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September 11, 2014

Simpsons action figures
Simpsons action figures
Simpsons action figures
Simpsons action figures
Simpsons action figures

The ongoing Simpsons "Greatest Guest Stars" action figure line is adding Aerosmith, Tom Jones, Weird Al Yankovic, Elvis Costello, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin to the growing collection. This "fourth wave" of characters will be available in October, and can now join Hugh Hefner, James Brown, Yao Ming, Tom Hanks, Kid Rock, The Who, Britney Spears, Mark Hamill, Lucy Lawless, Tony Hawk, Penn and Teller, Bret Hart, Stephen King, Leonard Nimoy and R.E.M. in your display case.

July 25, 2013


Weird things are happening in the board game world. The Atlantic Wire reports...

Really, nothing is sacred anymore -- not even Monopoly. Because kids' days are filled with obligations and organized activities, young children today are apparently busier than any of their predecessors in history, toy manufacturers like Hasbro are tailoring board games to make them faster to play.

"Hasbro's new Monopoly Empire, in which players compete to amass the most big-name brands, such as Coca-Cola Xbox and McDonald's, can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, compared with the hours that traditional Monopoly could take," reports The Wall Street Journal's Ann Zimmerman. Hasbro accomplished this depressing feat in part by removing the jail, which speeds up the pace and also removes a crucial safe zone in the latter stages of the game.

Here's to future generations of kids who will never know what a Get Out of Jail Free Card is.

PREVIOUSLY: Monopoly replaces the iron with a cat (RIP iron).

March 21, 2013

by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Cobra Commander, with the double invisible oranges

Finally a kickstarter I can get behind! Help Cobra Commander rebuild his "non-profit organization COBRA" and its home base Cobra Island, which was sadly destroyed by the tyrants in GI Joe:

We are COBRA, a worldwide organization devoted to making advancements in science and defense technology.

Recently our home and secret base of operations was destroyed in an attack by the terrorist militia known as GI JOE.

So after discussing a plan of action with my colleagues DESTRO, DR. MINDBENDER, and our business analysts TOMAX and XAMOT, we reached the conclusion that we need $94 billion to fully restore COBRA ISLAND and the COBRA organization.



Help anyway you can at their Kickstarter (which isnt live yet), which currently has a goal of $21,474,836. For more details, consult the video below.

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November 16, 2012


While Twinkies have a reputation for an unlimited shelf life, the company that makes the junk food may not not.

Hostess Brands, the bankrupt maker of cream-filled pastries like Twinkies and Ho Hos, said on Friday that it planned to wind down its operations. The decision comes a week after one of the company's biggest unions went on strike to protest a labor contract.

Friday's move could spell the end of Hostess, a company that has endured wars, countless diet fads and even an earlier Chapter 11 filing. But the liquidation may not mean the end of its signature product, the Twinkie, with its cake exterior and cream filling. The confection -- originally banana flavored, rather than the vanilla of today -- could find new life under a different owner, if the company auctions off its brands and assets.

In the short term, Twinkies may be in short supply. The last batches rolled off Hostess production lines early Friday morning, according to Tom Becker, a company spokesman, and no new products will be made for the time being. [NY Times]

I won't be running out and stocking up on any Twinkies. I mean, they're gross, but I can't help feeling nostalgic for the products that poisoned my body as a child and the ads that helped them do it! Continue the trip down memory lane and/or feeling hungry and/or disgusted and/or find some more ironic t-shirt ideas, below...

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September 17, 2012

It's just Lego Optimus Prime, checking out the 2011 Con. NBD (more by Chris La Putt)
Comic Con

The 2012 edition of the New York Comic Con returns to Jacob Javits Center on October 11 - 14, featuring four days of sci-fi, your favorite fantasy/action heroes, and costumes, costumes and more costumes. In addition, the 2012 edition will feature its share of big name appearances as well, including the cast of The Walking Dead, members of Robot Chicken and Children's Hospital, Elmo & Gordon from Sesame Street, Draco Malfoy (not kidding) and many others. In addition, you can kick-off the festivities with a concert featuring Ben Folds Five at the IGN Theater on 10/11, as discussed. Tickets for the Comic-Con are on sale.

In semi-related news, gamers know that when you play a video game enough, those songs stay with you until you find yourself humming them when you are far far away from your controller. If you know what I am talking about, this one is dedicated to you:

Featuring dynamic and compelling video accompanied by a live symphony orchestra, The Legend of Zelda™: Symphony of the Goddesses brings the world's most popular video game series to life! Enjoy original music spanning 25 years of adventure from the celebrated Zelda franchise, uniting music and visuals in a way never before realized. Experience the magic at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, November 28.

The Legend of Zelda™: Symphony of the Goddesses is the first ever video game themed concert to feature a complete 4-movement symphony, showcasing the work of Nintendo composer and sound director Koji Kondo.

That's right. Legend of Zelda. IN THE FLESH. Get stoked... tickets are still available.

And finally, if you're heading to Comic-Con, look for possible tributes to Sean Smith, known as Vile Rat, who was tragically killed in the attack on the Libyan Consulate this week. So sad.

May 16, 2012

Lee Scratch Perry doll

Dub pioneer, living legend and genuine eccentric, Lee "Scratch" Perry is currently on a US tour that will stop at NYC's Gramercy Theater on Thursday (5/17) with openers Subatomic Sound System. Tickets for that show are still available. All Lee Perry dates are listed below.

If you're unfamiliar with his extensive canon of work, you might want to check out Perry documentary, The Upsetter, which was released on DVD earlier this year. Perry's seminal album Blackboard Jungle Dub just came out as a cool 10" box, one of the hottest Record Store Day releases this year. And for the real fan, you can now get the Lee "Scratch" Perry vinyl figure which is pictured above.

Perry makes a short but memorable appearance in the recently-released documentary Marley which is still in theaters (like NYC's Sunshine Cinema). Marley is also streaming now via various sources and comes to DVD August 9.

In other reggae news, August marks the 50th anniversary of Jamaica's independence from British colonial rule and there will be a celebration at Summerstage in Central Park on August 19 with a free show featuring Inner Circle, Israel Vibration, The Mighty Diamonds and DJ Carter Van Pelt.

In other news from the island, we were sad to read that Skatalites bassist and founding member Lloyd Brevett died last week at age 80. RIP Lloyd.

You can watch videos of the Skatallites and Lee "Scratch" Perry in action, plus the trailer for The Upsetter and a list of all Perry tour dates below...

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April 14, 2011

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop (you might know him from American Idol) the collectible action figure is coming to a toy store near you, couresy of NECA.

October 11, 2010

photos by Andrew St. Clair

NY Comic Con

"Saturday's event was a sellout, which meant tens of thousands of people were jammed into the convention center. While elbowing my way through the food court I overheard a Javits employee remark attendance had reached close to a million people. It sure felt that way.

The amount of people in attendance was overwhelming, to say the least. But it was nice knowing the comic book and anime mediums are as popular as they are. I just hope next year organizers figure out a better way to simultaneously house both conventions.

One of the most fun aspects of going to any convention is the sightseeing while looking for the most inventive, creative and daring costume(s). Not to be disappointed, there were plenty of attendees dressed as such. I spotted multiple Zatannas, Deadpools and civilian-attire Wolverines. There were also several fans decked out in full Na'vi garb, blue body paint and all, and more than one Chun-Li roaming the showrooms. There was even a guy walking around in just a bath towel and carrying a stick of Old Spice deodorant. Talk about guts."
[Lehigh Valley Live]

Here's another set of pictures from the 2010 edition of New York Comic Con, many costumed attendees included (the first set of pics is HERE). They continue below...

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May 22, 2008

DOWNLOAD: Daniel Johnston - Honey I Sure Miss You (MP3)

Jeremiah the Innocent

Once upon a time, way back 1993, Daniel Johnston painted a large mural of a frog known as Jeremiah the Innocent (which is a Three Dog Night song) on the side of the Sound Exchange in Austin Texas. The image became an icon and has spun into a t-shirts, tanks and onesie franchise. And now the image has gone 3D! Produced by At Arms, they retail for about $99 and are in limited runs : Green (250 pieces) White (350 pieces) Yellow (250 pieces). You can contact the store Cardboard spaceship to reserve one once they are released. [ToyCyte]
They're already on sale.

As previously posted, Daniel Johnston is playing Warsaw in Brooklyn (again) on June 20th. Tickets are on sale. In July he'll be touring Europe with "the following play as backing players and support acts: Sparklehorse, Scout Niblett, Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Jad Fair (Half Japanese) and James McNew (Yo La Tengo)." His last NYC show was at Highline Ballroom. All tour dates below....

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March 25, 2008