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April 17, 2015

photos by Maryanne Ventrice

Liturgy at Saint Vitus - 4/15/15

Liturgy brought their tour in support of their new album, The Ark Work, to their hometown of Brooklyn for a sold-out show at Saint Vitus on Wednesday (4/15). The new album abandons the harsh vocal style of their previous material and is closer to art rock than anything you'd call "metal," but it does retain some of their more aggressive elements like drummer Greg Fox's punishing blastbeats. They're focusing mostly on the new stuff for this tour but including a couple from its predecessor, 2011's Aesthetica, too.

Opening was another band who walk the line between metal and non-metal, Psalm Zero, and the new-music ensemble Mivos Quartet. Pictures of all three bands are in this post and continue below...

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photos by Mimi Hong, words by Andrew Sacher

AGBPOL @ MHOW - 4/13/15
A Great Big Pile of Leaves

Brooklyn's A Great Big Pile of Leaves brought their tour with headliners RX Bandits and openers Cayetana to their hometown earlier this week at Music Hall of Williamsburg (4/13). AGBPOL's latest LP is mathy, chilled-out pop in the vein of Minus the Bear, but live they came off a bit more like a straight rock band. The crowd wasn't as packed for them as it was for RX Bandits, but they definitely had a lot of people there rocking out and singing all the words. Pictures of all three bands from that show are in this post.

AGBPOL wrap up the run with RX Bandits/Cayetana in Philly tonight (4/17) and then head out on a European tour with The Early November and You Blew It!. Those same three bands also play NJ's Pinelands Music Festival in August (tickets).

In between the European tour and NJ festival, AGBPOL will return to Music Hall of Williamsburg (6/19), this time to headline. The show's in support of the five-year anniversary of their debut album, Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?. Tickets go on sale today at noon.

All dates are listed, with more pictures from MHOW and an AGBPOL music video, below...

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April 16, 2015

photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Bill Pearis

Protomartyr / The Gotobeds / Grooms @ The Wick 4/15/2015
The Gotobeds

Protomartyr and The Gotobeds' tour hit NYC for a BrooklynVegan-presented show at The Wick. Protomartyr's set was about half new material, including new single "Blues Festival" which sounded great live. The band laid down tracks for their third album which will hopefully be out later this year. They were really, really loud and between that and The Wick's boomy acoustics, some of Protomartyr's dynamics got lost in the din, but still a really good set.

The Gotobeds, who played The Wick back in November opening for Sleaford Mods, put on the most fun set of the night, and frontman Eli Kasan cracked cynical jokes in between songs. "We've got the German edition of our album over there. There's a different track from the US edition and only 300 were made, so be sure to pick one up for your good friend Discogs or Ebay." It was a longer set than we got back in November, with a bunch of favorites from Poor People Are Revolting (was happy they played the very Fall-esque "Fucking Machine") and a few new ones too that may show up on their first album for Sub Pop.

The Wick's echo-iness definitely hurt openers Grooms, who were great at Music Hall of Williamsburg back in February. The artiest and most effects-driven band on the bill, they sounded blurry, and Steve Levine's drumming all but gone in the mix, unfortunately. Hopefully they won't have the same problems at The Bell House on May 8 when they play with Beauty Pill and The Flag (tickets).

In other news, The Wick is looking more like a proper venue now, with an elevated mixing board and cool-looking hanging light installation in the main performance space. I am told that The Wick's bathrooms will be finished soon, so you'll only have to travel over to The Well for a larger beer selection.

The Protobeds tour hits DC tonight at U Street Music Hall with Priests opening. That's a great lineup, so if you're in our nation's capital, go see that show. More pics from The Wick below....

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photos by Tim Griffin

Sleater-Kinney taping for ACLTV - 4/15/2015
Sleater-Kinney taping for ACLTV - 4/15/2015

The band opened with little fanfare but tons of energy on the jagged rocker "Price Tag," the danceable power popper "Fangless," both from No Cities to Love, and crowd-pleasing new waver "Oh!" The cuts showcased not only the band's way with uncommon hooks, but also the combustible chemistry between the clashing guitars and vocals of Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein and powerhouse drums of Janet Weiss. "This is one of our favorite cities and we're so excited to be playing Austin City Limits," noted Tucker in a rare between-song comment, before the band launched into "What's Mine is Yours," a sprightly rocker that detoured into grinding guitar noise. Following that avant interlude, Sleater-Kinney eschewed respites and simply rocked out for another hour, hitting tracks from nearly every LP they've released. The band ripped through the bouncing power pop of "Get Up" and "Words and Guitar," urgent punk of "Light Rail Coyote" and the ironically titled "No Anthems" and the bristling rock & roll of "Bury Our Friends" and "Start Together." With a one-two punch of the excessively melodic "Entertain" and "Jumpers," both from the band's masterpiece The Woods, Sleater-Kinney brought the main set to a close. -[ACL]
Sleater-Kinney, who toured through NYC back in February, are currently in Texas and last night taped a episode of long-running PBS series Austin City Limits at the Moody Theater. Their entire 22-song set, like all ACL tapings now, was streamed live via ACL's YouTube channel and the edited show will air this fall. While you wait for that, check out photos and setlist from the taping in this post.

In sad news, Austin City Limits founder Bill Arhos died last weekend at age 80. After paying his respects to Bill, ACL executive producer Terry Lickona reminded the packed Moody Theater that the show must go on. He'll be missed.

The tour rolls on for Sleater-Kinney, who play Dallas tonight (4/16) and then return to Austin on Friday (4/17) to play Stubb's with THEESatisfacation. All dates are listed under the pictures below...

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photos by Greg Cristman


"Don't even try to understand the lyrics," Mr. Vander told the audience on Monday night at Le Poisson Rouge, where Magma finished the United States part of an international tour. "It comes from the heart and the beat."

True to prog-rock custom, Magma's set featured suites, not songs. It played long excerpts from three of its albums: "Köhntarkösz" from 1974, "Mëkanïk Dëstruktïw Kömmandöh (M.D.K.)" from 1973 and "Slag Tanz" from 2015; its encore was "Zombies (Ghost Dance)," a song from its 1976 album "Udu Wudu." The pieces were more consistent than their chronological spread might suggest, partly because Magma was never exactly trendy and partly because Mr. Vander's initial template for the band was so broad. That template was certainly of its time. Magma's music glances toward the jazz-rock of Weather Report and Return to Forever and toward the 20th-century classical repertory that informed Yes, Frank Zappa and Genesis. [NY Times]

French prog legends Magma recently wrapped up a North American tour at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge on 4/13. As the review above points out, they only played four songs (or suites, technically), but the very intense show lasted two full hours. Pictures are in this and post and continue below...

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April 15, 2015

photos by P Squared Photography

Jeff Beck @ Capitol Theatre 4/13/2015
Jeff Beck

Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck kicked off his tour with Tyler Bryant at Port Chester's Capitol Theatre on Monday (4/13), the first of many NYC-area dates for the two. Jimmy Hall, who fronted the '70s southern rock band Wet Willie, is vocalist for this tour which starts a three-day run at The Paramount tonight (tickets) before heading back to Capitol for another show Saturday (tickets). Pictures from Monday's Cap show in this post.

Meanwhile, Jeff announced a new live album, Jeff Beck Live+, coming May 5 via Atco Records. The album includes live versions of 14 of the virtuoso's hits recorded during his 2014 tour. In addition to the live cuts the record features two new studio tracks, "Tribal" and "My Tiled White Floor" (he played the latter at Monday's show). He's also currently working on two different books, the first official documentary focused on his career and is expected to release his 17th full-length later this year.

Jeff also recently added a string of midwest dates to his solo tour, which picks back up after the make-up dates with ZZ Top from their cancelled tour last year. All of Jeff Beck's upcoming dates along, pictures and his setlist from the first Capitol Theatre show and a live video, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

The Menzingers / Big Eyes / Crazy & the Brains -- 4/14/15 @ Baby's All Right
The Menzingers
Big Eyes
Crazy & The Brains

Following the BrooklynVegan-curated Red Bull Sound Select show with The Menzingers and Big Eyes at NJ's Court Tavern on Saturday (4/11), those same two bands played another in Brooklyn at Baby's All Right last night (4/14), also with Crazy & the Brains. We posted one set of pictures to Facebook, and another is in this post.

Crazy & the Brains kicked things off in style with their set of xylophone-driven punk. Chris Urban is a natural frontman, with his shoulder-high kicks, '70s punk-style charisma, and an on-stage attire that he seems dedicated to sticking to at every show. He's decked out in a sailor hat, a thick gold chain, and a sleeveless tee showing off anchor and heart tattoos. The image and attitude would be nothing without great tunes though, and they have plenty of those too.

Then it was Big Eyes, who were the night's hardest-hitting band and incredibly tight all around. The rhythm section plays like a hardcore band, and Kait Eldridge mixes borderline-metal guitar riffs with power pop vocal melodies, giving the band a sound that's super heavy but catchy too. There were some recognizable highlights in there (like "Being Unkind"), but Kait recently said she was writing new songs and it sounded like we got some of those too.

The Menzingers

Finally The Menzingers wrapped things up, and like in NJ, the whole place went wild with crowd surfers and constant singalongs. Just five years ago The Menzingers were playing tiny Bushwick punk spot 538 Johnson (as they mentioned before playing 'The Obituaries'), but lately they've been playing much bigger rooms. Up close and personal is the best way to see them though, so getting to see them in a small room like Baby's was a real treat, as most people who were there last night would likely agree. Just about every song got a huge response from the crowd, the band was smiling the whole time, and it felt like the set flew by. It was also co-lead singer Greg Barnett's birthday, and during the set someone brought out a cake for him and the band led the crowd in singing happy birthday.

Once again Brett Davis hosted (as Brett's uncle the college professor), and recited intentionally groan-worthy poems with dark and self-deprecating endings before introducing each band. BV's Andrew Sacher also DJ'd before and after the show and between sets. Posters were given out for free as people exited the venue.

The NYC Sound Select series of shows takes a break in May due to the many Red Bull Music Academy events happening, but they will return after that. The next BrooklynVegan installment is in August at a venue TBD. Stay tuned.

The Menzingers have more shows coming up in NJ, Kingston and elsewhere. Crazy and the Brains play Palisades in Brooklyn this Sunday (4/19). Big Eyes have a few upcoming shows too, including one with Pale Angels and one with Treasure Fleet. They're all listed under the rest of the pictures, below...

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photos by Samantha Saturday

Drake / St. Vincent / Jenny Lewis
Coachella 2015 - Day 3
Coachella 2015 - Day 3
Coachella 2015 - Day 3

Remember punk? The supposed sound of youth and clarity? I don't know about that. Every kind of music has the age it is and the age it wants to be. At Coachella, electronic dance music wants to be young, electro-soul wants to be late-20s and early 30s, and punk, regardless of the age of the people playing it, wants to be middle-aged or older, with mixed feelings. It's the sound of probity, disappointment, disapproval.

The visual clichés of Coachella are sunglasses and dyed blond hair and gym-rats with neon tank tops. The punk shows I've seen so far -- there are a few of them here and there, with small crowds, like secret meetings -- are where the sundresses and tank tops are not. The obstructing monolith disappears; suddenly a different festival reveals itself. Whatever the music might give you, the sight is a relieving contrast. [NY Times]

Coachella 2015 day 3 had the most amount of punk bands of the three days, a genre that was surprisingly well-represented this year, despite the bands' much smaller crowds compared to the increased interest in EDM acts. Day 3 had Brand New, Conor Oberst's recently-reformed Desaparecidos, OFF!, Touche Amore and Joyce Manor, as well as somewhat-related bands like Conor's old Saddle Creek pal Jenny Lewis and Brand New/Desaparecidos' sideshow mate Built to Spill. According to Ian Cohen at Pitchfork, those punk bands "tore through tight and triumphant sets--the difference between bands that had to win over kids instead of critics over the years instead of vice versa was abundantly clear."

It was also the day that Drake headlined (and, uh, made out with Madonna on stage), Florence + the Machine played (and sadly, Florence broke her foot after her set), and we got sets from Ryan Adams, St. Vincent, Jamie xx, Mac DeMarco, Panda Bear, Charles Bradley, Philip Selway, Angel Olsen, John Talabot, Sturgill Simpson, The Cribs and more.

Pictures of day 1 HERE and day 2 HERE. More day 3 pictures below...

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April 14, 2015

photos by Samantha Saturday except Jack White (courtesy the artist)

Jack White / Run the Jewels / Alt-J / Father John Misty / Tyler, the Creator
Coachella 2015 - Day 2
Coachella 2015 - Day 2
Coachella 2015 - Day 2
Coachella 2015 - Day 2

[Jack] White, wearing his hair slicked back and dressed in a dark pinstripe suit with a handkerchief in his lapel, opened his set with a torrid version of a White Stripes song that contained a locally relevant political statement - "Icky Thump," with its line, "Why don't you kick yourself out, you're an immigrant, too."

White was making his first appearance with his solo band after appearing twice with the White Stripes and once each with his bands, Dead Weather and the Raconteurs. He played a set representative of his musical career with a six-piece band including a violinist that was highlighted on his old-timey, "Hotel Yorba."[The Desert Sun]

Coachella 2015 brought its usual throng of huge acts and party-seeking crowds to Indio last weekend and Day 2 (April 11) hosted an impressive bill. In addition to White, there was Run The Jewels, the return of Ratatat, Bad Religion, Swans, FKA Twigs, Drive Like Jehu, Perfume Genius, Father John Misty, Tyler the Creator, and many more.

Pics of day 1 of Coachella 2015 are here. Pics of day 3 are here. Check out more pics (and a few videos) from Day 2 below....

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Rex Manning Day
Rex Manning Day
Rex Manning Day

We already posted pictures and a review of the first Empire Records 20th anniversary celebration at Rough Trade NYC, and now we've got a set of pics from the third and final night (4/10). Like the first one, actors were dressed as characters from the film, scenes were recreated, GWAR showed up, Johnny Whitworth (AJ from the movie) showed up, and Tyson Meade from Chainsaw Kittens did too, and there was music from local bands -- this time it was The Mosers, Born Cages and Vacations.

More pictures below...

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