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August 21, 2006

"...From September through the end of the year, albums expected to join the platinum parade are due from Clay Aiken, Alan Jackson, Ludacris, Beck, Evanescence, Jet, My Chemical Romance, Keith Urban and the Killers. There will also be plenty of big releases for the older demos from the likes of Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Sting, the Who, Meat Loaf and Bob Seger......

...Finally, there's always a sleeper album of the holiday selling season. This year, Ngo believes it will be from Yusuf Islam, who stopped recording as Cat Stevens in 1978...." [Yahoo News]

CBGB's last night in NYC will be September 30, 2006. So far the closest-to-last show we know about on the main stage is Dub Trio and Fishbone on September 28th, but the September 30th lineup of bands (I never heard of) playing CBGB's Downstairs Lounge has been revealed:

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August 19, 2006

Reagan Youth @ CBGB

In yet another strange punk/hardcore reunion move, Reagan Youth are getting back together to play a show with Agent Orange at CBGB on September 23rd. I say it's weird because, sadly, their heroin-addicted singer Dave Rubinstein commited suicide in 1993 after his prostitute girlfriend was killed by a serial killer and his mother was killed in a car accident (true story). Tickets are on sale.

August 18, 2006

August 9, 2006

Agent Orange "Agent Orange is a punk rock band from Fullerton, California. They were a surf-punk band from the 1980s and first gained attention with their song Bloodstains which they wrote for a local Orange County compilation album........................Agent Orange has had an enormous influence on the punk and hardcore scene, even though band members stated on Living in Darkness that "We don't feel a part of that scene at all." Agent Orange was one of the first bands to pioneer what would later be known as the skate-punk or skate-core scene. They developed a following in Fullerton along with The Adolescents. The band is still together today with few member changes. Their most recent album was in 2003 with Sonic Snake Session." [Wikipedia]

It's not that rare to see Agent Orange play - in fact they just played Continental last summer, but nonetheless they're an original (well one member is anyway) and they're playing CBGB one week before it closes for good on September 30th (well before it moves to Vegas).

Aug 18 - HOLLYWOOD - Safari Sam's Hollywood, CA
Aug 24 - ORANGE COUNTY - Galaxy Theatre Santa Ana
Sep 23 - NYC - CBGB

Flipper playing Northsix & CBGB (again) | 2006 Tour Dates

Hit Factory

"New York's Hit Factory studio, which closed in early 2005 after being home to recording sessions by John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Madonna and U2, is being converted into condominiums worth more than $1 million." [Reuters]

August 7, 2006

Flipper @ CBGB

"The original members of Flipper, barring the late Will Shatter (with Bruno DeSmartass replacing Shatter once again as he had done for a 1982 tour), reunited to support CBGB on August 26 and 28, 2005. Singer Bruce Loose appeared on stage with a cane and heart monitors. This line-up of Flipper then continued to play live again beginning in 2006, with plans for a new album to be released and recorded in 2007." [Wikipedia]

Aug 24 - NorthSix, brooklyn, NY (w/ Pissed Jeans) (tix)
Aug 25 - Middle East Club, Cambridge, MA
Sep 14 - Toronto International Film Festavial Toronto
Sep 18 - CBGB, New York City, NY

More coverage of the 2005 shows by John Nikolai and the Village Voice.

Agnostic Front playing CBGB - 9/24

August 3, 2006

The Dead KennedysThe Dead Kennedys

The Jello Biafra-less Dead Kennedys are playing CBGB on September 21, 2006. That's nine days before the club closes for good and one day before the The Dead Kennedys play Axis in Boston. It's also ten months after the same lineup played Irving Plaza....

As soon as the set was over, I zipped off to Irving Plaza for the Dead Kennedys gig. I got there about 15 minutes into it, and the slam dancing was in full force. I ran up front right, saw my pal and proceeded to have the best time at a rock show since The Hives last NYC show. I was weaned on slam dancing with fun spirited rockers in the early 80s, and it was an exhilarating trip down memory lane last night. Since I was late, I know I missed some good songs, but I was there to hear DK classics like Too Drunk to Fuck, Chemical Warfare, Bleed for Me, Holiday in Cambodia, Nazi Punks Fuck Off and others. It was like 1981 all over again! All sweaty, all fun, all smiles. [Waved Rumor]

$35 CBGB tickets are on sale.

Gorilla Biscuits playing CBGB (again)
Merauder playing CBGB | RIP SOB (Javier Carpio)
H20 playing CBGB & This is Hardcore (philly) & w/ Rancid
First of last CBGB shows: Angry Samoans "plus More awesome bands to be announced soon"

As previously reported, Murphy's Law are playing the final Continental show ever on September 16, 2006 (with Two Man Advantage and others TBA). Jesse Malin ("featuring special guests") is playing on September 14th. Tickets are on sale.

Ryan Adams joined Jesse Malin on stage at Merc
Jesse Malin vs. Irving Plaza, NYC | pics
Jesse Malin, Ryan Adams & Friends @ Irving Plaza, NYC | pics
Last Continental show now September 16th
The Continental will stop having live music

July 31, 2006

Arts & Crafts (the new home of Phoenix and the Hidden Cameras) is releasing the new album by The Dears ("Gang of Losers") on October 6, 2006. Tickets are on sale for a September 12th show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. The rest of their dates are non-US at the moment, and they're below...

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