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March 21, 2007

DOWNLOAD: Fujiya & Miyagi - live on KEXP from SXSW (MP3) (info)
STREAM: Fujiya & Miyagi - live on MPR from SXSW (MP3 stream) (info)
LISTEN: Fujiya & Miyagi - live on NPR from SXSW (web page)

Fujiya & Miyagi (three guys from the UK) played Mercury Lounge in NYC last night (March 20, 2007). It was their 3rd of three NYC shows, and it was seriously awesome. You couldn't help, but dance, and cheer, and just love them.

Fujiya & Miyagi @ Mercury Lounge

New Violators opened, but I missed them because I was over seeing David & The Citizens and Bang Gang at Canal Room. On my wait out of Mercury Lounge I heard mixed reviews - some hated New Violators, some loved them. Both sides tended to agree that they sound a lot like a cover band.

Another pic, and other stuff below...

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This happened not long after I left, Todd P, SXSW - Mar 15, 2007 (CRED)
Spank Rock @ SXSW

I came so close to seeing Spank Rock so many times at SXSW this year. One time was when he played the late night Todd P party (see above). I was there, but got too tired and left before he went on. Another time was at the Iheartcomix party at Blue Genie that got shut down an hour after starting. The cops kept me from Spank Rock that time. A third time was a party at the Scoot Inn that I just ended up not going to, AND I sort of tried to get Spank Rock to play both of my day parties, but that just didn't work out....SO, I'm gonna try not to miss his show May 15th at the new 800-capacity Highland Ballroom in the Meatpacking District in NYC. Tickets are on sale. The only other show he has right now is April 29th @ Coachella. No tour dates below.

The video was shot at the Gothamist/Austinist/Gorilla Vs Bear show at the Mohawk on March 14, 2007. I did go to the party, but too late to see Mayor Will Wynn speak. I saw him later in the week though - at the Playboy party (more about that later).

More videos by Autopilot Films @ YouTube.

March 20, 2007

DOWNLOAD: The Stooges - live on KEXP from SXSW (MP3) (via)

The Stooges @ Waterloo Records, Austin, TX - March 16, 2007 (CRED)
Stooges @ Waterloo

Pitchfork ranked the Stooges new album "The Weirdness" a 1.0 today. Rolling Stone was nicer. Details on a free show in Los Angeles tonight (March 20), and updated tour dates, below....

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"Like Moz fronting an early 80's new-wave band" [Torr]

New Violators @ SXSW

SXSW day shows are what they are. My Thursday day show with AAM during SXSW this year (March 15, 2007) was in a semi-remote location on a week day, and up against a zillion other day shows going on at the same time. That said, the show was a huge success, but not that many people showed up right at noon when we started. That's when Norway's New Violators went on - right at noon, but they handled it really well. They mostly spoke in Norweigian so it was hard to understand, but I think they were joking a little at how silly the whole thing seemed.

New Violators @ SXSW

All I could think about during their set was how much fun it would be to see them fully awake, at midnight, and at a packed club full of drunk dancing people (myself included). Then again, it was awesome that we were getting our own private show right there outside in Texas at the Scoot Inn.

Anyway, they were great, but you probably won't think so if you get too caught up on WHO the band sounds like. Instead just enjoy their catchy-dancey-big-synth-eighties sound. They're completely "fun", amusing, talented, and they have the charisma - even if at times they seem just like a really good cover band (listen @ MySpace).

I didn't see any of their other SXSW or NYC shows so far, but I'm hoping to catch them at least one more time while they're in NYC this week - and hopefully next time at something like a Mother f*cker party, or Studio B or something.

New Violators play again tonight (March 20) @ Mercury Lounge, and tomorrow (March 21) @ Pianos. More pics below...

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The Young Knives @ Friends, SXSW - March 16, 2007 (CRED)
The Young Knives @ SXSW

As you can see in the picture above, the UK's The Young Knives made it to SXSW last week. They were supposed to play NYC earlier this month, but never made it due to visa issues. One of their shows was supposed to be with the View at Luna Lounge. The View had to cancel for visa issues too. The Young Knives rescheduled for tonight (March 20), and are playing a total of three NYC shows this week. The View will be back in May. All tour dates below....

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DJ Ayres, Cosmo Baker (The Rub) & R2D2 mailbox @ SXSW (CRED)
The Rub @ SXSW

Open Bar, The Rub, Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull, free stuff & more @ Webster Hall, NYC, March 27th. RSVP here. More pics of The Rub @ SXSW here. More info on the Star Wars mailbox here.

The Brooklyn Record is reporting that Brooklyn's O'Death signed to Brooklyn's Ernest Jenning Record Co.

O'Death played a bunch of shows in Austin during SXSW last week. One of them was at the day party I did with AAM @ The Scoot Inn on Thursday. Their performances are always top notch, and it was definitely one of my day's highlights.

O'Death @ The Scoot Inn, Austin, TX - March 15, 2007
ODeath @ SXSW

More pics & tour dates below....

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Not afraid of a little self-promotion, Roadrunner Records' De Novo Dahl were more than happy to pose for a picture while making their presence known on 6th Street in Austin at SXSW this year....

De Novo Dahl @ SXSW

De Novo Dahl will be in NYC three times in the near future....

Apr 2 - Piano's New York, New York
Apr 3 - Piano's New York, New York
Apr 20 - The Luna Lounge Brooklyn, New York

All tour dates below....

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Daniel Johnston & THe Nightmares @ SXSW - March 17, 2007 (CRED)
DAniel Johnston @ SXSW

Daniel Johnston played SXSW this year. I was there, but I never saw him. Though I was pretty excited Daniel was playing, I didn't even make a serious effort to see him when I got there. I never checked to see exactly how many shows he was playing, but I knew I'd have to ditch my own day show to see him one time, and that another one of his shows was in the convention center (aka I wasn't getting in without a badge).

Sunday night over dinner I was telling a friend from Austin how disappointed I was - if only I had planned more maybe I could have caught him. My friend asked if I had heard about Daniel's recent interest in anti-semitism and Nazis. I said I hadn't. He said it was true. I said I guess I didn't regret missing him as much anymore. Neither of us had heard anything about how the SXSW shows went.

Today I did a search, and it looks like not only is it true, but it surfaced in Daniel's act at SXSW too. Here's an interesting review:

Today at the Convention Center, Austin icon and OG “outsider artist” Daniel Johnston told two jokes before a jam-packed day stage crowd:

1. “I heard they just sentenced a man to the death penalty… for trying to commit suicide.”

2. “I heard the Jews are having a pajama party… at the concentration camp.”

Daniel punctuated the last one, which drew a pretty uncomfortable silence, with a Nazi salute and a screechy “Heil Hitler.” [scan]

Further confirmation at The Mercury News and at James Hill's blog.

Can you blame Daniel for anything he says? His mental illness is well documented. Is it just for shock value? As usual, I don't know, but I don't really like it. I guess I'd need to know more about the context before rushing to judgement, but either way I say he drops it.

I wonder if David Bowie knows. Then again, is the Highline Festival even really happening? The website still says "coming May 2007". hmm.