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A Giant Dog
photos: A Giant Dog in Chicago in 2013 (more by James Richards IV)

In case you missed it, Merge Records announced this exciting news in October:

We are excited to welcome Austin's A Giant Dog to Merge Records! The band recently recorded their third album with prolific producer Mike McCarthy and will release it in early 2016.

When asked how he feels about signing to Merge, singer-guitarist Andrew Cashen said, "I don't know. I'm thinking about cutting my hair into a man bun." Lead vocalist Sabrina Ellis proved more earnest, saying, "We are shitty people who do not deserve to be signed to Merge... But we are down."

A Giant Dog are known for their notoriously explosive performances and should not be missed. Asked to describe their live show, the band responded: "It's like watching Jerry Springer and then the TV explodes and suddenly the paragons of dysfunction in America are breaking apart your living room, pissing on your furniture, and making you the ham in a white trash sandwich." We'll see you in the front row!

Watch & share a live performance video of "Sleep When Dead" now

A Giant Dog is Sabrina Ellis (vocals), Andrew Cashen (vocals & guitar), Andy Bauer (guitar), Graham Low (bass), and Matthew Strmiska (drums).

A Giant Dog are one of many bands playing Good Vibrations II in December ("4 MORE DAYS OF PEACE LOVE AND PUNK"). Full lineup and more details below...

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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 (more by Sarah Frankie Linder)

With less than 2 months to go, today Fun Fun Fun Fest release their FFF NITES lineup:

AUSTIN, TX (September 16, 2014) - FUN FUN FUN FEST (FFF Fest) is excited to announce today the lineup for FFF Nites, the after shows free to festival wristband holders, during this year's festival November 7--9, 2014, at Auditorium Shores. The Nites performances--including over one hundred FFF performing artists and a roster of artists playing exclusively during Nites--are only available to FFF Fest wristband holders; no tickets will be sold at the door.
If you're on the fence, this might be the final push. More than seventy (74 so far if I counted correctly) of the one-hundred-plus above mentioned artists are exclusive to FFF Nites, and access is FREE with your wristband.

Speaking of FUN FUN FUN passes, you can still get them here. Do it. You could try and wait until the Scavenger Hunt to score some free passes, but why risk it?

Check out more of the release including the full FFF Nites lineup below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

September Girls

"Let's just get this out of the way: Yes, it's another "______ Girls" band who draw inspiration from Phil Spector, VU and JAMC/C-86, but Dublin, Ireland's September Girls are quite good at what they do. If you're planning on see Dum Dum Girls during the fest, you might want to make time for these ladies too. (BP)"
That quote about September Girls was from our 50 Artists We Were Excited to See at SXSW 2014 post and at least one of us did in fact see those girls at Hotel Vegas on Thursday night (the Austin Psych Fest / Levitation Austin showcase). Here are some pictures. More below...

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To quote Transmission's one and only Adi:

I have teamed up with Stone Fox Booking for a mouth-watering two-stage bill on August 11th at Hotel Vegas & The Volstead, all for free! Doors open at 9 p.m. with La Migra, Hundred Visions, Lord Buffalo, and Austin Leonard Jones set to perform at Hotel Vegas, and Stone & Fox DJs, Deep Space, DJ Isabel J, and Austin Phonograph Company furnishing the soundtrack at The Volstead
More info at the Facebook event.

Hundred Visions are also playing Fun Fun Fun Fest this year. On Saturdy they play the Hotel Vegas stage. During SXSW we hosted them inside Volstead.

photos by Amanda Hatfield & Tim Griffin

Okkervil River / Diamond Rugs
BV Day Party @ Hotel Vegan on 3/17/2012
BV Day Party @ Hotel Vegan on 3/17/2012

BrooklynVegan's Hotel Vegan, located at Austin venues Hotel Vegas & Volstead Lounge, ended on Saturday, 3/17/2012, on three stages in partnership with Partisan Records and KF Records, and the new Young One Records who helped us put together the hip hop stage which stage headliner Action Bronson cancelled from last minute from (for medical reasons).

The day, and all four days, ended with special last minute addition Okkervil River who played after Deer Tick/Black Lips/Dead Confederate/Los Lobos super group Diamond Rugs who played after Heartless Bastards (who we already posted one set of pictures of). Other previously posted photo sets from this day include Father John Misty, Field Report, Pond and Emily Wells. Here are the rest of the pics.

Like Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we served complimentary HobNob Wines, and on Friday and Saturday we partied with The Original Moonshine, our official spirit partner.

Special thanks to our official backline providers Vox, Blackstar and Korg, and thank you to ASCAP, and to NadaMoo for supplying free vegan treats, and to Honest Tea for the tea.

More, slightly belated, pictures from all of Saturday, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield & Tim Griffin

The Drums / Wedding Present (by Tim)
BV Free Day Show - Thursday @ Hotel Vegas on 3/15/2012
BV Free Day Show - Thursday @ Hotel Vegas on 3/15/2012

BrooklynVegan's Hotel Vegan, located at Austin venues Hotel Vegas & Volstead Lounge, began at noon back on Thursday, 3/15/2012, on three stages in partnership with M For Montreal. One of those stages was the BV Austin stage which you already saw a full set of pictures from. Here are some more from all the stages.

Like on Friday and all four days, we served complimentary HobNob Wines. We also proudly passed out Sailor Jerry drinks.

Special thanks to Supercuts who were giving out free haircuts all day and to our official backline providers Vox, Blackstar and Korg, and thank you to ASCAP, and to NadaMoo for supplying free vegan treats, and to Honest Tea for the tea.

Bill talked about a lot of this day,. The full set of pictures, slightly beleated, from the entire SXSW Thursday at Hotel Vegan, below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Field Report @ Hotel Vegas during SXSW 2012
Field Report @ Hotel Vegas - SXSW 3/17/2012

To finish off our massive amounts of Field Report coverage this week, which included pictures from the Mohawk show with Megafaun and the Hotel Vegan SXSW show, here's one last set of pictures of their set from Hotel Vegan, along with a video from another show. It all continues below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield & Nate "Igor" Smith

Devin @ Hotel Vegan (by Amanda Hatfield)
BrooklynVegan @ SXSW 2012 - Hotel Vegas and the Voldstead Lounge

We're already covered this day pretty thoroughly HERE (on BrooklynVegan) and HERE (on BV Chicago), but here are some remaining pictures of some of the artists who played on the first of four days of Hotel Vegan 2012, from two of our photographers who were on hand. More below....

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photos by Tim Griffin

Erika Wennerstrom of Heartless Bastards makes a toast @ Hotel Vegan
BV Day Party @ Hotel Vegan on 3/17/2012

Heartless Bastards was among those who played the outdoor stage at Hotel Vegan (at Hotel Vegas) on the last Saturday of SXSW 2012. Here are some pictures from their afternoon set.

Now on tour, they return home to Austin in time to play La Zona Rosa on April 20, with opener David Vandervelde. Tickets are still available.

Check out the video for "Parted Ways" off the recently released, Jim Eno-produced album Arrow with more pictures and upcoming tour dates, below.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Father John Misty @ Hotel Vegan
BrooklynVegan @ SXSW 2012 - Hotel Vegas and the Voldstead Lounge

A talkative and solo and tired Father John Misty (aka J. Tillman, ex-Fleet Foxes) played the big, outdoor stage at Hotel Vegan (aka Hotel Vegas) on the final Saturday of SXSW 2012. The Dallas Observer was there and wrote:

Well, I already had Father John Misty, former drummer for Fleet Foxes, aka J. Tillman, picked out as my best set of the day, when he played one of those hazy, early afternoon Saturday SXSW sets. He's been on a sort of one-man anti-SXSW comedy tour over the last few days, and at Hotel Vegas' outside stage yesterday, he looked and sounded on the verge of breaking. There was his Doritos tirade from Friday, which he apologized for, but didn't have to, then this: "This fest is like the singing Olympics," he said between singing some awfully pretty acoustic songs. "And I have failed you. I've played five sets and each had a hurdle. Today, that hurdle is a truck full of generators... Can you all hear that truck OK?"
Hear Ya said:
I was really hoping to hear with him a full band - partly to not have to listen to his ramblings. While I really enjoy his new album, his set was a bit of a bummer. He bitched about the corporate sponsorships, the amount of times he had to play, his name, etc. My job has problems too but I don't sit in front of my clients complaining about them.

Father John Misty heads out on a tour in May, backed by a full band. That tour will be supported by none other than Har Mar Superstar and hits Austin at the Mohawk on May 26. Tickets for the Texas show are on sale. it will be Har Mar's 5th Mohawk show this year. All tour dates and some more pictures from Hotel Vegan, below...

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by Bill Pearis

The Evaporators (picture by Brent Crane)

Friday was the craziest day of SXSW in terms of sheer overload of people. Many of those people were very, very drunk and cared little about music. Will get to that later. Here's my day chronologically.

Young Man
Young Man

An alarm malfunction had me off to a late start. Before heading over to our day party, I made a quick stop at the Hype Hotel just to see what it was all about. Young Man were on stage who left almost zero impression, but the lighting ($250,000 worth!), designed by the Cirque du Soleil lighting designer, sure did. Wow. Bands look and sound great (or as great as they can given the varying level of talent they have) on that stage. They were giving out those Doritos tacos there and I admit I tried one (tasted almost exactly like a regular Taco Bell taco) but felt guilty about it in much the same way I'd feel guilty about eating Pizza Hut in Brooklyn.

Youth Lagoon
Youth Lagoon

Then it was a dash across 6th St to our third day of Hotel Vegan (presented by HobNob Wines). The streets were already crowded at 2pm. I made it time to catch duo Youth Lagoon whose mellow set fit with my not-quite-awake-yet demeanor. Did I just see Becky from Friday Night Lights?


Doldrums set woke me up. Up until very recently, Doldrums was just Airick Woodhead and a table full of samplers, old keyboards and wires. He's now put the "drums" in Doldrums with two percussionists and they made a wild racket. Organized chaos that teetered on the brink of collapse. Some people found it confounding, to me...compelling.


Widowspeak were the first of three bands who played our party Friday that are on Captured Tracks. (DIVE and Craft Spells would be the others.) Molly Hamilton gets compared to Hope Sandoval a lot, and they both do have that sultry breathy vocal quality but Mazzy Starr never got up enough speed for song like Widowspeak's "Fir Coat."


I caught only the last song of Exitmusic and wished I'd seen the whole set, it was terrific: swelling, swooning pop. I spent the whole time asking myself where I knew the lead singer from. Did she work at a bar in my neighborhood? Was she a customer at the video store where I sometimes clerk? Duh, Aleksa Palladino was on Boardwalk Empire as Michael Pitt's wife. Given how good they are, hard to say which is her day job. After that was Toronto's Zeus who fit the vibe of the Volstead perfectly with their late-'60s Britpop sound. Very Zombies and Kinks, with some killer electric piano.

Django Django
Django Django

I'm a one man Django Django streat team, I know, but they are my favorite new band in quite some time and was really happy to have them on the main stage Friday. They have a lot of gear but managed to get it all in place pretty quickly and were in top form, getting the crowd dancing for "Default" and "WOR." It was their last show of the day so they hung out, played toss-across in the yard, posed in our Smilebooth, and checked out some of the other bands.

The Evaporators
The Evaporators

The other big highlight of the day for me was The Evaporators on the inside stage. I'd seen them play three years before completely by chance but this time I knew what I was for, and tried to get as many people to see Nardwuar's interactive concert experience. At one point, one group of people were holding him up while another group were holding his organ (hello!) while he played it... and then he soon climbed on top of it. There were costume changes, group singalongs, question and answer sessions and a lot of really fun garage punk. One of my Top 5 sets of SXSW 2012. Tangentially, have you seen Nardwuar's interview with A$AP Rocky?


While Bleached won Most Shows of SXSW 2012 with approximately 20 performances, Cole Smith probably did more shows between playing in Beach Fossils and DIVE, the latter of whom played our day party Friday. I'm not sure how many shows he'd played by that point but the DIVE's energy was unflagging and played a great set. One of Brooklyn's best new bands.

Light Asylum
Light Asylum

I associate the music of Light Asylum with dark clubs, smoke machines and strobes... none of which were on the mid-afternoon, outdoor stage where they played (right before Black Angels). But Light Asylum did just fine, thanks to big booming beats and the ultramagnetic charisma of Shannon Funchess. She just commands the stage and dances up a storm.

Craft Spells
Craft Spells

It was also a danceparty for Craft Spells' set on the Volstead stage, albeit of the indiepop variety. As I mentioned in Wednesday's recap, Craft Spells have gotten super tight in the last year and have developed a nice, dedicated following. They are killing it in the nicest way possible.

Moonmen on the Moon, Man
Moonmen on the Moon Man

So begins the disappointing evening program...though not just yet. My 8PM slot I went to the Cake Shop showcase at the Iron Bear for the night's openers Moonmen on the Moon, Man and it was the best I'd ever seen them. (The band features one of the owners of the NYC club/label whose showcase it was.) Playing weird '80s headless guitars (you know, like Lou Reed uses), the band sped through set of punchy indie punk, a la countless '80s college radio bands. I went partially to show support for a friend's band on the tough early slot but the Iron Bear comes with its own built-in clientele who seemed to be enjoying the band even if they were unfamiliar.

Little Roy
Little Roy

Then my friend Chris and I tried to go see the dB's at BD Riley's which is normally an Irish bar and was packed with regulars watching the Notre Dame game, so the line for fans of the dB's snaked long and unmoving out the door. After waiting 20 minutes we decided to go to the Driskill to catch Reggae legend Little Roy who put out a surprisingly entertaining album of Nirvana covers the year before. He sounded just fine but the crowd was the worst, a bunch of drunks who had no idea who he was, talked through most of his set till they realized he was doing "Come As You Are" and began high-fiving each other. We stayed for a few songs and made a hasty exit.


We then headed East to go catch Philadelphia's Tough Shits at the Liberty but stopped at 512 to catch a couple songs from Montreal's Parlovr (who'd played our day party the day before but I missed them). It was guitarist Alex's birthday and the band were in good mood and form. We then power-walked over to the Liberty only to find the place at capacity, which I found unbelievable but the line proved us wrong. So we decided instead go to the Clive Bar. A lot of walking Friday.

New Build
New Build

So Clive Bar in the Rainey St district it was to catch Hot Chip offshoot New Build. We got in no problem though the club was way, way over capacity. You could barely move. Things were running late, MNDR was just finishing up, and we worked our way down by the stage during the changeover. New Build took forever to set up and were plagued with sound problems. Al Doyle seemed very frustrated. Felix, the other Hot Chip member in New Build, didn't make the tour as he's sick (he's missed Hot Chip tours in the past too). Finally playing, I joked on Twitter "New Build finally on at Clive Bar, opening with a song that I think is called 'More MPCs to the Drummer.' Maybe not." Once they got going it was a great set, as you'd imagine when the frontman plays in Hot Chip and toured with LCD Soundsystem. A major danceparty, especially for new single "Do You Not Feel Loved?"


Then it was back to 6th St. madness, specifically Planet Quebec (aka club Spill) for Montreal's Automelodi. Xavier Paradis, the man in the band, was also having equipment problems but soldiered through. Most of the crowd was there to drink, though, including one guy who was doing firebreathing tricks. Automelodi were maybe a little too effete for this crowd which danced but often mockingly. I'd had enough of these types and headed back to the Iron Bear for the last of the Cake Shop showcase.

Bleeding Rainbow
Bleeding Rainbow

Bleeding Rainbow were on their last couple songs when I got to the Iron Bear. A year ago, the Philadelphia band were a duo (still with the name Reading Rainbow) but added a member last fall and then changed their name. Now... they're a four-piece and sounded fierce!

Ringo Deathstarr
Ringo Deathstarr

Ringo Deathstarr were fierce as well, plus very loud. Not DZ Deathrays loud, but close. Last band of the night. Nite owl bus nuttiness awaited.

hotel vegan

We're now in the middle of Friday, and happy to announce that we've added one more band to Saturday's bill! Come on down.


One day down, three to go. Hotel Vegan opens again today at noon in Austin. Full Thursday lineup and set times HERE. More info on the BV Austin stage, one of three stages at the venue, HERE.

Friday info HERE. Saturday info HERE.


As you know, BrooklynVegan is taking over ALL THREE STAGES at connecting Austin venues Hotel Vegas & Volstead for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT this week, and it's all 100% FREE (no RSVP or badges either). There's a big outdoor stage, and smaller stages inside Hotel Vegas & Volstead. Collectively we're calling the four day long party "Hotel Vegan" (located at 1500 E. 6th St, Austin, TX). We announced Wednesday in full, and Thursday in full, and Saturday in full. Now finally check out WHAT ALL OF FRIDAY LOOKS LIKE.

Full Friday lineup with set times at BrooklynVegan.


As you know, BrooklynVegan is taking over ALL THREE STAGES at connecting Austin venues Hotel Vegas & Volstead for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT this week, and it's all 100% FREE (no RSVP or badges either). There's a big outdoor stage, and smaller stages inside Hotel Vegas & Volstead. Collectively we're calling the four day long party "Hotel Vegan" (located at 1500 E. 6th St, Austin, TX). We announced Wednesday in full, and Thursday in full, and Friday in full. Now finally check out WHAT ALL OF SATURDAY LOOKS LIKE.

Full Saturday lineup with set times at BrooklynVegan.

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As you know, BrooklynVegan is taking over ALL THREE STAGES at connecting Austin venues Hotel Vegas & Volstead for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT this week, and it's all 100% FREE (no RSVP or badges either). There's a big outdoor stage, and smaller stages inside Hotel Vegas & Volstead. Collectively we're calling the four day long party "Hotel Vegan" (located at 1500 E. 6th St, Austin, TX). We announced Thursday in full, and two of the three stages on Wednesday. Now finally check out WHAT ALL OF WEDNESDAY LOOKS LIKE.

Full Wednesday lineup at BrooklynVegan.

UPDATE: Saturday is now announced too.

by BBG

Bridge show

I've teased about it for a few days now, but now here are MOST of the details of the late-night 'bridge show' I put together with Chaos in Tejas.

Starting at 2AM on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge on Thursday night (3/15), you can catch a special "Nighttime" guest along with Darkest Hour, Narrows, and Regents! The show is totally and completely FREE, open to all ages AND you can BYOB if you like (at your own risk, of course)! A big thank you to the amazing Sophie Penrose for the jawdropping flyer, and stay tuned to BV Austin and @bvBBG for the final band to be announced on Thursday afternoon (3/15). DON'T SLEEP! This will rule.

The show is one of two Chaos in Tejas events this week in Austin, with the first one, an official SXSW showcase, happening on two stages Wednesday night at Hotel Vegas & the Volstead Lounge with (get this) Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Katey Red, Pallbearer (who play the BV-BBG show at Lovejoys), The Impalers, Razika (who play Hotel Vegan on Wed), DJ Rusty Lazer and many, many more. Flyer for that show is below.

Wednesday during the DAY at Hotel Vegas and Volstead Lounge is our first day of Hotel Vegan, BBG stage included.

Wednesday night is also the BrooklynVegan official showcase at Bar 96.

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Join us as we celebrate one fantastic year in business and YOU for being a part of it!


Music provided by our resident dj's
The shake
soul swap DJs
Peligrosa all stars
Dj Orion
Warm leatherette
And more

Complimentary beverages and food EARLY and while it lasts!

Thanks for your support and your business the last year. Here's to many more...

~The Volstead Lounge

The Volstead Lounge is located at 1500 E. 6th St, connected to Hotel Vegas. Congrats to them on 1 great year!

BrooklynVegan is proud to be taking over Volstead and Hotel Vegas for four days next week during SXSW!

UPDATE: And here is the entire Wednesday lineup

by BBG

Future of the Left
Future of The Left

It's a tradition. For the past three years I, "BBG", have taken over a stage on Wednesday during SXSW. In 2008 it was with The Bronx, Trash Talk, Annihilation Time, Young Widows, and more. In 2009 we welcomed Torche, Salome, Dark Castle, Landmine Marathon and others. Last year was with Kylesa, Deafheaven, Ken Mode and more. This year I decided to go in a different direction but keep a touch of the dark side and most importantly, keep it interesting.

As you might know by now, this year, in addition to all the other stuff we have going on, BrooklynVegan is taking over ALL THREE STAGES at connecting Austin venues Hotel Vegas & Volstead for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. There's a big outdoor stage, and smaller stages inside Hotel Vegas & Volstead. Collectively we're calling the four day long party "Hotel Vegan" (located at 1500 E. 6th St, Austin, TX).

I was in charge of the inside stage at Hotel Vegas on 3/14. Get there early Wednesday to see:

Wed, March 14, 2012 - BBG stage @ Hotel Vegan
5:20PM - Future Of The Left
4:35PM - Bleached
3:50PM - Deafheaven
3:05PM - Chelsea Wolfe
2:20PM - Razika
1:35PM - The Coathangers
12:50PM - White Ring
12:10PM - Freshkills
That's a day with very little metal, but definitely an eclectic lineup designed to showcase everything from sunny pop to goth-influenced rock and beats to bouncy punk to post-punk to pensive black metal. I can't wait until Wednesday!

We've also just announced the Wednesday Volstead stage (aka the BV Chicago stage) lineup, and that looks like this:

Wed, March 14, 2012 - BV Chicago stage @ Hotel Vegan
05:00PM - JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound
04:15PM - Flosstradamus
03:30PM - The-Drum
02:45PM - Maps & Atlases
02:00PM - White Mystery
12:35PM - Gypsyblood
12:00PM - Minor Characters
More details on that stage at BV Chicago.


Admission to all four days at Hotel 'Vegan' is 100% FREE and no badges/wristbands are required. There is a 21+ age restriction though, sorry about that!

We'll have complimentary beverages on Wednesday (while supplies last) from Sailor Jerry, Brooklyn Brewery, HobNob Wines, and Honest Tea, free treats from NadaMoo!, plus even more free stuff TBA!

Thanks to our backline partners Korg, Vox, and Blackstar Amplification for providing the gear to make this party possible.

Head below for some video of the Wednesday bands in action. See you at Hotel Vegan!

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Speech Debelle
Speech Debelle

Just like we'll do for Hardly Art on SXSW Wednesday & Thursday, BrooklynVegan will hand over Hotel Vegas (aka "Hotel Vegan" during the day) to Pop Montreal Friday night, for their official SXSW showcase.

We'll be there until around 6pm that day, but after that, Pop Montreal will host their showcase featuring artists Blackie, UN, Jef Barbara, Motzart's Sister, Duzheknew, Jennifer Castle, Cousins, and Tops.

Pop Montreal, the SXSW of Montreal, will also be hosting a day party on Thursday, at a venue that has yet to be announced. Of this, they said in a press release

At SXSW, POP Montreal wants to let you know that POP is Serious. Thursday, March 15th, POP will host a dayparty with FREE drinks for the first 150 people who show up.
We don't know where it is, but the event will include artists Trust, Doldroms, Speech Debelle, Jef Barbara, Tops, Zammuto, Adam & The Amethysts, Leif Vollebekk, and Cousins.

Toronto duo Trust, aside from SXSW, are playing two shows in New York in March, and one in Chicago in April, and have their LP, TRST coming out Tuesday, Feb. 28th. The record being released via Arts & Crafts, is Trust's debut LP. The tracklist, and video for "Bulbform" are available at BrooklynVegan.

Speech Debelle's LP Freedom of Speech is out today (2/21) in the U.S. via Big Dada.

The lineup and set times for Pop Montreal's SXSW shows, with flyers, below...

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Hardly Art

As you know, Hotel Vegas is turning into "Hotel Vegan" this SXSW, but only during the days. At night we'll hand the venue over to SXSW who will host official showcases on at least one of the venue's three stages. On Wednesday and Thursday that honor belongs to our friends at Sub Pop spinoff Hardly Art. Check out the lineups in the poster above, with more info and set times below...

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this flyer just represents part of it...

As usual, BrooklynVegan will be hosting a ridiculous amount of shows during SXSW. This year that includes one official SXSW Interactive event, two official SXSW Music events, four full days on three stages at Hotel Vegan (aka Hotel Vegas - flyer above, but no lineup yet), and multiple metal/hardcore parties including the already-announced full day at Scoot Inn on 3/16.

BV Austin (this very blog) will present a stage on Thursday, 3/15 at Hotel Vegan with all Austin bands.

Stay tuned for more details!

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

White Denim @ Hotel Vegas on 1/13
White Denim @ Hotel Vegas - 1/13/2012

"It's hard to tell if other artists respect White Denim as much as White Denim respects other artists, but the band's starting to earn nods from some pretty high company. Hand picked for a session by Jack White, the quartet rode into Nashville and produced April's Live at Third Man, the truest representation of the band's concert experience yet to go to press--D ripped to shreds by the foursome's fusion of psychedelic jazz and power soul. A few months later they'd get the call from Wilco, an invitation to open for them on twelve dates out west.

Which is why we gathered at Hotel Vegas Friday night.

With the tour kickoff slated for Thursday, January 19 at Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, White Denim arranged a tune-up gig for a crowd of 160--two forty-five minute sets arranged specifically for the Wilco dates."
[Austin Music Weekly]

More pictures from White Denim's Friday night pre-Wilco tour show at Hotel Vegas, below...

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White Denim

Makers of one of Rolling Stone's favorite albums of 2011 (Last Day of Summer was released 12/5 via Downtown), White Denim will play an intimate show at Hotel Vegas on Friday (1/13). Some of the 150 tickets they're selling are still on sale.

The Austin show, which is being advertised as "(2) 45 min sets...new music!" is a warm-up for their tour with Wilco which begins 1/19 in Denver. All of those dates are listed below...

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Hotel Vegas Grand Opening in Austin

Hotel Vegas, located at 1500 East 6th, are hosting a grand opening celebration through Saturday, December 3rd. Full Details below:

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