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March 23, 2007

I managed to catch Pela @ SXSW - Wednesday March 14th @ the Little Radio day party @ Red Eyed Fly to be exact.

Pela @ SXSW

Here's what Pela has to say about it
"Get to our first show at Red Eyed Fly. We get out of the van and immediately get help loading everything right to the stage where we immediately get on stage and start our show. The place was packed and people were into it. Right before we start our fourth song a local guy comes up to the stage with Eric's bass case and tells us he found it down at the river right behind the venue. We thank him and continue the show. This was the most humid day in recent memory. We were sweaty and tired but agreed that we sweat out the scotch from the night before. We then met a bunch of people, did a few interviews and headed back to the hotel for some rest. Going to hit the jacuzzi. Instead sleep happens." [Pela's SXSW diary on Gothamist]

Pela play TONIGHT (Friday March 23rd, 2007) @ Sin-e in NYC
(flyer) (tickets) (set times).

More SXSW pictures below...

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LISTEN: Mew live on NPR @ SXSW (HTML page)

Mew @ SXSW

Next to New Violators going on at Noon, the biggest travesty at the during-SXSW party I did with AAM last Thursday (March 15, 2007) was that Cloud Cult (inside) and Mew (outside) started at the exact same time (5pm). I didn't realize that was gonna happen ahead of time, or I would have tried to make it different.

When I got done crying I decided to watch a couple of Cloud Cult songs, followed by almost all of Mew's set. I knew I could see Cloud Cult again at SXSW, and soon in NYC, not to mention the zillion times I've seen them already - so Mew it was.

Truth is, I should have just been thankful I could even get in the show unlike these pour diehard under-21 Mew fans stuck behind the fence...

Mew @ SXSW

Not that it matters, but since the show was outside Mew didn't use their usual video projections. And though I think Mew is best experienced on record, this show was still a great one. How was their performance at Irving Plaza last night (March 22)?

More pics, video & stuff below.....

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DOWNLOAD: Cloud Cult live on WOXY (3/17/07) (MP3) (info)

For reasons I'll explain later, I was only able to watch a couple of Cloud Cult songs when they played my show at The Scoot Inn in Austin on March 15th, 2007....

Cloud Cult @ The Scoot Inn

Pre-Order the new album - get goodies
"Cloud Cult's new album 'The Meaning of 8' won't be available in record stores across the U.S. until April 10, 2007. But the album is now available as a pre-sale special on this website only. We have put together some very special package deals for Cloud Cult fans who want the album before everyone else."

More pics & stuff below...

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March 22, 2007

First of all a HUGE thanks to Thunderbirds are Now! who came the rescue last minute and filled in for Amy Winehouse at the Brooklyn Vegan / Le Tigre NY2LON party in Austin during SXSW on Saturday (March 17, 2007). Here are some non-candid photos taken at the show by Getty photographer Tim Mosenfelder.

Thunderbirds are Now!

Antibalas *
* Martin Perna is the one in the "I love Iraq" shirt

More below....

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I thought Jamie T was going to be sitting on a stool with a guitar, or sort of rapping, but actually he was energetic and playing with a full band. Not bad, though I only saw a few songs. One of them being "Stella" which I know the best.

I saw him at The Fader Fort at SXSW on March 16, 2007. That's where these pictures are from. Last night (March 21) he played Mercury Lounge in NYC. What was that like?

Jamie T @ Fader

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March 21, 2007

Fader hosted their usual impressive series of day shows at SXSW this year. The Western themed venue was called the Fader Fort, and it had tons of (mostly sponsored) rooms and pasageways that you could get lost in before letting out into a huge courtyard where the bands and DJs were playing. There was even an almost-naked, but not-a-cowboy hipster mascot....

Har Mar Superstar @ Fader, SXSW, March 16, 2007
Har Mar Superstar @ FADER

Beth Ditto is also secure with her body.

* Har Mar Superstar vs. Les Savy Fav
* Har Mar Superstar CMJ pics | AOL Interview

The cult of Girl Talk @ Diesel party, SXSW - March 16, 2007
Girl Talk @ Diesel

Girl Talk was all over SXSW. I didn't even try to see him, but ended up catching him twice. Once was at the Diesel-U-Music party on Friday night (March 16, 2007). It was where I went after the Iheartcomix party was busted. He went on right after Tokyo Police Club who went on after Matt & Kim.

Cult leader @ Diesel party, SXSW - March 16, 2007
Girl Talk @ Diesel

The other time I saw Girl Talk was at the PACKED Pitchfork day party on the main stage of Emo's. Diesel had much more breathing room.

It's still unclear whether the mayor of Austin caught any Girl Talk shows at SXSW this year, but I'm sure Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Doyle would have been dancing on the stage had he been in Texas.

And had Girl Talk played the Playboy party, the mayor would have been sure to have seen Greg Gillis too. I'm actually surprised Playboy didn't book him now that I know he'll actually be making an appearance in their very own sister (brother?) publication...

First off, let's burst a few bubbles by mentioning that while Gillis will appear in an upcoming issue of Playgirl (specifically the "Man of the Year" issue), "he will be shirtless, in jean shorts and hightops...and doing air kicks," according to his publicist. In other words, if you've ever been to a Girl Talk show, you've probably seen more Gillis skin than Playgirl's readership. Be proud. [Pitchfork]
Oh well.

* Girl Talk @ Studio B ++ 2007 Tour Dates
* Girl Talk playing tonight & CMJ
* Girl Talk played Lit, playing Mercury Lounge & in your stereo

DOWNLOAD: The Gossip - Listen Up! (MP3)

'Illinois' & playmates @ the Playboy party, SXSW - March 15, 2007
Playboy party

I wouldn't have normally passed up the opportunity to see The Gossip and Voxtrot back-to-back (Thursday, March 15, 2007 - Kork showcase @ Emo's, SXSW), but majority rules, and in this case the majority of the group I was with at dinner that night couldn't get in to the show - so instead we found ourselves at the annual Playboy party. It was held at a TV studio-turned-party-space that was full of free food, free alcohol, free cigarettes, Playboy memorabilia, media, rock fans, and socialites. The music-loving mayor of Austin was even there.

Of course four Playboy playmates were walking around, hosting, introducting bands, and posing for pictures. They were dressed in semi-revealing bunny suits.

Ironically, Beth Ditto of the Gossip was back at Emo's showing even more skin.

OK, I exxagerated the "naked" part - Beth Ditto @ SXSW - March 15, 2007 (CRED)
Beth Ditto

You go girl. More below...

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DOWNLOAD: Talib Kweli ft Jean Grae - Say Something (MP3) (via Spine Magazine)

Public Enemy @ SXSW - March 16, 2007 (CRED)
Public Enemy @ SXSW

Hip Hop @ SXSW

  • Prefix Magazine has videos and pictures of Redman's set at the Fader Fort. Monsters&Critics reviews the show.
  • James took some great pictures of the Rakim showcase.
  • Some great photos here of Public Enemy's fantastic SXSW concert. Still rocking a crowd of 12,000 after 20 years. AngryCitizen reviews.
  • A selection of other great photos from Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, C-Rayz, El-P, Rakim & Ghostface's showcases here. El-P show review here
  • Spankrock in action can be found here and here, Pidgeon John here (+ review), and UGK here.
Did I miss any great reviews, videos or pictures? Link them in the comments!

El-P @ SXSW - March 16, 2007 (CRED)


Ghostface Killah @ SXSW - March 17, 2007 (CRED)
Ghostface @ SXSW


  • The Rap Up has a great freestyle by Joe Budden. When is Def Jam finally going to unleash him?
  • Check out a few EL-P tracks from his new album I'll Sleep When You're Dead here. Read a 4.5/5 HipHopSite review of the album here (most reliable review site for hip hop hands down). Pitchfork also reviews, and the Village Voice does a feature. Also listen to Chuck D interviewing El-Producto on Air America.
  • Download a fantastic 2 disc James Brown mixtape by DJ Premier here. Via Idolator.
Rakim @ SXSW - March 17, 2007 (CRED)
Rakim @ SXSW


  • NWA Day! Watch this hilarious video. I can't really explain it.
  • Redman performing 'Tonight's The Night' @ SXSW. Watch here.
"Gabo" got a Devin the Dude Tattoo (CRED)
Devin the Dude

Then Gabo hung with Devin @ SXSW.


this post brought to you by Undisputed Wes

"Wayne Coyne conducted a series of impromptu on-camera interviews and observations during this year’s SXSW, they will be broadcast on Thursday’s epsiode of the Tonight Show." [Bumpershine]

Wayne Coyne & Leslie @ SXSW - March 15, 2007 (CRED)
Wayne Coyne & Leslie

"The Great White Way will never be the same: In an exclusive interview, Wayne Coyne, lead singer of the Flaming Lips, told that the psych-rock band will team up with acclaimed TV writer and show creator Aaron Sorkin to turn the group's 2002 album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots into a Broadway musical." [Entertainment Weekly]

Flaming Lips Tour Dates below...

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