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Red 7 (taken during Free Week) (more by Tim Griffin)
Red 7

The club clears up some rumors. In their own words:

All of us here at Red 7 are flattered to know we're the occasional source of gossip. I mean, we get it. We closed down for a few weeks in December, threw in a couple of Playstations and some minor repairs, and now people are assuming we're leaving town just because Emo's moved off the block.

Well, I'm sad Emo's left downtown. A lot of us cut our teeth there, and it was a great venue that helped shape Red River. So was Liberty Lunch.

At the same time, our friends at Beerland down the street just resigned their lease (long live Beerland!), The Mohawk is in the midst of building out a fancy new viewing deck and our neighbors at Empire Automotive have really been stepping it up on doing more live shows than before. We're excited to see a combination of new blood and old veterans investing their time, money and talent in this district, and we're even more excited to be a big part of it.

We don't have any plans on going anywhere. We aren't moving South of the River, and we aren't closing our doors. Why would we? Red River is one of the most important neighborhoods in Austin, and we're fighting to keep it here for the long haul. Starting with re-signing our lease.

In the meantime, we've made some improvements to the facilities and programming and have a lot of great shows (and a few surprises) in store for you in the near future, so stay tuned.

Long live Red 7!

Speaking of Red 7, Frankie Rose and DIVE just announced a show there, and Braid is playing there during SXSW. Cloud Nothings play there later this month.

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