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Dave Hill enjoying a Def Leppard concert 7/11/2012 (via @mrdavehill)

Dave Hill is a lot of things: comedian, band member, TV host. Add to that book author. Dave Hill's very funny new tome, Tasteful Nudes, is out now and is the perfect book to read since you finally finished A Dance With Dragons and Fifty Shades of Grey. Here's a little more about it from the man himself:

Hi. My name is Dave, and this is my very first collection of essays. As you can probably imagine, it pretty much has everything. In fact, if you like stories about stolen meat, animal attacks, young love, death, naked people, clergymen, rock 'n' roll, irritable Canadians, and prison, you have just hit a street called Easy because my book talks about all that stuff and a bunch of other stuff, too.
Dave, most recently seen shirtless at a Def Leppard concert in New Jersey, will be hawking his new book and reading from it and signing things at Austin's Book People on Saturday, July 14 at 7PM. Do stop by.



  • Yugowill

    This review just owned my ass then raped my neighbor and then came back with a "Nothin' But A Good Time" encore before taking three more shots of Jack Daniels and passing out on the floor.

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