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Walk away from the internet for an hour... and this happens!

At The Drive-In now have two Texas show scheduled before Coachella, one in Marfa, and one at Red 7 in Austin on MONDAY (4/9). Who got tix?



  • Flauta

    This show sold out "NOT" to fans but to scalpers. Reselling tickets for any amount of money is not illegal here in Texas.

  • Not true. Even if scalpers did buy them, they're stuck with them. From Red Seven's Facebook:

    "All ATDI tickets are will call and require an ID. Everyone was limited to 2 tickets a person. We did everything in our power to prevent scalpers from trying to scam you. The downside of this is that trying to buy a ticket from one will result in you not getting in. I hope y'all understand why we did presales this way."

    And I'm pretty much a Mars Volta/At the Drive-In superfan and I got in. I know a lot of others that did too. We got in by working for it and having any Twitter updates from Cedric, ATDI, Transmission Entertainment, and Red Seven sent directly to our phones. It's hardcore stuff to do, but really, it's a huge band playing a tiny venue, of course it's going to sell out immediately and mainly only to people that go to those sort of lengths.

  • Andrew C

    Got a ticket!

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