Posted in music on January 16, 2013

All at Bottom Lounge, Oct 2011 (more by Carmelo Espanola)

Current All members
Karl Alvarez - bass (1987-present)
Stephen Egerton - guitar (1987-present)
Bill Stevenson - drums (1987-present)
Scott Reynolds - lead vocals (1989-1993, 2008-present)
Chad Price - lead vocals (1993-present)
All will team with M.O.D. for a show at Mohawk on Feb 16th. Billed as a "The Dave Woods Memorial/Destroy Cancer Extravaganza!", tickets for the show are on sale.

The show is one of three upcoming M.O.D. shows for Billy Milano and crew, including a double-header this weekend at Frontier Bar on Jan 18th and 19th. Look for support for 1/18 to come from Belligerent 86, Blunt Force Trauma and Philo Beteaux, while 1/19 will feature The Blood Royale, Sabbath Crow, and The Dirty Charley Band.

Still no word on any progress on "Filmage", though their Facebook insists the project is "very much alive".



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