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July 2, 2014

photos by Greg Cristman


"There has been booze, puke, fake blood, ill-advised hook-ups, and plenty of destructive black metal. And though [on Monday it competed] with another large show (across the East River, Agalloch and Jex Thoth), Martyrdoom's fourth of five nights [was] packed with sweat-stained misanthropes ready to eviscerate their Monday." [IO]
The third-annual, five-night metal fest Martyrdoom came to a close at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn last night (7/1). Our coverage so far includes a review and pictures from Monday at Invisible Oranges (Cult of Fire, Sargeist, Witchblood, Hexer), and a set of pictures from Sunday right here in this post (Heskeri, Prosanctus Inferi, Hell Militia, and Behexen). The rest is on the way.

Finnish black metal bands Sargeist and Behexen are now on tour around the United States, with Sargeist in Austin tonight (7/2) (Behexen played there last night). Both bands will be in Chicago this weekend.

Stay tuned for more. Read the review of Day 4 at IO. More pictures from Day 3 below...

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by Wyatt Marshall

Agalloch @ Irving Plaza - 6/30/14

Agalloch brought their current tour with Jex Thoth to NYC for an IO-presented show at Irving Plaza on Monday night (6/30). We reviewed the show over at Invisible Oranges, and here's a bit of what we had to say:

Agalloch went on right around ten, and opened with "(Serpens Caput)," the instrumental intro from their latest album The Serpent and the Sphere. The new album would be leaned on heavily--"The Astral Dialogue," "Vales Beyond Dimension," "Dark Matter Gods," and "Celestial Effigy" made appearances in the main set, and the massive "Plateau of the Ages" served as the finale to the encore. Agalloch sounded better than ever --the guitars were huge, crushing, and Aesop Dekker was a monster on drums, keeping it lively and powerful. Fans of Agalloch know their watery picked guitar sound that's been a staple of the band since The Mantle (see "Ghost of the Midwinter Fires" for a good sample), and every time they brought it in there was an anticipatory swell from the crowd. Agalloch sounded fantastic, and for those who wrote off coming to the show because they saw the band at Maryland Deathfest, they missed out. Agalloch's a different band indoors.
Jex Thoth, a psyched-out doom band from Wisconsin, were reminiscent of a more soulful Blood Ceremony. Like Blood Ceremony, powerful female vocals (courtesy of their singer who's name is also Jex Thoth and who is formerly of Sabbath Assembly and Wooden Wand) are a centerpiece to the band's sound. One highlight of their set, "Keep Your Weeds," is streaming below.

You can read the whole review at Invisible Oranges

Agalloch continues on the road for another week or so of shows, playing with a combination of Jex Thoth, Canadian acoustic duo Musk Ox and Thrones. Remaining dates are listed, with more pictures and the setlist from Irving Plaza, below...

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July 1, 2014

photos by Gretchen Robinette

Beck @ Hammerstein Ballroom 6/30/2014

...more than once he brought up British death metal band Carcass. He seemed mostly charmed by their insane-sounding song titles ("Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites" was a favorite), but based on Beck's show at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom on Monday night, he also digs Carcass because, when given the chance, he likes to shred.

Nothing in Beck's catalogue has the same sort of buzzsaw growling as "The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills," but there were several re-arrangements of his classic tunes that added a new kind of six-string heft and double-kick-drum thump. Both "Devil's Haircut" and "The New Pollution" were riff-heavy and extra loud, and even the Midnite Vultures robo-funker "Get Real Paid" had some fresh Gary Numan-esque metallic sharpness.

It was the sound of Beck, ever the shape-shifter, tweaking his old hits and reinventing them however he saw fit -- though despite their new wrinkles, they still retained a fundamental funkiness that let him indulge in his best white boy dancing. - [EW]

For those worried the gentle nature of Beck's new album, Morning Phase, would mean we wouldn't get the fun, funky side of the singer on this tour, fear not. At last night's show at NYC's Hammerstein, Mr. Hansen divided his set into two halves: the first being songs from Morning Phase and other acoustic-oriented songs, and then the second half where the party started. Pictures and setlist from his Hammerstein show are in this post.

Tonight is Beck's second NYC show, this one happening at at Central Park Summerstage and is sold out. It, like last night and the rest of this run of the tour, is with Sean Lennon's The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. Pictures of their set, and more of Beck's, below...

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June 30, 2014

photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

The Roots
The Roots
The Roots

The Roots are a band of many things. In addition to being Elvis Costello collaborators, festival throwers, Fallon's house band, and plenty more, they're also cereal lovers. They appeared at a Kellog's event in NYC this past Wednesday (6/25) to help promote the cereal company and its many products. Along with their regular instruments, The Roots played bowls and spoons on stage during their set which consisted of some originals and at least one cover ("Jungle Boogie"). One attendee said they were grrrrrreeeeat. Pictures of the event, part of your complete breakfast, and an Ad Age video report, are in this post.

The Roots have some festival appearances coming up this year, including the September Boston Calling backing Nas, Essence Festival, Life Is Beautiful Festival, and Squamish Festival.

Questlove also continues his Bowl Train DJ nights at Brooklyn Bowl. His next one is this Thursday (7/3), and the following Thursday (7/10) doubles as Bowl Train's 5th anniversary party. Tickets for upcoming Bowl Trains are available here.

More pictures and video of the Kellogg's event below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Shovels & Rope / Valerie June / Shakey Graves
Shovels and Rope
Valerie June
Shakey Graves

Friday's Celebrate Brooklyn! concert in Prospect Part (6/27) was country-tinged, with South Carolina's Shovels and Rope headlining and also featuring sets from Valerie June and Shake Graves. Pictures from the whole evening are in this post.

Formerly a one-man band, Austin troubadour Shakey Graves brought in a drummer for a number of songs in his set adding a little more "oomph" and variety from his typical hollow-body strumming and suitcase drumming sound.

Dressed in a turquoise blue dress, Valerie June followed up with her Tennessee twang that reverberated throughout the summery evening, switching from a scorching red Gretsch (which she nicknamed matter-of-factly "Big Red") to a Martin dreadnought acoustic ("the Stranger"), a petite ukelele-banjo or banjolele ("the Baby"), and of course, a banjo ("the Mom"). Her voice was definitely reminiscent of another steadfast country relic of the past with a similar name -- Ms. Valerie June Carter Cash -- and comparisons to the Appallachian folks singers of the Lomax collection are apt descriptions of her sound. However, it's not all folky sound that comes out of this singer. At one point in the evening she got down and revved up Big Red for a show-stopping jam.

All the way from Johns Island, SC, Carrie Ann Heart and Michael Trent, the indie country couple that make up Shovels and Rope, stomped and hollered on stage to a packed crowd in Prospect Park and probably their largest headlining NYC show to date. Not bad for a band who's played at Arlene's Grocery just two years ago. The band played a number songs from their upcoming album Swimmin' Time, which is scheduled for release on August 26. While we wait for that, take a gander at more Prospect Park pics and videos below...

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photos by Mimi Hong

Say Anything / The Front Bottoms / The So So Glos / You Blew It!
Say Anything
The Front Bottoms
The So So Glos
You Blew It

The Say Anything / Front Bottoms / So So Glos / You Blew It! tour hit NYC over the weekend for a sold-out Best Buy Theater show on Saturday (6/28). The headliners were supporting a new album which they played a few tracks from, but mostly split their discography pretty evenly including five from ...Is A Real Boy and early track "A Boston Peace."

Some pretty exciting openers were along for the tour, including lyrical acoustic punks The Front Bottoms who treated the crowd to favorites off last year's Talon of the Hawk and one off the just-released Rose EP (blow-up stage props included). Before that was power poppy punks The So So Glos who were back in their hometown of NYC for this show, and Florida's '90s emo devotees You Blew It! who focused mainly on this year's acclaimed Keep Doing What You're Doing.

Pictures of all four bands are in this post and continue below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Pride March 2014
Pride March 2014
Pride March 2014

...Khaki shirts, olive pants and rainbow neckerchiefs: the Boy Scout uniform, pride-style -- a uniform that had never been seen on a group of marchers in New York City's pride parade before.

They had come to mark progress -- the Boy Scouts of America's breakthrough vote last year to end a decades-old policy of prohibiting openly gay youths from being scouts -- and to call for more. However, the organization, a touchstone of traditional America, still bars openly gay adults from participating as troop leaders or volunteers. Ending that ban has become a signature cause for the gay-rights movement.

"I want gay parents to have the opportunity to scout with their children," said Greg Bourke, 56, who said he was forced to step down as a leader of his son's troop in Kentucky two years ago after local Scouts officials learned he was gay and threatened to revoke the troop's charter. "Adult leaders should have the same opportunities as everyone else has to take part in an organization that's a bedrock of America."

A Boy Scout wearing a rainbow neckerchief at the Gay Pride March. Credit James Estrin/The New York Times
As parade outfits go, the scouts' attire was among the tamest. Just ahead of them, one man's head bore a live parrot; another's back had sprouted enormous white wings. A third wore little more than a pair of red briefs spangled with gold medallions, and roller skates. - [NY Times]

Lots more pictures from the 2014 Gay Pride March below...

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June 27, 2014

Photos by Greg Cristman

Ginger Baker's Jazz Confusion @ BB King's 6/25/2014
Ginger Baker Jazz Confusion

DCist: What was the impetus behind forming this band? Who is in the group and why did you choose these musicians?

Ginger Baker: I don't understand "impetus." Abass Dodoo African drums, Alec Dankworth bass and Pee Wee Ellis horn. Because they are all bloody good musicians.

DCist: Your playing and music has always drawn from international influences. What are some of the inspirations behind the music this band is playing?

GB: We just play what we feel.

DCist: What can the audience expect in terms of the material you'll be playing?

GB: We play the stuff on the record Why? plus a couple...don't expect a super long set 'cause I'm too old. [DCist]

Cantankerous interview subject, renowned/reformed wild man, and drum god, Ginger Baker released Why? this week, his first album in 16 years. Along with that his band, Ginger's Baker's Jazz Confusion are on tour as we speak, and played NYC's BB King Blues Club on Wednesday (6/25) and Thursday (6/26) as part of the Blue Note Jazz Festival. A man of few words, the former Cream/Blind Faith drummer has no problem letting his music do the talking. Pictures from Wednesday's BB King's show are in this post.

More below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Warpaint @ Prospect Park - 6/26/14

Warpaint put out their second album at the beginning of this year, and after having supported it in NYC with an intimate Union Pool show and a much larger Webster Hall show, the LA band returned last night for an even larger (and free) Celebrate Brooklyn show in Prospect Park. The venue filled out pretty well, though it wasn't hard to get into or anything, unlike the Janelle Monae show earlier this month.

The band were in great form, going through their many sounds that included haunting folk, psychedelia, dream pop, and shinier/dancier pop, all while being an adept and big-sounding band that had no problem projecting to the back of the big outdoor venue. Vocal harmonies were spot on too. They were doing some complex stuff that came across more last night than on record, and I don't think they hit a wrong note.

Yellowbirds opened the show. More pictures of both bands below...

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June 26, 2014

photos by Joe McCabe

July Talk
July Talk

Toronto pop-punk band Pup and Montreal singer Alejandra Ribera are among the nominees for the English-language SOCAN Songwriting Prize.

Ribera is up for "I Want" while Pup is in the running for "Reservoir."

Vancouver singer/songwriter Louise Burns for "Emeralds Shatter," Toronto indie-rockers July Talk's "Having You Around" and Vancouver indie-pop outfit Wake Owl for "Gold" round out the nominees.
[Montreal Gazeette]

The SOCAN-nominated Toronto indie pop band July Talk have been playing a whole bunch of dates and have a lot more coming up, and this past Tuesday (6/24) they squeezed in a release show for their Guns & Ammunition EP in NYC at Knitting Factory. If you were there, what did you think? Pictures of the show are in this post and continue below...

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