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October 16, 2006

DOWNLOAD: Dead Boys - All This and More (MP3)

I can't believe they took the awning down already....

CBGB | OCTOBER 16, 2006 (CRED)

"Due to unprecedented demand, online apparel orders will take 14 - 21 days for processing. We appreciate your patience and urge you to visit our retail location at 313 Bowery from now through October 31st."

CBGB | OCTOBER 16, 2006 (CRED)

"CBGB's last show is October 15th and the club will reopen in the near future. CBGB Fashions: (the CBGB store, wholesale department, and online store) will remain open at our 315 Bowery premises until October 31. On November 1, we will move to and open CBGB Fashions at Broadway and Bond Street. All phone numbers will remain the same. "


top two photos via CityRag.

Patti Smith & Lenny Kaye @ CBGB's final night | pics

DOWNLOAD: Patti Smith - Easter (MP3)

Sharing lengthy anecdotes with the crowd between songs, Smith at announced that "My favourite show here was Easter 1974, Television played. To nine people". [NME]

Patti Smith & Lenny Kaye

"When I started performing a lot with Lenny Kaye and Richard Sohl, we had goals: to infuse new life into performing poetry—merging poetry with electric guitar, three chords—and to reembrace rock and roll. It drew us together and kept us informed, whether through Bob Dylan or Neil Young or the Who. In the early seventies, rock and roll was monopolized by record companies, marketing strategies, stadium rock. Tom Verlaine and Television were for me the most inspiring: They were not glamorous, they were human." [Patti Smith to NY Magazine]

"Oh, we were further along in our development when we got there, just because Patti, for one, is such an astonishing creature intellectually and performance-ly, and all of the above. I've even seen videotapes of us in '74 where I – I think of that as fairly primitive in our development, yet we were pretty far along in terms of the structure of what we were dealing with." [Lenny Kaye to Furious]

the press conference @ CBGB's final night | pics

DOWNLOAD: Clarendon - Hooray Punk Rock Boy (MP3)

There was a huge mob of press waiting to get inside CBGB by the time I got there at 6:30 pm Sunday night (October 15, 2006).

Press @ CBGB

I managed to get inside for the press conference that was held during soundcheck. Most, if not all, of the video footage you saw on the news came from then. Patti Smith and band played a few songs and answered a bunch of questions, some mockingly. Then she told the press to get out. Those waiting on line were let in shortly thereafter for the show that ran until just after 1 a.m.

Press @ CBGB

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DOWNLOAD: The Products - Lets go to CBGB (MP3)

It was a media circus outside CBGB Sunday night (Oct 15, 2006). An ailing Hilly Kristal entered the club he owns around 7pm - not long before doors opened to the last show ever.

HillY Kristal - CBGB

HillY Kristal - CBGB

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October 15, 2006

DOWNLOAD: The Ramones - We're a Happy Family (MP3)





The Waldos, Blondie (4 people - 2 original - acoustic), and The Dictators helped close out CBGB on Saturday October 14, 2006. The third song of the Dicators' three-song encore was a cover of the Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop. Tommy Ramone himself helped out on vocals. Awesome show all around. One night left.

The Dictators @ CBGB's 3rd-to-last night
Bad Brains @ CBGB (2006 - show 1), NYC | pics
Madball @ CBGB (last hardcore matinee), NYC | pics

October 14, 2006

DOWNLOAD: Blondie live @ 2005 Save CBGB Rally in WSP (MP3) (pics)

The Dicators played CBGB Friday October 13th, 2006 - the last-ever Friday night show at CBGB's, and the first of a two-night run for the reunited 70's NYC punk band. The club closes forever Sunday night October 15th with a performance by Patti Smith.

I wasn't there Friday night, but "Adam" was nice enough to leave his review in the comments. I republished it below...

THE DICATORS backstage @ CBGB. NYC | OCT 13, 2006 (CRED)
The Dicators @ CBGB


I am not a big fan of nostalgia. When I look at the closing of CBGB, I don't feel too bad for Hilly as he is easily making millions a year in selling T-shirts in the malls of America. I also don't really believe in the idea of recreating CBGB in Las Vegas although it does make some sick sense. Imagine Joey Ramone slot machines combined with the sound of punk metal. Hell, I would go check it out when I am in Vegas.

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October 13, 2006

DOWNLOAD: Talking Heads - Once In a Lifetime (MP3)

"Loser’s Lounge is one of those New York City treasures that help make fighting through the crowded sidewalks and the rest of the daily hassles we face worthwhile." [The Villager]

Talking Heads

I have nothing but love for the Loser's Lounge, but of course there's gonna be some backlash when people find out that, instead of the Beastie Boys, Television, Blondie, or even David Byrne and his real Talking Heads playing the fourth-to-last night ever at CBGB, CBGB's books your Talking Heads tribute act instead. Some thought maybe the real David Byrne would show up anyway - maybe to join them on stage for a song or two. Didn't happen. In fact, according to numerous commenters, David was enjoying himself further uptown at the Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins show at Town Hall.

Jenny Lewis @ Town Hall

WILLY MASON (opening) @ TOWN HALL, NYC | OCT 12, 2006 (CRED)
Willy Mason @ Town Hall

"I then went and watched the most adorable and wonderful concert at Town Hall; Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins. I'm absolutely head over heels in love in a non-lesbo (but totes Glesbo) fashion with JL. Watch this video of her as a teen being interviewed by the crappy show "Teen Set" in 1991. She tries on hats and jumps on a trampoline."

"The band last night was the Loser's Lounge - a group that did covers of Talking Heads, Brian Eno, etc... but each song had a new singer who had once graced the CBGB's stage. I didn't know a lot of the names but their stories were all similar, 'I played here back in 1981! I can't believe it's over.'


Above photos by Bao.

Loser's Lounge next gigs will be in tribute to Elton John - Dec. 14, 15 & 16 @ Joe's Pub.

David Byrne recently saw Joanna Newsom and Under Byen while at Pop Montreal. Chart Attack says Under Byen was drowned out by crowd chatter.

Listen to the October 15th Jenny Lewis concert on NPR. You can also listen to Built to Spill.

The Watson Twins (sans Jenny) are opening for Oakley Hall and Shooter Jennings at Irving Plaza on November 4th. It's part of CMJ. You may remember a post about Shooter at Bonnarroo.

Talking Heads (impersonators) playing CBGB Thursday
Willy Mason in, Little Willies out as Jenny Lewis opener
Madball @ CBGB (last hardcore matinee), NYC | pics

Duran Duran

B-52's - The beehive hairstyle popular in the 1950's (worn by band members) was called a B-52 after a type of large US Air Force bomber plane with that designation.

Duran DuranBEASTIE BOYS - According to Michael Diamond, BEASTIE stands for Boys Entering Anarchistic Stages Towards Internal Excellence.

BLUE CHEER - 60's nickname for high-quality LSD, and coincidentally a brand of laundry detergent (the band used the detergent idea on their album cover with "New, Improved, Blue Cheer" - surprised they didn't get sued for it. (tour dates)

DAVID BOWIE - born David Jones, he changed his name to avoid confusion with David (Davy) Jones of THE MONKEES.

CREED - This popular Florida band was named after former bassist Brian Marshall's earlier band Mattox Creed.

DURAN DURAN - named after a character in the Jane Fonda movie Barbarella.

GUNS 'N' ROSES - originally two bands L.A. GUNNS and HOLLYWOOD ROSES. Hollywood Roses was headed by Axl Rose, Tracii Guns headed the other band which also featured Slash Izzy. The two frequented clubs and played there and were friends.

RADIOHEAD - Named after a Talking Heads' song called "Radio Head."

RAMONES - Paul McCartney used to call himself Paul Ramone. The Ramones all use the last name Ramone even though it's not their given name.

TALKING HEADS - probably from the video jargon for a camera shot showing only the head & shoulders of a person. Newscasters are usually shown this way and it makes for boring TV. Another story says they were inspired by a military experiment involving talking mannequin heads.

U2 - Three possibilities: 1) A type of spy plane used by the United States in the 1960's - made famous when Gary Powers' U2 plane was shot down over Russia and he was taken as a
prisoner during the Cold War. 2) U2 as in "you too" referring to the audience and its role in the musical experience 3) a U2 is an unemployment form in Ireland (see UB40)


Those and more right here. (via)

DOWNLOAD: Reagan Youth - Happy (MP3)

The following post was copy and pasted in its entirety from 'Political Punk NYC's MySpace:

Tompins Square Bandshell

Do you remember the following venues that had punk shows back in the day (1987-1991)?

-Tin Pan Alley in Hell's Kitchen- the fucking best!
-Lucky 13's squat in the Lower East Side- squat or rot!
-The Tompkins Square Park bandshell- before it got demolished!
-The Central Park bandshell- Rock Against Racism!
-Hunter College student center
-The Pyramid- before it started sucking
-The Lismar Lounge- what a scumpit!
-CBGB's- obviously
-ABC No Rio on Rivington Street- still going!
-Charas- post Tompkins Square Riot!
-The RAPP Arts Center
-The New Theater (East 4th Street)
-The World nightclub on 3rd St.
-Wetlands on Hudson Street
-Lauterbach's in Brooklyn
-The Right Track Inn on Long Island
-Maxwell's in Hoboken


Political Punk NYC. is a MySpace page that calls itself "a clearinghouse for info on political and Anarchist punk bands from NYC 1984-1991". A.P.P.L.E. and Reagan Youth are in their top eight.