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December 10, 2006

Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground record sold for $155,401 to a mystery bidder named "mechadaddy", but there's still time to bid on a one-of-a-kind Portastatic poster, a Guided By Voices collage made by Robert Pollard, a limited edition GBV Propeller LP, a Misfits Evilive 45, and an original set of ABBA dolls.

If you're the Beastie Boys, there's still time to "Help Out a Life-Long Fan!!"

Back to Lou Reed: those Berlin shows are finally happening this week: Dec 14-17 @ St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn. Antony AND Sharon Jones are both in the cast led by Lou Reed. Bob Ezrin and Hal Wilner are directing. The show is also being performed in Sydney, Australia - January 18-20.

"The Harry Smith Project Is Now In Stores. Lou Reed appears on the Harry Smith Project: Anthology American of Revisited 2-CD/2-DVD box set and the Harry Smith Project Live DVD, available separately. Both releases feature highlights from a series of Harry Smith tribute concerts staged in London, New York and Los Angeles by Hal Willner in 1999 and 2001. For more info, please check out the ecard." Beck, Wilco, Elvis Costello, Sonic Youth, Steve Earle, Beth Orton, and Nick Cave are some of the other artists on there. Give it to someone for the holidays - pair it with the Velvet Underground Box Set.

STREAM: Beth Orton - Frankie (WMA)

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It's the Lou Reed Tai Chi DVD!

December 8, 2006

Sick of It all @ CBGB

These pictures of Sick of It All are from the last-ever hardcore matinee at CBGB (October 8, 2006). I never posted them before, so Sick of It All and Hatebreed's just-announced tour ("Stillborn Fest") was the perfect excuse. The NYC date is 12/28 at (uggh) Roseland. All tour dates and pictures below....

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November 10, 2006




"To help him with the five-day process of packing up the club, Kristal has hired Aurora Productions, a New York theatrical production management company that specializes in the construction and disassembly of Broadway stage sets. They're breaking everything down, and once Hilly has secured a destination, they'll rebuild it as best they can. Days before the dismantling commenced, every square inch of CBGB's interior was photographed to help with the impending re-creation; each piece of the club that's removed is labeled, so the team that does the rebuild knows what goes where. The process is something between a crime-scene investigation and an archeological dig." [MTV]

Hilly Kristal @ the 2006 CMJ CBGB reunion

Sat Dec 09 - Loop Lounge (Passaic, NJ)
Thu Dec 14 - Union Hall (Brooklyn)
Fri Dec 15 - Knitting Factory (NYC)
Sat Dec 16 - Molly Blooms 2 (Amityville, LI)

"If you were a dance-punk growing up on alternative radio (WLIR, WHTG) on the east coast in the mid to late 80's, you remember Scotland's APB. 'Shoot You Down' is as classic to most modern rockers in the tri-State area as anything from the Cure, Gang Of Four, New Order, or Wire. Their NYC shows at the Ritz are the stuff legend is made of. Let's remind ourselves, however, that they are very much a cult classic, more underground than anything, and nearly obscure anywhere west of the Mississippi. Their only collection of singles on cd, 1989's 'Something To Believe In' sold and went quickly out of print. Prices fetched as high as $200 on Ebay until recently when NYC label Young American re-issued it with a bonus disc."

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November 8, 2006

Hilly Kristal @ CMJ

Two days after CBGB owner Hilly Kristal finished vacating his club on the Bowery, CMJ managed to get him on stage in front of badge-holding CMJ attendees. They billed it like this:

CBGB: The Ultimate Reunion (November 2): Famous alumni of CBGB gather to reminisce about the legendary club how it made a difference in their lives and changed the face of music. This reunion will be a fond look back at one of the most influential music venues in rock history. This panel is moderated by journalist/author Legs McNeil. Panelists include: Blondie co-founder/guitarist Chris Stein; original Ramones drummer Tommy Ramone; the Smithereens lead singer Pat DiNizio; CBGB owner/founder Hilly Kristal; Bad Brains bass player Darryl Jenifer; photographer Roberta Bayley, and others.

Hilly Kristal @ CMJ

Some things I learned:

  • Everything Hilly was able to salvage from the original club is in storage in CT - the bar, walls, toilets, stage, etc.

  • He confirmed that everything will eventually find its way to Vegas where he feels more welcome - specifically he said (again) that Las Vegas' mayor is more welcoming than NYC's mayor. That's fine, but should all of NYC be "punished" because of the actions of the mayor?

  • The new CBGB will be in the old section of Las Vegas which he compared to the East Village

  • I figured they would turn CBGB into something like Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood. In fact, Hilly specifically mentioned that he will never sell the club just to make sure it never resembles the Hard Rock Cafe. Naively or not, he envisions the new CBGB to be much like the old one - a place where any band coming through Las Vegas can stop in and play. That's awesome, but hopefully he doesn't also envision horrible smells and toilets without stalls around them.

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October 26, 2006

"On a Tuesday night in 1993, Rage Against the Machine were little more than a buzz band on their first headlining tour for their homonymous major-label debut....." [The Boston Phoenix]

October 20, 2006

Murphy's Law @ CBGB

The above photo was taken during Murphy's Law performanace at the last-ever hardcore matinee at CBGB's on October 8th, 2006. Murphy's Law is playing downstairs at Knitting Factory in NYC on New Years Eve.

Patti Smith & Flea @ CBGB's final show | pics
the last Saturday night ever @ CBGB - Dictators & Blondie
Madball @ CBGB (last hardcore matinee), NYC | pics
Agnostic Front @ CBGB (last hardcore matinee), NYC | pics

October 17, 2006

DOWNLOAD: Scatterbrain - Don't Call me Dude (MP3)


Fri, Feb 23, 2007 07:00 PM @ BB King's, NYC
"LUDICHRIST and SCATTERBRAIN reunite for a one-off performance. It's been 18 years since LUDICHRIST played a show, and 13 for SCATTERBRAIN. See 'em while you can - you may never get another chance."

October 16, 2006

DOWNLOAD: Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died (MP3)

(as you know) Patti Smith played the last show at CBGB's Sunday night, October 15th, 2006. I figured there'd be a bunch of special guests -- at least for the encore -- or maybe a secret opener. Nope. There was no opener. She dedicated "Space Monkey" to Michael Stipe, but he wasn't there like he was in 2005. And though Television's Tom Verlaine was a character in many of her on-stage stories -- including one about her recording with him "LAST NIGHT" -- he was nowhere to be found (actually she told us he sent his regards). Television guitarist Richard Lloyd was there though, as was sometimes-Patti Smith bassist Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Flea and Patti Smith

There was a roughly 25-minute painful intermission at this show. I say painful because it just meant more time trapped in place at this extremely crowded, long, bathroom-less show. I say bathroom-less because they closed the downstairs bathrooms - you had to go next door. The show was great - don't get me wrong, but it wasn't exactly comfortable.

Flea and Patti Smith

Audience members worth noting: Talking Heads' Chris Franz & Tina Weymouth, Jesse Malin (who helped close out Continental, but not CBGB), Rolling Stone Magazine's David Fricke, Jim Carroll (who Lenny Kaye also played/plays guitar for), Michael Azerrad (This Band Could Be Your Life), CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, Little Steven Van Zandt (who tried to save the place) and The Dictators' Andy Shernoff (who played the night before), and the guy in the picture below...

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DOWNLOAD: Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer (MP3)

Television's Richard Lloyd played guitar with Patti Smith and band (Lenny Kaye, Jay Dee Daugherty & Tony Shanahan) on stage for a few songs at CBGB's final show Sunday night, October 15, 2006. Richard's young son was up front in the over-packed audience. Tom Verlaine was home sleeping?

Richard Lloyd & Patti Smith

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