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March 25, 2014

photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Gary Numan @ Webster Hall - 3/22/14
Gary Numan
Gary Numan

In his second SXSW performance of the evening, the U.K. singer behind the still-totally-genius hit "Cars" leaned hard against his mic stand as he delivered futuristic songs from the Seventies and Eighties plus brooding tracks from last year's Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind), his first album of new material in seven years. At Elysium (where the pool tables were turned into a display of the latest Moog gear), he was overcome with gloom and intense emotion, feeling every throb of his synths. [Rolling Stone]
Synth pop pioneer Gary Numan is currently on a tour that he brought to Austin for his first-ever SXSW appearances (one of which the above review is from), and then to NYC for a headlining show at Webster Hall this past Saturday (3/22). Like at SXSW, we got a good deal of his new album plus those old favorites like "Cars," "Metal" and "Are 'Friends' Electric?". The show was opened by Gary's tourmates -- M83's pals Big Black Delta and Duke Spirit side project Roman Remains. Pictures of all three artists are in this post.

More pics, along with the setlist and a video of "Cars" from the show, below...

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March 24, 2014

by Bill Pearis

Fat White Family @ Pianos 3/21/2014 (via @ebruyildiz)

This weekend in NYC was a good opportunity to see foreign bands strip down to next to nothing (or less). UK heathens Fat White Family stormed the city this weekend, leaving a trail of clothes, sweat and other bodily fluids across three shows. By all accounts, the Friday (3/21) show at Pianos was the wildest, with frontman Lias Saoudi, not unlike Lux Interior or Iggy Pop, going full monty and the band generally tearing things up. (The instagram above is from Pianos.) At Saturday's Union Pool show (3/22), pants stayed on but when the bassist's instrument broke, all hell (aka the drummer) broke loose and leveled the stage. Then last night (3/23) the band played Shea Stadium...anybody go to that one? While no longer video clips from those shows have surfaced, you can watch a full show from SXSW where things got pretty demented.

La Femme @ Glasslands, 3/23/2014 (via @goldenxratio)
La Femme

Meanwhile, at last night's sweaty La Femme show at Glasslands, frontman Sacha Got ended up performing in Speedo-like skivvies by the end of show, though their set was definitely on the more innocent side (but no less crazy).

We also caught both bands at SXSW, and liked them there too. Videos, and another instagram from the Fat Whites' Pianos show, below..

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Photos by Greg Cristman

The Clientele @ The Bell House, 3/21/2014
The Clientele

chickfactor: what has the clientele been up to? are you back together for good or just a few shows?

alisdair maclean (the clientele): I've been slowly and painfully writing a novel, and playing in amor de días. mark has moved into a canal boat and is tuning pianos. james has been growing chillis and playing bass for comet gain. ¶ last year I wrote a couple of songs that sounded more clientele than amor de días and it coincided with an offer for the old lineup to play a festival in denmark, which we decided to do for fun. then merge asked us to record a song or two for their 25th-anniversary 7″ singles club so we had a chance to record together again. that's all so far.

why was it important to reissue suburban light?

again, it was merge's decision, as part of their 25-year anniversary reissues series. I over-listened to that record when we mixed it the first time round and I got sick of the songs. james and I were talking about how frustrating that whole time was, we kept losing drummers and we wanted those songs to be on the radio but we were in a little studio trying to cut out the hiss on the tape by sliding the faders up and down. every sound engineer we met tried to make us sound like radiohead. ¶ coming back to it was really positive though--we unearthed a lot of stuff everyone had forgotten. It was weird being in a room and hearing our younger selves bantering on tape. I think the reissue does it justice, and it seems to be a lot of people's favourite clientele record so hopefully it will be enjoyed. - [chickfactor]

Chickfactor 22 happened last week (March 20 & 21), the Friday show featuring the recently reunited The Clientele who were sporting the trio line-up of the group that hadn't played together live in nine years. That same line-up will play Merge 25 in North Carolina this July, and their classic 2000 album, Suburban Light, is getting a reissue this year via Merge with new artwork and a disc's worth of outtakes. That's out May 13 and you can preorder it now.

Also on the Friday Chickfactor 22 bill were fellow Merge band Versus who played mostly new material, but invited up former bandmember Patrick Ramos and Mascott's Kendall Meade during "Blade of Grass." There was also the very entertaining Barbara Manning, and a one-off reunion of early '00s Slumberland band The Saturday People (featuring Pam Berry of Black Tambourine and Glo Worm). More pictures from the second night of Chickfactor 22 below....

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photos by Amanda Hatfield; words by Bill Pearis

La Femme

(via @savannatodd)

Crowdsurfing at shows is a common occurrence. A bandmember surfing the crowd atop his keyboard? That was a first for this fairly seasoned concertgoer and happened at last night's BV-presented La Femme show (3/23) at Glasslands. It was the capper to one of the most bonkers, sweaty, fun shows I have been to in a long time.

Glasslands was absolutely packed by the time the Parisian band took the stage. Having seen them at our SXSW day party, I knew La Femme were good but I wasn't expecting such a crowd reaction. Especially on a Sunday night. This audience -- which, total guess, seemed about 1/3 French -- was there to party and dance, as was the band who played for almost an hour and a half. By the end of it, singer Sacha Got was stripped to a Speedo and humping his keyboard. But the music never stopped, La Femme knocked out their ultra-catchy new wave spy music -- they played nearly everything (if not actually everything) from last year's great Psycho Tropical Berlin (complete with Theremin). What a show!

If you missed it, La Femme play the slightly more upscale Chez Andre at The Standard in the East Village tonight. The early show (7 - 9 PM) is free but you do need to RSVP to They'll also open for both NYC Trail of Dead shows (3/28 at MHOW and 3/29 at Bowery Ballroom) and tickets are still available.

The rest of the show was fun too. Future Punx kicked things off with a tight set of synthy new wave -- complete with projected visuals -- and Regal Degal previewed a bunch of songs from their new album which was produced by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor and will be out on Terrible Records later this year. I had a good time DJing this show too.

Pictures from Future Punx and Regal Degal, plus more pics of La Femme (plus video), below...

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March 22, 2014

photos by Bruno Simões; words by Bill Pearis


As mentioned, Barcelona's Univers are here, playing a couple NYC shows after SXSW. Well most of them. Their guitarist got detained at the border, so their bassist switched to guitar and their manager is playing bass. It all seemed to work out ok -- the band sounded fine just fine at Cake Shop last night. (If you like Crystal Stilts or Girls Names, you'll like Univers. Stream their album below.) We've got a few pictures from their show in this post.

Univers plays again tonight (3/22) at Shea Stadium on with Celestial Shore, Tiny Hazard, Zula, and Body Parts. More pics from Cake Shop below....

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March 21, 2014

photos by Tim Griffin; additional shots by Daniel Christiansen for Indiegogo; words by Andrew Sacher

Pains / Hold Steady
BrooklynVegan Day Show - Saturday @ Red 7 - 3/15/2014 SXSW
BrooklynVegan Day Show - Saturday @ Red 7 - 3/15/2014 SXSW

After Friday, which came after Thursday, which came after a night show on Wednesday, we said hello and goodbye to both of Red 7's stages one last time with our third and final BrooklynVegan SXSW day party at the 7th & Red River venue in Austin on Saturday (3/15).

Outside, despite the rain that plagued us that day, Palehound kicked things off with their noisy indie rock, and they were followed by the high-energy poppy punk of Cincinnati's Tweens. More poppy punk came from Northampton's Potty Mouth, and then came Mary Timony's (Autoclave, Helium, Wild Flag) riff-rockin' new band Ex Hex, who were one of the most fun bands of the day to watch. They were followed by Potty Mouth's Northampton neighbors Speedy Ortiz, who were great as always, and whose new stuff (like "American Horror") sounded great next to their older songs (like "Taylor Swift"). Wye Oak followed and previewed stuff from their upcoming guitar-less album (they did have their guitar on Saturday though), and the show closed with a super fun set from The Hold Steady.

Wye Oak
BrooklynVegan Day Show - Saturday @ Red 7 - 3/15/2014 SXSW

The indoor stage got off to a great start with Saintseneca, who had a tight blend of Fleet Foxes/Arcade Fire-isms, then it got weird for the UK's Fat White Family, who brought filth and fury not unlike  The Stooges or The Birthday Party. (They're in NYC this weekend.)  Quilt kept things trippy (but cleaner) after that, and Connan Mockasin was his eccentric self too (though he admitted he was recovering from the night before where he told everyone at Swan Dive to take their clothes off). Then came the art pop of Hundred Waters, a mostly-solo set from Braid frontman Bob Nanna which included Braid songs and some Jack and Ace action with his wife Lauren LoPiccolo, sneering Detroit post-punks Protomartyr, and finally a headlining set from the new lineup of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, which is easily their most powerful and fun to watch yet.

Tweens / Ex Hex
BrooklynVegan Day Show - Saturday @ Red 7 - 3/15/2014 SXSW
BrooklynVegan Day Show - Saturday @ Red 7 - 3/15/2014 SXSW

Shiner beer was on special and we gave away free Jameson. Veri organic soda was free, plentiful and was there to help you rehydrate. We let in 20 people each day who were taking advantage of Esurance's SXSW-wide #EsuranceAccess program.

Maybe you won a pair of Marshall Headphones? You may have if you tagged your Instagram with #BVMarshall (you may also see one of those Instagrams featured in this post).

All the music we played between bands can be found on our Nokia MixRadio SXSW playlist. Nokia MixRadio were the ones in the pink tent outside all three days.

Indiegogo was there too, though due to the rain, like Marshall, they moved inside on Saturday.

Special thanks to all of our bands and partners and sponsors for making this party possible.

Pictures from Thursday HERE. Pictures from Friday HERE. One set of pictures from Saturday is at BV Austin. More from Saturday below...

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photos by Greg Cristman

"The Drive-By Truckers show at @Terminal5NYC was a-may-zing." - Jack Criddle

Drive-By Truckers @ T5 - 3/20/14
Drive-By Truckers
Drive-By Truckers

Alt-country vets Drive-By Truckers put out their tenth album, English Oceans, earlier this month and they've been on a tour with the likeminded Blitzen Trapper in support of it. That tour came to NYC last night (3/20) for a big show at Terminal 5. Pictures of the T5 show are in this post, and they continue below...

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March 20, 2014

photos by Amanda Hatfield; words by Bill Pearis

Fat White Family @ Red 7 3/15/2014
BrooklynVegan SXSW Saturday Day Party - Red 7

UK band Fat White Family played their first-ever US shows at SXSW last week, including an early slot at our Saturday free day part at Red 7. While the optimal time to seem them is probably ten minutes before last call, they brought a genuine depraved rock n' roll attitude to their 12:45 PM set. Most bandmembers were shirtless and sweaty by the second song, and frontman Lias Saoudi had an undeniable charm the right word? We only got four songs, but "Cream of the Young" and "Is It Raining in Your Mouth?" oozed sleazy authenticity. Pictures from their performance at our SXSW day party are in this post, and if you haven't checked them out yet, there are videos and streams below.

As mentioned, Fat White Family will hit NYC this weekend for three shows: an early show at Pianos on Friday (3/21) with Isreali shoegazers Vaadat Charigim, Shilpa Ray and more (tickets); Saturday (3/22) at Union Pool with New Casino and bluesy UK solo artists Flame Proof Moth (tickets); and Sunday (3/23) at Shea Stadium with Las Rosas, Baked and, again, Flame Proof Moth.

Flame Proof Moth

Flame Proof Moth is mates with the Fat Whites and has a proclivity for playing public shows in strange places (such as waist-deep in the Thames River). Stream his album Women Should Be in Charge below.

More pics from Fat White Family's BV SXSW day party show, plus streams and videos, below...

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photos by P Squared Photography

The War on Drugs @ Bowery Ballroom - 3/19/14
War on Drugs

The War On Drugs put out their excellent new album, Lost in the Dream, this week (3/18) via Secretly Canadian, and brought their current tour in support of it to Bowery Ballroom last night (3/19) for their first of three sold-out NYC shows. The show was a family affair, opening with Sore Eros, a collaborator of TWoD's friend and past collaborator, Kurt Vile. Then came Doug Keith of Sharon Van Etten's band, whose new album features TWoD's Adam Granduciel. His band featured other members of SVE's band, in addition to members of Megafaun (and Sharon could be spotted in the audience). (Less "in the family," but The Julie Ruin's Kenny Mellman was in the crowd too.) Finally The War on Drugs headlined, playing almost all of Lost in the Dream, plus a good amount of its predecessor, 2011's breakthrough LP, Slave Ambient, and a track from 2010's Future Weather EP. Pictures of the show, including one of the setlist, are in this post.

The War on Drugs do it again tonight (3/20) at Bowery Ballroom with White Laces and Lantern, and Friday (3/21) at MHOW with TEEN and Sore Eros. Both sold out.

More pictures from night 1 below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield; words by Bill Pearis

Marissa Nadler / Mt. Royal / PINS @ Baby's All Right 3/19/2014
Marissa Nadler
Mt. Royal

UK label Bella Union launched a North American extension earlier this year and Wednesday night (3/19) had a coming out party at Brooklyn's Baby's All Right, with four of their artists playing. The night was headlined by Marissa Nadler (who's signed to Sacred Bones over here) who played with cello backing. By that point in the evening -- after three rock bands and imbibing -- the crowd was a little chatty for Nadler's delicate style but, pulling from her new album July, she sounded great nonetheless.

The rest of night's line-up were all fresh from SXSW, the best of which was undoubtably Mt. Royal, the new project from Celebration singer Katrina Ford. Their widescreen, ethereal strain of pop is not dissimilar to Blonde Redhead or Beach House, but Ford's magnetic presence and powerhouse pipes distinguishes them immediately. I always liked seeing Celebration live, but Mt. Royal make music I want to listen to at home, too (their debut EP is great).

The night opened with two international bands: Manchester, UK's PINS, who seemed to have raided Dum Dum Girls' wardrobe, make scratchy, scrappy indiepop; and Berlin-based trio Ballet School, who make anthemic techno-rock (I kept thinking of Laura Branigan's "Gloria"). In between sets, Bella Union domo (and onetime Cocteau Twins bassist) Simon Raymonde kept the crowd entertained as DJ. Pics from all of last night's bands are in this post.

More below...

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