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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

@SylvanEsso just melted Austin's heart and mine. I just wish I had more room to dance in the front row! - @tallovesmusic

Austin loves @SylvanEsso. Amazing show @emosaustin. - Jennifer Sinski

Sylvan Esso & Dana Buoy @ Emo's - 8/17/2014
Sylvan Esso & Dana Buoy @ Emo's - 8/17/2014

One of the more delightful aspects of Sylvan Esso's songs is that they aren't just fun to dance to but also to sing, as the lyrics, although often a touch cryptic, are interesting and well constructed. "Coffee," the band's standout single came fourth in the setlist, and had concertgoers more engrossed than at any other point in the night. However, a good portion of the songs proved to be enthusiastic sing-alongs. With a small catalogue of songs from this young band, fans know what they're going to get at this point. What they're getting is great, and Sylvan Esso find themselves at a pivotal point where a solid sophomore effort could propel them to great heights as an dance-centric yet intelligent group. [Pop Press International]
The infectious synth-pop duo that is Sylvan Esso hit Austin last Sunday (8/17) to play a seriously impressive show at Emo's with similarly synthesizer-fixated artist Dana Buoy (of Akron/Family). The double-bill managed to exceed even the organizer's expectations, selling out Emo's after being moved from the much smaller Parish. Sylvan Esso's leading lady Amelia Meath brought her trademark swagger (and dance moves) to the show, hypnotizing the crowd into a swaying mass of amateur back-up vocalists. Traditionally solo, Buoy traded some of his sequencers and loop pedals in for a full band leading to some more rough-around-the-edges versions of his tracks. Check out photos from both sets at BrooklynVegan.

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin


Satanic Swedes Ghost B.C. brought their tour with King Dude to Austin for a show at Emo's this past Thursday (5/1). More pictures from that show, like the one above, are up at BrooklynVegan.

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Lord Huron @ Emo's - 2/18/2014
Lord Huron, Superhumanoids @ Emo's - 2/18/2014

Lord Huron, the freak-folk-turned-folk-pop project led by Ben Schneider, brought their current tour to Austin for shows at Emo's last night (2/18) and Monday night (2/17), both opened by Superhumanoids. We caught the second night, and pictures of that one are in this post.

They continue below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Savages / Camper Van Beethoven
2013 BrooklynVegan SXSW Day Party - Day 1
2013 BrooklynVegan SXSW Day Party - Day 1

Last month we took over old Emo's at 6th & Red River for four full days of free, 2-stage BrooklynVegan day parties. The first, Wednesday, March 13, started off big with sets by Camper Van Beethoven (who are touring again in May), Robyn Hitchcock (who we hooked up with a mophie), Delorean, Caveman (who since played their biggest headlining show ever in NYC), Savages (who more recently played Coachella), Braids, and many more. We already postead a set of pictures from that day. Here's another.

We also want to thank Onkyo who was there sampling their new headphones which hit stores soon, as well as mophie, Jameson, Zico, Food For Lovers, American Apparel, Korg, Vox, Blackstar, Creative Recreation, Signazon, WILLCALL, NYC club Glasslands and Redigi.

More pictures below....

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Creative Recreation

This year at SXSW, we encouraged people to tweet their pictures from all BrooklynVegan shows with hashtag #BVSXSW, We sweetened the deal by offering you the chance to win a pair of kicks from Creative Recreation. Well, the results are in and ten lucky winners have been notified. Check out all the #BVSXSW Instagrams HERE. Check out the ten winners below....


WINNER 1: R.I.P. Emo's (by birdiefoe)

WINNER 2: Marnie Stern (by some1inmydictionary)

more below...

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BrooklynVegan flyer

As you may have read already and as the flyer above says, BrooklynVegan 2013 SXSW Day Parties will be at the 6th & Red River location formerly known as Emo's. We couldn't be more excited to be back in one of our favorite old Austin venues (even if it no longer carries the "Emo's" name). The two stage venue has been closed for two years but is reopening for the week of SXSW as "The Main" and "The Jr". We'll have the daytime portion on both stages (noon-6pm each day, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday --- March 13-16, 2013). All FREE. Complimentary beverage and food options to be announced as well. Stay tuuuuned.

We can't announce our lineups yet, but make sure to follow @bvSXSW on Twitter, sign up for our brand new BrooklynVegan SXSW Email Newsletter, and SAVE THE DATE.

Jack "Skippy" McFadden (photo by Mary Crosse)
Jack Skippy McFadden

Jack McFadden, a onetime Brooklynite who moved to Austin and currently works as a talent buyer at Emo's, gave us a list of his favorite music from 2012 including top 10 albums and a Spotify playlist of his favorite songs. Check it out below.

For those counting at home, that is three talent buyers (the people who book bands into clubs) that have revealed their hand to us, including NYC's Johnny Beach and Chaos in Tejas honcho Timmy Hefner.

The Faint and Trust also gave us their lists. The pair recently toured through Texas and played a Skippy-booked show at Emo's.

McFadden's greatest hits of 2012, below.

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Here We Go Magic @ The Parish - 10/17/2012
Here We Go Magic @ The Parish - 10/17/2012

Need more magic in your life? We have a pair of tickets for you to enter and win to get just that.

On Wednesday, 10/17 (that's tonight!), Emo's presents Here We Go Magic at The Parish with Oh No Oh My and Boy Friend.

You can also buy tickets, but the chance at an extra pair for FREE never hurts.

Full details to enter and win below.

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by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Guided By Voices @ Emo's on 9/25/2012
Guided By Voices @ Emo's - 9/25/2012

On Tuesday (9/25) Guided By Voices brought their vices and second album of 2012, Class Clown Spots A UFO, to Emo's East. Fresh off recent a recent performance at the Deluna Festival, they were in fighting shape and ready to go. In addition to music, there was enough smoking and drinking onstage to kill a large elephant / keep things running smoothly throughout the 2-hour show.

The boys from Ohio made the most of those hours too, fitting in anywhere from 40-60 songs, and clearly had a great time. The audience did too. I wasn't able to get a copy of the full setlist, but am including one from their New Orleans show a few days earlier to give an idea (see below).

In addition to their "Tour of the South" which wraps up tonight (9/29) in ST. Louis, MO, frontman Robert Pollard has been busy releasing a new solo album last week and has an art show in NY next week. And they'll release a third LP before 2012 is through. They do keep quite busy.

Check out more pictures and the New Orleans setlist below.

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High on Fire at BV-PoTR Deathmatch 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)
High on Fire

Pike won't have his legendary axe back, but High on Fire will hit the road nonetheless for a US tour with Goatwhore and Lo-Pan. Look for Austin to get a look at Emo's on November 15. Tickets go on sale 9/28 at 10AM.

Additionally, the tour has two other stops in Texas: November 16 at Korova in San Antonio and November 17 at Trees in Dallas. All tour dates at BrooklynVegan.

20 Years of Emo's - Flyer for 9/15-9/30
20 Years of Emo's - Flyer for 9/15-9/30

Emo's is having a birthday. Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the Austin institution, which moved locations this year, has scheduled five shows to bookend their festivities. We mentioned when tickets went on sale for Neon Indian, as well as Guided by Voices and Atmosphere too, but here's the full list:

9/15 Neon Indian & Tiger Waves
9/22 Hot Water Music
9/25 Guided By Voices
9/26 Atmosphere
9/30 Kreator & Accept

Happy birthday, Emo's! Here's to 20 more.

Night Beats @ Austin Psych Fest 2012 (photo via Dan and Steve)
Night Beats

This sucks! The band posted:

"our van was broken into last night in front of emo's. Lots of important tour tools missing. Thanks for trying to ruin our lives. Let us know if you have any information psych fest."
Get in touch with the band at Facebook.

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Quintron @ Emo's - 12/29/2011
Quintron @ Emo's - 12/29/2011

Emo's, or more specifically Emo's Jr, on Red River held its final show on 12/30/2011 and we've been documenting the final moments. Pictures from the 12/28 show with OBN IIIs, Video & Wiccans are HERE. Pictures from the very last show with Rituals, Women in Prison, and Killdozer are HERE. Pictures from the second to last show with Quintron and Miss Pussycat (whose only upcoming show now is the Bruise Cruise), Mind Spiders (who also recently played Fun Fun Fun Fest), and Manatees, are in this post (we missed Flesh Lights). They continue below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

OBN IIIs @ Emo's - 12/28/2011
OBN III @ Emo's - 12/28/2011

"Perhaps the most important part of the Emo's legacy is this: It is in the DNA of dozens of clubs, bars and and public rooms that have opened since. Anything run by Transmission Entertainment, bars such as Liberty and the newest incarnations of Scoot Inn, Ruta Maya and Longbranch - all of them feature folks who were involved with Emo's in some capacity." [Austin360]
As we mentioned they would, rising local heroes OBN IIIs played the third-to-last show at Emo's Jr. with Video and Wiccans (who were recently added to the lineup of Chaos in Tejas). Pictures from that 12/28 gig are in this post. Pictures from the very last show at Emos's, with Killdozer two nights later, are HERE.

OBN IIIs play two more shows this week as part of Free Week. More pictures from Emo's below....

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Final Night @ Emo's Red River - 12/30/2011
Emo's Red River - Final Night - 12/30/2011

12/30 marked the end of an era for Austin and Red River. Emo's held their last-ever show on the Inside stage (aka Emo's Jr) with Rituals, Women in Prison, and Killdozer. Killdozer were one of the first-ever acts to sell-out Emo's Outside stage which closed in September during ACL with a DFA 1979 show. What will happen to the space now is still unknown, but one rumor is that the new owner will turn it into a hotel. Other rumors include "retail", "condos" and "new music venue" (or maybe a mix of at least two).

People came to Emo's on Friday, one night before New Year's Eve, to see the bands, but many spent a great deal of time just hanging out back - soaking in the idea that this was the last hurrah for the Emo's Red River location (after nearly 20 years). Former and current employees, family, fans, and anyone else that could fit filled the venue for the last night.

As the end got closer, pieces of the location (including the front of a hand towel dispenser??) became artifacts and souvenirs. Fan blades, bricks, torn pieces of posters - all were collected ravenously in an attempt to hold on to some molecule of what once was.

After the bands finished the atmosphere filled with goodbyes, hugs, firecrackers, Katy Perry over the PA, and general mayhem. Beer sprayed, the bar was all but emptied of its liquids, and a well-worn shirt was torched.

As for what happens now, the Emo's mantle now resides at 2015 E. Riverside (aka Emo's EAST), and talk remains of a downtown location elsewhere. While it's great to look forward to what's next - the Red River area, and SXSW, will not be the same without Emo's as a central part of it. R.I.P. Emo's.

Pictures from the final night continue below...

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OBN IIIs at Fun Fun Fun Fest (more by BBG)

Rising Austin band OBN IIIs have three local shows coming up soon, including one TONIGHT (12/28) at Emo's with Video and Wiccans. Tickets for tonight's show are still available, and it's one of the last at the venue, ending with Killdozer's show on 12/30.

The other two OBN IIIs shows happen on January 6 at Beerland with Pharoahs, Golden Boys, Church Shoes, and Teenage News and January 7 at Mohawk with Grape St, A Giant Dog, Ghostknife, Shivery Shakes, and DJ Richard Henry.

OBN IIIs will be featured on the second installment of the upcoming Matador singles series, and their 2011 record (available at eMusic) made the year end lists of a few of the people at Matador Records, as did Brooklyn's The Men, who will also be featured in their singles series too.

One of the lists OBN IIIs appeared on is Austin's own Gerard Cosloy's list, which also includes Wiccans, who open the Emo's show tonight. OBN IIIs also played Gerard's party at Beerland earlier this month. Did you catch it? How was that one?

Gerard's full end-of-year list is below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Black Cobra @ Emo's Inside on 12/19
Black Cobra @ Emo's Inside - 12/19/2011

Black Cobra, Zoroaster, and The Body brought their heavy and loud tour to Emo's Inside on 12/19. Here are some pictures from the metal show. They continue below,,,,

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Man or Astro-man? @ Emo's Inside on 12/16
Man or Astro-man? @ Emo's Inside - 12/16/2011

Only a few shows left at Emo's at the corner of 6th and Red River.

Man or Astro-man? came back to Earth to play one of the last shows on Emo's Inside stage on 12/16 with Fuckemos, Thighmaster, and Cunto (Tim notes: "I missed Cunto's set - as well as the Tesla Coil and Flaming Theremin during MOA's set. Personal FAIL."). Pictures of the rest of the 12/16 show below.

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Neil Fallon of Clutch @ Emo's East (12/17)
Clutch @ Emo's East - 12/17/2011

Clutch came to Austin on 12/17 and played a packed Emo's East with Amplified Heat. It was one of two Emo's shows for Clutch in two days, with the second one being a sold-out show at the soon-to-close Emo's Inside stage the following night (Sunday). We have pictures from the first show in this post.

Clutch have some brief down-time then it's up to Boston on 12/27, then New Jersey (12/30) and Philly (12/31). In January they will be supporting Thin Lizzy for a 2 month tour of the UK (with Belgium's Triggerfinger).

More pictures and the setlist from the Emo's East show (though none of the opener), and all 2011/2012 tour dates below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

This Will Destroy You - Emos - 11/26/2011

San Marcos band This Will Destroy You played Emo's Inside with Tactics on 11/26. Here are some pictures from the Austin show.

This Will Destroy You just announced a 2012 tour that doesn't return to Austin, but it does hit Denton and Houston (UPDATE: and actually, the band will be at SXSW). All of those dates are under the pics, below...

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Center of Lindsey Kuhn's custom poster collection for Emo's Inside:
Emo's Inside Custom Posters

For almost 20 years, Lindsey Kuhn has been creating custom artwork and posters for Emo's and others. To commemorate the end-of-year shutdown of the inside stage he's created 9 new posters that will be available for purchase at shows from December 14th (tonight) through the final show with Killdozer on December 30th.

From Emo's:

For years Lindsey Kuhn designed and screened some of the most iconic concert posters for Emo's, many of which you can still find hanging throughout the venue today. Now he has put together a project to commemorate its closing - nine individual posters that when assembled correctly create an impressive master image. Each will be for sale throughout the rest of the month during the "Emo's Apocalypse," a farewell concert series at the original downtown venue featuring some of the most celebrated local bands from past and present. Collect all nine and maybe you can convince your hippie roommate to finally take down that tapestry he's had since college.
Screen prints of the individual posters will be for sale at each show, with the option to purchase the whole collection.

Check out the 9-poster set below:

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Said the Whale

Leading up to their EP release ('New Brighton'), Canadian band Said The Whale came to Austin and played Emo's Indoor on 11/1. Pictures from that show (with Canadian brethren We Are The City and Austin's Shiny Empire) are in this post.

Said the Whale are now back in the USA supporting the Weakerthans at Bowery Ballroom in NYC tonight (12/7), one of four Weakerthans shows in NYC this week.

More Austin pics below...

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photos by @griffinshot / Tim Griffin

Delta Spirit @ Emo's
Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit played the second-to-last-night-ever at Emo's Outside (DFA1979 played the very last night) with J. Roddy Walston and The Business and Futurebirds. More pictures from that ACL Aftershow, and a video from their set at the actual fest, below:

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photos by @griffinshot / Tim Griffin


DNTEL (James Scott "Jimmy" Tamborello who is also half of the Postal Service) played Emo's Inside as part of a summer tour with The One AM Radio and Geotic (also known as Baths and sometimes as Will Wiesenfeld). Pictures from that 8/23 show below:

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