every night of the week and in this day and age where live venues come and go, it’s nice to see that this treasure on Bleecker Street is still on the map and continues to be….

Bruce SpringsteenOn September 28th & 29th, Kenny’s will begin a celebration of 40 years in music, presented by Maria and Tommy Kenny, in memory of their father. Then again on October 4th, 5th and 6th… There will be more anniversary shows added in November (details forthcoming). Known for it’s all star late night jams, Kenny’s will open and close the event with a variety of musicians, old and new, getting together to bring back the traditional Village atmosphere. The Bleecker Street music scene was the key to opening doors for a variety of live venues over the years and Kenny’s is one of the landmarks that continues on as a great live venue, lasting more than four decades. Kenny’s is the real school of rock!

Continued below....

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August 31, 2007

Hilly Kristal, Little Steven, Tommy Ramone

"Losing CBGB meant it was only a matter of time before Hilly followed" said Van Zandt "It was his whole life. He created the space to allow Indie Rock, Pop Art Rock, and Punk to be born. There would be no Ramones without Hilly Kristal. And who would want to live in a world without them? He loved this city and in the end, the city spit in his face."
Catch long-time CBGB supporter Steven Van Zandt (and friends) when he goes on a tour that includes two stops at NYC's MSG in October (during CMJ actually).

Tommy Ramone (seen pictured above with Hilly & Stevie) has a bunch of shows coming up (with his bluegrass band Uncle Monk).

August 30, 2007

August 29, 2007

April 10, 2007

DOWNLOAD: Minutemen - History Lesson - Part II (MP3)

The Stooges @ United Palace

Popmatters has some great recent video interviews with Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Kelly Clarkson). Mike talks about everything from almost dying, to first hearing the Stooges when he was 16, to actually becoming a member of reunited Stooges band. Last night (at my first Stooges show) it was great to watch him up there playing bass side-by-side with the incredible Iggy Pop.

The Stooges @ United Palace

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January 8, 2007

DOWNLOAD: David Bowie - Changes (MP3)

Happy Birthday David Bowie! "David Robert Jones" was born on January 8, 1947. Today he's 60 years old, so the BBC listed sixty things about him

David Bowie

Back in May 2006 (when he was just 59) we found out that David's curating the May 2007 Inaugural HighLine Festival in NYC.

As part of the programming, Bowie will play a large outdoor concert, his first show in New York since 2003. He will also select musicians and artists to appear throughout the festival.[from here]
Since then, the HighLine Festival got its own website. I found out in message boards that the website at some point revealed the exact festival dates to be May 9-18 - and then May 9-19 (ten days!). Currently the website just reads "Coming May 2007".

It's public knowledge that Bowie loves The Secret Machines, TV on the Radio, and Arcade Fire, so it's no surprise that the rumors say "Arcade Fire and TV On The Radio are frontrunners to headline the event".

Will TV on the Radio and/or Arcade Fire actually play the event though? TV on the Radio just announced a big tour that doesn't include a NYC date, and they'll be home about 20 days before May 9th. Looks like the chances are good for TVOTR.

Arcade Fire ARE definitely playing multiple shows in NYC in May, but I don't have faith that any of those shows will actually be associated with the HighLine Festival. I think instead Arcade Fire will just play a few shows at a regular venue on their tour to support the new album. We'll have to wait to find out though - currently they've only announced the pre-tour special church shows.

[Do you have all three new/leaked Arcade Fire tracks yet (Intervention, Black Wave/Bad Vibrations, & Black Mirror)??]

So, who will play the 9-10 day Highline Festival besides Bowie, and possibly TV on the Radio, and less possibly Arcade Fire? Well, I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that David Bowie is bringing to NYC - an artist who I right-now want to see more than all of them - yes, it's the one and only Daniel Johnston...

DOWNLOAD: Daniel Johnston - Story of an Artist (MP3)

Daniel Johnston @ Emo's, Austin, TX | Dec 16, 2006 (CRED)
Daniel Johnston @ Emos

Those familiar will Daniel Johnston's career should know about Daniel's latest project Danny & The Nightmares. Those not familiar with Danny's career haven't seen the amazing documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston. That is easily corrected. The cover looks like this:

Daniel Johnston

Danny and the Nightmares played a bunch of shows in Texas recently - that includes one at Rudyard's on New Years Eve, and one at Emo's on December 16th (maybe they'll play SXSW?). The pictures in this post are from the Emo's show...

Daniel Johnston @ Emo's, Austin, TX | Dec 16, 2006 (CRED)
Daniel Johnston @ Emos

Nothing against Danny and his Nightmares, but it looks like Bowie (a known Daniel Johnston fan) is indeed bringing Daniel to NYC in his actual, pure Johnston form - and for that I'll celebrate his 60th birthday extra hard this Sunday the 14th at the NYC Bowie Ball.