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January 5, 2006

contrary to some of the rumors that are floating around, teany isn't being shut down. we are going to close for a few weeks to revamp and re-model, but we're not shutting down. thanks for your interest, and happy new year.
-moby and kelly

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January 3, 2006

Gothamist reports that, "...There was a huge meeting with Moby this morning and he annouced that today is the final day and he gave everyone one weeks compensation pay. They are going to reopen in a month with something different, but they fired everyone as of today..." (thx neuman)

Satanicide & Moby @ Mercury Lounge, NYC | pics
Stabbing Outside Moby's Teany
Moby opens a second Teany Cafe

November 23, 2005


Miss Modernage, blogger: Friends, family, and Ryan Adams's inability to release no less than three albums this calendar year. God bless the man who drinks.

Jason Baron, co-owner, the Dark Room: I am thankful for tasting that last bit of the L.E.S. before it turns into a fake and plastic L.A.

Bloggers Ultragrrrl, KarenPlusOne, Miss Modernage and Jessica Coen join "nightcrawlers" Michael T, Miss Guy, Murray Hill and others to tell Tricia Romano at the Village Voice what they're thankful for this year.

* Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes
* Tofurky

photo via Ben Brown's friend, the red carpet

October 14, 2005

Atlas Café is one of my favorite vegan-friendly restaurants in NYC. Philip Glass and Le Tigre like it too.

"Composer PHILIP GLASS revealed to me that his favorite movie theater is 'whatever is closest to my house' and his most favored restaurants are the similarly convenient Cremcaffe (65 Second Avenue), Atlas Café (73 Second Avenue), and Madras Café (79 Second Avenue). I guess he's the prisoner of Second Avenue." [Michael Musto]

"I’m a vegetarian! I love Gobo on 6th Avenue, Anjelika Kitchen on 12th Street, and Sanctuary on 2nd Avenue. And you can get great vegan desserts at Atlas Café on 2nd Avenue." [Le Tigre’s Johanna Fateman]

The Mountain Goats eat Vegetarian Paradise | The Sunset Tree

October 12, 2005

Best Blog for Knowing What Scenester Concerts to Avoid Every Night - BROOKLYN VEGAN
The accolade sounds meaner than it should, but I do blame BROOKLYN VEGAN for filling every good-to-great show with camera-phone looky-loos and people taller and typically more attractive than me and my rock-crit buds. Thanks, Vegan—I can't see the stage, and your dude just spilled his mascara on my shirt. -Nick Sylvester

and congrats to SFJ...

Best Blog by a Writer From 'The New Yorker' - SASHAFREREJONES.COM
It's fun enough to flip through The New Yorker on the train, reading about Diplo and Paul Wall while everyone around you assumes you're soldiering through the latest on Iraq and Edmund Wilson. At SASHAFREREJONES.COM, the magazine's top-notch pop critic spews the uncut version of his signature blend: Imagine a really smart, really excited kid pulling off an impersonation of an august American Studies professor. -Mikael Wood

Past Winners
2004: Best local music blog - PRODUCTSHOP NYC
2003: best scenester MISS MODERNAGE

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Metric vs. The New Yorker
Pitchfork, Insound, Critics, CYHSY & Sasha Frere-Jones

September 6, 2005

Brooklyn African Festival

It was the 14th Annual Brooklyn African Festival (July 31, 2005) in Propsect Park (Brooklyn, NY), featuring music by Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited, Gokh-Bi System, Maria De Barrow, Kakande, and Alain Nkossi Konda.

Brooklyn African Festival

I think it was the first time I ever witnessed a 100% Vegan Caribbean food stand featuring choices like curried ungoat and jerk unduck.

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July 27, 2005

"The veggie voters have spoken, and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin have been selected as PETA’s 2005 “World’s Sexiest Vegetarians,” narrowly edging out a host of other veggie Valentinos and Venuses, including David Duchovny, Reese Witherspoon, Joss Stone, Avril Lavigne, Joaquin Phoenix, and Prince, as well as previous winners Tobey Maguire, Andre 3000, Josh Hartnett, Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Portman, and Shania Twain." [PETA] (thx Neuman)

June 23, 2005

I'm not much of an activist, but Foie Gras is disgusting, uber-cruel, & pointless, and Gothamist writing something positive about it ("our favorite foie gras dish in the city was blah blah blah") has me wondering if I'll submit a post next week. On the other hand, I know first hand that Gothamist doesn't really edit much (if any... which I think is a good thing) of it's contributor's content (therefore making the post the sole responsibility of it's author...even if it does have the standard Gothamist "we" lingo), and I believe in free speech (and my ability to trackback their post with this response), and I know that some people are just uninformed about the reality that is foie gras. Everyone makes mistakes.

Gawker on Gothamist's Pay Rates

"Forget the album charts or the hard fought ‘Biggest Band In The World’ title, some of the world’s most famous musicians, including Thom Yorke, Chris Martin and Anthony Kiedis, are up against each other for the title of World's Sexiest Vegetarian."

Coldplay vs. Radiohead for World's Sexiest Vegetarian
Last year Andre 3000 (Outkast) and Alicia Silverstone won

June 18, 2005

the jean genie pointed me to this video recreation of Star Wars featuring Obie Wan Cannoli.

Brought back memories of the Meatrix.