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May 22, 2015

photos by Mimi Hong, words by Andrew Sacher

Superheaven @ The Studio at Webster Hall - 5/15/15

Superheaven kicked off their BrooklynVegan-presented tour with Diamond Youth and Rozwell Kid this past Friday (5/15) at NYC's Studio at Webster Hall, before all three of those bands played NJ's Skate & Surf festival. Locals Soda Bomb opened the night, with a set somewhere between King of the Beach-era Wavves and Blue Album-era Weezer. With their fizzy, explosive pop punk, Soda Bomb is pretty much the perfect name for them.

Rozwell Kid were up next, and they were also kinda Weezer-y but with classic rock bombast that's maybe more Maladroit than Blue Album. And them came Diamond Youth, who, with their sultry vocals over crunchy riffage, sounded more than a little like Queens of the Stone Age. QOTSA is one of those bands that I like, but I almost never like bands people tell me "sound like QOTSA." Diamond Youth are an exception to that rule -- it's good stuff. Their new album, Nothing Matters, came out this week on Topshelf. You can order one from the label or enter to win a copy at the BV Facebook. It's also streaming below.

Finally Superheaven wrapped up the night, and wasted no time getting to the good stuff with the banging "I've Been Bored" as their first song. Co-frontman Taylor Madison recently told Red Bull that he doesn't like being called "grunge" because it's a time-specific thing. That's true -- the term described an era, a location, and a love of saggy flannel more than it described a coherent genre of music. That said (and with all due respect to Superheaven), they're pretty fucking grunge. Throughout their set I had moments thinking to myself "Smashing Pumpkins!" "Nirvana!" "Alice In Chains!" One member even wore saggy flannel. That's not a bad thing though because there just aren't many bands tapping into that sound right now as successfully as Superheaven are. If you watched Foo Fighters play "Everlong" on Letterman this week and thought to yourself, "Why can't there be a new band like that?," maybe you just haven't heard Superheaven.

The tour hits Chicago tonight (5/22) and continues through late June, ending in Philly on 6/21. All remaining dates are listed, with more pictures from the NYC show, below...

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photos by PSquared

Courtney Barnett @ Greene Space 5/20/2015
Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett just finished up her sold-out, three-night run at Bowery Ballroom with Chastity Belt and Darren Hanlon, and you can check out pictures from night 1 here. While she was here, Courtney made time on Wednesday (5/20) for a lunchtime "Soundcheck Live" show at WNYC's Greene Space and you can watch the half-hour performance in full, and check out pictures too, below.

Courtney will be back to play Terminal 5 on July 22 with Speedy Ortiz and Torres. Tickets are still available.

Don't forget that Chastity Belt play a BV-presented show tonight (5/22) at Rough Trade with Megabog and Nail Polish. Tickets are still available. Hope to see you there.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

TVOTR / Bo Ningen @ T5 5/21/2015
TV On The Radio
Bo Ningen

TV on the Radio played their second NYC show on this tour on Thursday night (5/21), holding court and getting the crowd dancing at Terminal 5. (Their first was on Wednesday at Kings Theatre.) Japanese/UK band Bo Ningen, whose flying hair matched their spiraling prog/metal riffage in an opening set, joined TVOTR for a song near the end of the evening. Starting the night off was Chicago's Sam Dew who is just now starting to get some spotlight after being mostly known as an in-demand songwriter (Rihanna, Estelle, Jessie Ware). Pictures from last night's T5 show are in this post.

You can see TV on the Radio play with Pixies and John Grant on Saturday (5/23) at Stone Pony Summer Stage which is presented by BrooklynVegan. Tickets are still available, and you've got till noon today to enter our contest to win tickets.

More pics from TVOTR, Bo Ningen, and Sam Dew's show at Terminal 5, below...

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May 21, 2015

photos by PSquared

Courtney Barnett @ Bowery Ballroom
Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett is in the midst of her sold-out, three-night run at Bowery Ballroom with tour mates Chastity Belt and fellow Aussie Darren Hanlon. At the first (5/19), she mixed songs from her terrific new album with older favorites like "Avant Gardener" and "History Eraser" while making time for two early '90s covers -- The Breeders' "Cannonball" and The Lemonheads' "Being Around." Pictures and setlist from Tuesday's show, plus videos, are in this post.

Barnett wraps up her Bowery run tonight, but her tour will swing back through NYC at Terminal 5 on July 22 with Speedy Ortiz and Torres. Tickets are still available.

Openers Chastity Belt play Friday (5/22) at Rough Trade with Mega Bog and Nail Polish. BrooklynVegan is presenting that show and tickets are still available. You can win a pair, too.

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photos by PSquared

Chastity Belt @ Bowery Ballroom 5/19/2015
Chastity Belt

Seattle's Chastity Belt are currently on tour with Courtney Barnett and Darren Hanlon, and their sold-out three-night Bowery Ballroom run wraps up tonight (5/21). We were at the first show (5/19) and pictures of Chastity Belt are in this post (pics of Courtney and Darren are here). As mentioned, Chastity Belt are sticking around NYC to play a BrooklynVegan-presented show on Friday (5/22) at Rough Trade with Mega Bog and Nail Polish. That's a late show and tickets are still available. If you'd like to go for free, we're giving away a pair, too. Details on that are below.

If you're wondering what its like to be on tour with Chastity Belt, you can get a glimpse of life in the van via their video for Time to Go Home standout, "Joke," which you can watch below.

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photos by Wei Shi

Palma Violets

UK rockers Palma Violets brought their tour through NYC for a second time this year, this time with their sophomore LP Danger in the Club officially out. As you'd expect if you've seen them before, the band were bouncing around on stage the whole time and had the crowd doing the same. They hit Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday (5/19) and Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (5/20), and opening both shows was Public Access TV, the NYC band with a similar interest in keeping the garage rock revival alive. We've got pictures of the MHOW show and you can check out more below...

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May 20, 2015

photos (and some of the videos) by Jammi York

"BURN & Crumbsuckers sounded great. NYHC on top nothing can compare to the Black N Blue Bowl this year." - Joey

"Burn was one of the best sets I've ever seen. Black n Blue was perfect. Can't wait to do it again next year." - @YaDingoid

Burn / Crumbsuckers / SOIA
Black n' Blue Bowl 2015
Black n' Blue Bowl 2015
Black n' Blue Bowl 2015
Black n' Blue Bowl 2015

NYC's annual hardcore festival Black N' Blue Bowl returned for its 2015 edition this past weekend at Webster Hall on Saturday (5/16) and Sunday (5/17). The festival included a few exciting reunions, including post-hardcore OGs Burn, who had original members Chaka Malik (vocals) and Gavin Van Vlack (guitar) with onetime bassist Manuel Carrero and new drummer Durijah Lang (which is also Glassjaw's rhythm section, and was briefly Saves the Day's too). We got almost their entire discography, including all of their seminal 1990 self-titled EP, all of Last Great Sea, and all but one song on Cleanse (they didn't play "Strata").

The fest also had crossover thrash vets Crumbsuckers getting back together once again, and '80s hardcore/Oi! band American Eagle back together too. Candiria played their first show in years at the fest, and still very-active veterans like Sick Of It All and Madball played as well. The Regulators, who have members of Bad Brains and Cro-Mags, played a bunch of Bad Brains favorites like "Sailin' On" and "Big Takeover," Dave Smalley played material from his bands Dag Nasty, ALL and Down By Law, and chuggy veterans Earth Crisis played. We also got sets from newer bands keeping alive the older hardcore style like The Rival Mob and Turnstile (who just announced a tour with Backtrack).

More pictures, videos, and setlists from a handful of the bands that played, below...

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photos by Mimi Hong, words by Andrew Sacher

The Gaslight Anthem / The Front Bottoms / Cloud Nothings
Skate and Surf
Skate and Surf
Skate and Surf

After a successful day 1, the 2015 Skate & Surf Festival held its second and final day at the Asbury Park oceanfront on Sunday (5/17). While most of the exciting stuff on Saturday started later on (for me at least -- maybe Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have fans?), Sunday kicked off in a big way with Modern Baseball taking the opening slot on the main stage (the Gameloud Stage). I had been wondering how a band who's risen as quickly as them could be put so early on the main stage, rather than getting a mid-day or evening slot on a side stage, but once Modern Baseball came on I knew the answer. Their crowd probably wouldn't fit anywhere else. The park was filled with fans who came early to see them, and it wasn't just people there to check out the hype. A majority of the crowd knew every single word.

As great a turnout as Modern Baseball had though, the band who had their crowd going off more than anyone -- even more than headliners The Gaslight Anthem -- hit that same stage a few hours later: The Front Bottoms. They're actually kinda likeminded to Modern Baseball (both bands reminded me of The Weakerthans at first) with their knacks for nasally vocals, super specific lyrics, and music with the drive of punk but cleaner guitars. It's kind of amazing to see stuff like this catch on too. Both bands have pretty indie/DIY approaches, and on a festival which still gets called a "pop punk festival," they're not exactly your typical fare. More importantly though, both bands are a hell of a lot of fun.

Over on the smaller stages, Sunday had a lot of good stuff too. There was Beach Slang, who were on the small East Stage mid-day, but played like they were headlining the festival. Not that it was a surprise. They may only have nine songs out so far, but they've been putting on shows like they're the biggest band in the world since the beginning. We of course got all those usual favorites, as well as "Ride the Wild Haze" (heard earlier this year in Brooklyn) and another new one, both presumably off their upcoming debut LP on Polyvinyl.

Unfortunately, Beach Slang's set was disrupted by a power outage due to a faulty generator which affected the adjacent East and West Stages a few more times throughout the day before they got a new generator hours later. More than one of those times was during the band who immediately followed Beach Slang, Hot Rod Circuit.

Beach Slang and Hot Rod Circuit getting some air
Skate and Surf
Skate and Surf

Hot Rod Circuit were back with their Sorry About Tomorrow/If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me lineup for this show and their Connecticut show a day earlier (which were their first shows since 2011 and reportedly the only two they're doing), and their set leaned most heavily on that era. They kicked off with the ripping "Radiation Suit," and you really couldn't have asked for a better opener. It's the one where their punk energy and pop hooks come together the strongest, and taking that one right into the fist-pumping "At Nature's Mercy" had the crowd amped enough to sing an entire verse a capella after the power cut out for the first time. The band picked the song back up once the power came back, but it very quickly went out again, at which point Andy Jackson got out his acoustic guitar and played "Camo," the acoustic bonus track on The Underground Is A Dying Breed. It was hard to totally make it out with all the other sounds of the festival -- including Cloud Nothings' set on the World Stage (which I unfortunately missed due to it overlapping with HRC, but we did get pictures of both) -- but a cooler experience than having us just wait around.

Once they came back, we got a few more favorites including "Stateside," "Now Or Never," "Irish Car Bomb" and "The Power of Vitamins." And even though the flow of the set was interrupted, when HRC were on, they were on. Casey Prestwood's lead guitar was flawless, which was even more amazing considering he was either jumping around or rolling on the floor for most of the set. And really the whole band sounded fantastic on every song. It's a bummer they aren't playing more shows.

A couple slots later on that stage was Small Brown Bike, another veteran band who had been silent since 2011, and who played that same CT show with Hot Rod the night earlier. Their 7:05 set was completely delayed until a new generator was brought in, not starting until closer to 8 PM. Delays aside though, when SBB got up there, they sounded great. We got stuff from all four of their albums -- "The Cannons and Tanks"," See You In Hell," "Tragically Ending," "Onward and Overboard" and plenty more. And while you did kinda get the vibe that they would've gone over better in a small venue (I was hoping their set would've looked a little more like it did at Cake Shop in 2010), SBB still gave it their all.

Pianos Become the Teeth
Skate and Surf

Other highlights that day included the grungy, headbanging Manchester Orchestra, reunited post-hardcore band Poison the Well, headlining home state heroes The Gaslight Anthem, singer/songwriter Kevin Devine and his rocking band (Kevin also joined The Front Bottoms on stage for "Twin Size Mattress"), and a highly intense set from Pianos Become the Teeth. One of the best times I've ever seen them.

Day 1 pictures HERE. Day 2 pictures continue below...

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photos by Wei Shi

Broncho at Rough Trade - 5/16/15

Oklahoma power poppers Broncho brought their tour to NYC over the weekend for a show at Rough Trade on Saturday (5/16), which was their eighth NYC show of 2015 so far. caught the typically wild, sweaty show and wrote:

The Oklahoma rockers started their set with "Kurt," "It's On" and "What," off their latest album, Just Enough Hip to Be a Woman, which hit the streets in 2014 via Dine Alone Records. And from the first guitar riff and drum beat, the fans went wild and danced all over the floor of the venue.
Opening was Winstons and Strange Faces. More pictures of all three bands below...

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May 19, 2015

photos by Drew Gurian

Frankie Bones & Heather Heart raving
Storm Rave
Storm Rave
Storm Rave
Storm Rave

"Storm Rave was about bringing the future of music to people, why would I want to, in 2015, play music from 1992 when half the people at the party weren't even born yet?" Adam says. "Techno is still really big and strong and new and fresh in different aspects and it's just time to bring what it is now." The only thing that Adam promises will be the same is the intensity and tension of the original party. If all goes according to plan, this may mark a new generation for Storm Rave. The future is at the whim of the weathermen. [Thump]
Red Bull Music Academy helped Frankie Bones revive the legendary Storm Rave over the weekend at a Bushwick warehouse. Photos from the evening continue under a 2015 mix by Bones, below. Make sure to press play on that before descending further...

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