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November 30, 2015

photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

The Menzingers / Pianos Become the Teeth / Restorations
The Menzingers
Pianos Become the Teeth

The stacked tour of The Menzingers, mewithoutYou, Pianos Become the Teeth and Restorations hit NYC at Webster Hall on Friday (11/27). It was the final date of the tour, and all the bands mentioned on stage how much they had been loving it. Pianos singer Kyle Durfey said of his band, "I think I speak for the five of us when I say we could tour with these three bands for the rest of our lives."

The venue was still gradually filling up as Restorations abruptly took the stage for their very early 6:15 set time, going right into "Separate Songs" without so much as a "hello" or anything. Each band on this bill was distinctly different from every other, and with Restorations' post-rock-infected heartland rock, they managed to occupy the exact middle ground between The Menzingers and Pianos Become the Teeth. They sounded awesome as always, with a set mostly pulled from last year's LP3 (but with a few older ones too). It was a great start to a night that just kept getting better.

Pianos Become the Teeth followed, with the most dead-serious set of the night. Kyle's sincerity is always disarming, and the band continue to be one of the most intense live bands on the post-hardcore circuit (thanks in no small part to the inhuman ability of drummer David Haik). It's not often you'll see a huge chunk of the crowd screaming their lungs out for the second band on a four-band bill, especially one who finished their set well before 8 PM, but that's exactly what happened for Pianos Become the Teeth. They're the kind of band that elicits fiercely emotional reactions from their fans at just about every show.


Next was mewithoutYou, whose career began something of a second life this year thanks to their great new album Pale Horses. They released two post-hardcore classics before the rest of the bill commercially released even one song, yet they fit in seamlessly with the other three bands. It seems entirely possible that a portion of the crowd gravitated to mewithoutYou more recently, and Pale Horses is a fine entry point to the band. They focused most heavily on that album, but if you did come hoping for older stuff you got plenty of that too. "Torches Together," "Messes of Men," "Gentlemen" and "Son of a Widow" were all played and sounded great next to the new songs. Not many bands can smoothly transition from acoustic guitars and accordions to distorted guitars and screaming, but mewithoutYou seem to pull it off effortlessly.

The Menzingers
The Menzingers

And finally it was The Menzingers. The first three bands were the more difficult/ambitious bands of the night, but The Menzingers bring total fun. Beers were flying, bodies were endlessly moving, and the crowd never stopped screaming. The band members were in great spirits too, smiling the whole time and loading their set with favorites like "Good Things," "Gates," "The Obituaries," "I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore," "In Remission," and so many more. As killer of an end to the night as you could ask for.

The tour is over, but The Menzingers will play their holiday show in Scranton with Tigers Jaw and more this December. More pictures from Webster Hall, below...

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photos by Mathieu Bredeau

Mayhem / Attila joining Watain on stage

Black metal legends Mayhem have just been announced as headliners for Maryland Deathfest 2016, joining the likes of Testament, Discharge, Venom and many, many others. Mayhem will be playing their debut album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in full, which is pretty insane. Tickets are still available.

Mayhem just brought their second tour with Watain of 2015 to NYC again this past Tuesday (11/24) at Music Hall of Williamsburg. That's a smaller venue than Mayhem and Watain's Webster Hall show that they played in January, and this time support came from Rotting Christ. Watain went on first and brought out Mayhem's Atilla Csihar for a cover of "Beyond" by his old band Tormentor. Then Mayhem wrapped things up with a set that spanned from their 1994 debut through last year's Esoteric Warfare.

More pictures, both bands' setlists and a couple videos, below...

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November 29, 2015

photos by P Squared

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Does the relationship ever feel just a bit strange?

Wayne Coyne: I know it seems strange or seems impossible to some people. It's like, how the fuck? Why the fuck would you guys even care about each other? But the reality is that she is not like the way people think she is and I'm probably not the way people think I am either. We're just people who love music. I really love her. I've been around her and seen the way she works. She's just fuckin' cool. We get these weirdoes involved and have fun and get to know each other. If you're in my world then that's what we're going to do, that's how we get to know each other. That's how we got to know Miley Cyrus. If you're in Miley's world you're going to make crazy music and get tattoos with her. - [The Observer]

The unlikely -- but seemingly genuine -- pairing of Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips brought the craziness that is their current tour to NYC on Saturday (11/28) at Terminal 5. With myriad costume changes, props, streamers, glitter and more, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz was a spectacle that may have rivaled Thursday's Thanksgiving Day Parade, complete with Pornicorn.
"Still, as much fun as it is to see her do her bad-bitch routine dressed as a stick of butter, or prance as an apocalyptic ponygirl in a chrome harness sporting a massive, perhaps 18-inch corkscrew dildo -- the moments of transcendence were when Cyrus was on her own, less concerned about us: at the piano, howling a eulogy for her departed fish; doubled over, screaming "What does it mean?!" at the floor; or the moment when she ripped off her fake dreads in fuck-this-shit earnestness. It suddenly felt like this is the Miley we've been waiting for -- or rather, the Miley we really deserve. [Jessica Hopper @ Rolling Stone]
Dan Deacon's party-friendly, interactive set warmed up the crowd. More pics from the whole night along with one of the setlist, below...

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November 25, 2015

Photos by Greg Cristman

Nik Turner's Hawkwind
Nik Turner's Hawkwind

I was in the band for 10 years, and after I left, I discovered they'd trademarked the name of the band (without me). I thought, I have a right to that name. It was my nickname, because of my pronounced, prodigious habit of spitting and flatulence. (Because of) my scurrilous habits, and the drawing of attention to them by people, I was known as Hawkwind. It was all true. I was quite shocked to find (Brock had) trademarked the name, and proceeded to sue me for using the name, for calling my band ex-Hawkwind, because I had a band that was all ex members of Hawkwind. They sued me, and I paid out about 10 grand or something. - [Chicago Tribune]
Nik Turner and his version of Hawkwind are currently on tour and hit NYC on Monday (11/23) for a show at Grand Victory in Williamsburg. Backed by Hedersleben (who played their own spacey set as well) Nik brought lots of Hawkwind favorites, including classics "Silver Machine" and "Orgone Accumulator."

Also on the bill: Timo Ellis' metal-pop trio Netherlands and Brooklyn rock band Dinner (not the Danish art pop musician of the same name.) Pictures of all the openers, plus more of Nik Turner (including the setlist), below...

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photos by Christina Domingues

Yonatan Gat / Pill @ Knitting Factory, 11/24/2015
Yonatan Gat

Yonatan Gat just wrapped up his North American tour with a homecoming Brooklyn show at Knitting Factory on Tuesday night (11/24). As usual, Yonatan and his excellent band set up on the floor, surrounded by the audience, and played a highly improvisational set of instrumental psych-suft rock. Also on the bill: the skronky sax attack of new Mexican Summer signees Pill and the sludgy, shringy The Yin Yangs. Pictures from the whole night continue below...

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November 24, 2015

photos by Amanda Hatfield

Angel Haze

Angel Haze celebrated her new hard-edged mixtape Back To The Woods with a Baby's show back in September, and right now she's on a proper tour in support of it. That tour included another show in her hometown of NYC last night (11/23) at SOB's. Angel's a super confident performer who had no trouble commanding the crowd, and they clearly loved her. She invited a bunch of audience members up on stage, a couple of which flashed the crowd (she did tweet beforehand: "NY BETTER TURN ALL THE WAY THE FUCK UP TONIGHT. I WANT TITTIES & MADNESS"). Rock NYC was there, and they write:

Last night she was the Babe Ruthless, flirting with the girls, her androgynous, gender neutral visage was a come on for the wimmin who were coming on to her. And she was in the mood to play -right away she upped the ante again and the place exploded. From an early rave to "On Fire", to a gigantic singalong to "The Wolves" to an energizer bunny jump along "Babe Ruthless" and to a penultimate "New York" followed by encore (Sia featured on the record) "Battle Cry", this was through the roof hip hop.
We missed the first opener, Stella, but more pictures of Angel and the second opener ShowTuFli below...

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November 23, 2015

Club Soda photos by Bruno Destombes; words by Bill Pearis

Duchess Says / Chocolat @ BV M for Montreal showcase 11/21/2015
M for Montreal
M for Montreal
M for Montreal

Pure insanity. This is how you end a festival. Duchess Says singer Annie-Claude is a bit like a gremlin, spreading gleeful mayhem wherever she goes. Saturday night, headlining the BrooklynVegan M for Montreal showcase and post-Grimes fesival closing party at Club Soda, she and Duchess Says dialed it up to the max and the audience were her willing playthings. She walked atop them, parted them like the red sea, had them all sit down on the floor as she tormented fans individually, invited them up on stage for a mid-set dance party (and onstage crowd-surfing!) and generally had us wondering "what's next?" the whole show. I have seen Duchess Says many times over the last seven years and this was by far the most bonkers, awesome and flat-out fun show of theirs I've witnessed.

While Annie Claude is the focal point, the band's music -- warped synthpunk -- is what helps power things. Popular in their hometown, Duchess Says are virtually unknown everywhere else. That may change, however, as a handful of new songs were catchy as hell and sung in English. Not that you really need to understand what she's singing -- one of their best-known songs, "Tenen Non Neu," has her basically yelling "bleep bloop" noises along with the synthesizers -- but it does give English-speakers some thing to hold onto. And at a tornado of a show like this, that can be helpful.

I realize I am biased as this was BV's show, but this all-Montreal lineup was without a doubt my favorite show at this year's M for Montreal. Also on the bill were Chocolat, band who initially seem like just a very good psych-garage band but are soon defying pigeonholing with every song. There are delicate harmonies, motorik krautrock rhythms, and proggy chord changes. They are also crazy loud. And crazy good.

Before that: Country, a duo comprised of infamous Montreal gadabout and restauranteur Beaver Shepard, plus a guitarist/keyboardist in (very little) bondage gear. Serious is not a word you'd associate with this project -- this band screams "we don't give a fuck" -- but they've actually got some really good songs which, perhaps do to Shepard's singing style, kinda sound like the Cure. Fun, if weird.

Another duo, Organ Mood opened the night with a multimedia set. Christophe Lamarche, who is Chocolat's keyboard player, handled most of the music which was made with a mix of analogue synths and MCPs, ranging from Tangerine Dream style textural washes to Giorgio Moroder-esque arpeggiated disco; Mathieu Jacques handled the visuals via four overhead projectors where he swapped out illustrations, color overlays and some real-time drawing. It was a fascinating, very cool start to what was an awesome, eclectic, very Montreal evening. Photographs from the BV showcase (minus Organ Mood, unfortunately) are in this post.

Bronswick / Paupière
M for Montreal
M for Montreal

Earlier in the day, was another very Montreal event -- the annual M for Montreal Francophone showcase at Cafe Campus. Most of the other English-speaking "delegates" at M are not so interested in all this overt Frenchiness, and this definitely hosts some of the stinkiest fromage of the fest, but there are always a couple gems. This year I can recommend three: Bronswick, a duo who were like Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin but on a 1980 synthwave tip; Safia Nolin, whose powerful voice and jazz-tinged folk broke through language barriers; and another synthpop act, Paupière, featuring We Are Wolves drummer Pierre-Luc Bégin, two other singer/keyboardists and a rather chic look. Very cool.

Recap of M for Montreal day 1 is here, day 2 is here, day 3 is here, and pics from Grimes' day for 4 performance are here. Streams of Bronswick's debut EP, Safia Nolin's new album, Limoilou, and a Paupière single, plus more pics from the BV M for Montreal showcase, below..

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photos by Bruno Destombes; words by Bill Pearis

Grimes @ Metropolis, Montreal 11/21/2015

M for Montreal always concludes their week of festivities with a big show at the gorgeous Metropolis Theatre. This year's was maybe their biggest yet with very au courant hometown hero Grimes, who had just released her acclaimed new album Art Angels. The absolutely adoring crowd was determined to have the time of their lives and hung on Claire Boucher's every move, shrieking when she picked up the mike or did just about anything else. With a team of dancers dressed in dayglo black light outfits, plus smoke machines and lots of lasers it was quite the spectacle. Despite having a walking cast on her right leg, Claire really gave it her all and seemed to be having a good time (perhaps finally over that flu that dogged her recent NYC appearances). No Aristophanes for this show but she did invite some of her friends onstage to dance to "REALiTi."

Like at the NYC shows, Nicole Dollanganger opened the show, and as Andrew described, it was a bit incongruous to see her flanked by two very metal looking dudes. Her guitarist also played the kickdrum, as well as a crash cymbal with the head of his guitar (which is a little funny to watch from an otherwise deadly serious-looking dude, lets be honest). Chelsea Wolfe is indeed an apt comparison and while it's not really my thing, it still mostly worked. The audience was definitely into it.

Saturday night also featured the official BrooklynVegan M for Montreal showcase with Duchess Says, Chocolat and more. Pics and writeup from that are coming soon. Meanwhile, more photos from Grimes and Nicole Dollanganger at Metropolis, below...

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photos by Mimi Hong

Diarrhea Planet @ MHOW 11/19/2015
Diarrhea Planet

The super-crazy and grossly-named garage rockers Diarrhea Planet brought their never-ending tour back to NYC on Thursday (11/19) for a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Music Band and Soda Bomb opened, and pictures continue below...

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photos by Mathieu Bredeau

King Diamond
King Diamond

King Diamond and Exodus wrapped up their three-night run of NYC shows at Playstation Theater over the weekend. We already posted pictures of night 1, and now we've got a set of pictures of night 2 too (Friday, 11/20). The whole run had King Diamond opening with a set of songs from throughout his career (including some Mercyful Fate) and then playing 1987's Abigail in its entirety for the second half of his set.

Pictures continue below...

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